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Now, usually, when there is a leak, it comes from an information found in the files, but these leaks comes from a trusted source and these people has been true hundred percent before leave a like and subscribe, and please use code smgm. If you want to help me out okay, now before we continue on with the video, i want to show you guys the secret that i did not know about that, and i want to show you guys. Basically, if you go to this part of the map, uh right next to uh pleasant park here, you will find a secret bunker, apparently theres a bunker underneath this hot right here and then theres actually a way like a glitch to remove the door of the bunker. Apparently so, first of all, what im gon na do? Okay, so blow up all this stuff right here, just get rid of uh this hut and everything around it to like, basically just expose the bunker and then im going to show you guys how to do this. Glitch uh using a grabatron actually weve, actually done a lot of glitch on this video using the grabatron uh, so theres heres. Another glitch that i want to show you guys – and this is going to be our final glitch before the end of season. Seven. By the way, so im really excited, i hope youre as well. So as you can see right here, this bunker is indestructible. So if i pick ax this thing right here, this will not break im, also going to like shoot a bunch of uh um explosives as well, and also this right here as well, and as you can see right there, indestructible theres, nothing you can do.

No one knows whats inside this bunker as well, but if you use this a grabatron, you can actually remove the top okay, the top our door. Basically, so im just gon na go ahead and do that its a bit tricky and there you go and okay before i show you guys whats inside of the bunker thing i want to show you guys this door by the way. This thing is indestructible. Usually, if i grab something with a grabatron and like just bang it around, it will destroy, but, as you can see right here, everything it touches gets destroyed. As you can see, this thing is super op and also i want to show you guys a trick. Okay, now, if i grab an enemy ball right here, just to like show an example, enemy will not be able to shoot as well, because they cant obviously destroy this thing, and you can actually damage the enemy as well. As you can see, super rp super funny as well lets see how far we can actually throw. This thing. Imagine like throwing this on an enemy and they get eliminated. That would be super op. Okay, so anyways lets go. Have a look at this bunker right here. Okay, so apparently we have nothing. Oh my god. This is uh, some kind of joke or something bro theres. Nothing! Here, look at this. What happens if i like, throw an enemy bot inside there? Will he get trapped, uh nope naruto, as you can see right here, there is a leak that suggests that naruto is going to be part of the battle pass.

Now this wasnt the very first time this was leaked as well before when there was apple versus epic games court case epic had to submit a document which included the name naruto also the skin might be reactive as well, so the bandana might actually get longer and Starts glowing as well now my guessing is that naruto is going to be a secret skin next season, naruto is going to have different stages, for example this basic stage, and then this one right here goku now, if we get a dragon ball z collaboration, we are For sure 100 gon na get goku skin because hes literally the main character of the show now my guessing is that goku is going to have different customizable style, just like the chimera skin, because on the show, goku has different like super saiyan levels. Now, if youve actually never seen the show goku has this super power that can transform himself into this super saiyan to make himself even stronger. Now here are the stages, so weve got the golden great ape. Angry super saiyan super saiyan, 3 super saiyan, 2 super saiyan, full power, super cyan, third grade super science second grade and the basic one is super science leave a like in this video. If you want goku in the game up next, we have green lantern. Now green lantern, in my opinion, is one of the coolest superhero ever in fortnite. Now, if you guys never seen justice league, this guy actually has this ring.

That gives him super power, so it gives him the ability to fly and basically gives him the ability to create anything from his ring. For example, hammer swords pretty much anything so if he ever becomes a boss, that is definitely going to be his mythic weapon. Now i dont think this skin is going to have different styles, because green lantern really has this one style in the movie, but i think his skin is going to be reactive. So, just like the lachlan skin, more kills. You get im guessing youre, going to have more like green glow on your body. Up next weve got cyborg. Now this is another superhero from justice league. This guy is basically half robot. Half human. This guy can transform his arm into this blaster, which basically shoots energy blasts. So if he ever becomes a boss, thats definitely going to be his mythic im guessing hes not going to have different styles, but he might be reactive and starts glowing in game now. If we get these three skins – cyborg, green lantern and wonder woman – and since we already have the batman skin superman skin the flash and aquaman skin, this will complete the justice league. Now speaking of batman, we actually might get a new batman skin. A new version called the batman who laughs, hes, basically batman in a different universe, and this guy is basically a hybrid of batman and his arch enemy, the joker. Now, if this game comes, the game is going to be one of the most ugliest skin ever in fortnite.

As you can see right here, this looks nothing like batman. Hes got this big mouth sharp teeth and hes got this metal with spikes on it over his eyes. Speaking of batman up next weve got his psychic robin robin is basically batmans, sidekick and also hes part of the teen titans. In this season. Six loading screen, you can see tons of buildings. This is, in fact, a leak of whats coming in fortnite and if you look at this building right here, this building looks very similar to teen, titans building and, like i said before, robin is part of the teen titans and since we already have raven beast boy, We are for sure gon na get robbing skin in the future as well, so robin wears this red and green suit with a green mask as well. Now, if he ever carries a mythic weapon, its going to be his mythic staff up next, we have the foundation. We also at the end of season 7 trailer the foundation drops into the ocean now. My guessing is that the next season is going to be like a pirate theme, so my guessing is that the foundation is gon na show up on a ship, maybe like a pirate ship and just like jon jones when he was introduced back in season five trailer. We got him in the battle pass of season six. I think the foundation is going to be included in the battle past of season eight deadshot.

Now this leak also includes and says that were going to get suicide squad skins in the future as well. Also donald muster the ceo of fortnite tweeted about suicide squads as well, and every time donald muster tweets its basically a teaser of whats coming in fortnite. Now deadshot is one of the characters in suicide squads. Now this guy doesnt really have a superpower, but his accuracy is on point. Deadshot has made an appearance at batman, acts fortnite collaboration as well as you can see right here. This shadowy figure behind this tree that shot at batman looks very similar to deadshot. Basically, everything just lines together and we are for sure gon na get suicide squad skins, suicide squad, joker skin. Just like the batman skin. There are different versions. The armored batman weve got the classic batman. The joker character has different versions as well. The joker skin that we got in fortnite right now is basically a comic joker, so thats how the joker looked like in the comic books now theres a high chance were gon na get a new joker. Thats gon na look like this now. This is a suicide squad version of joker now compared to the comic book joker. This guy basically has longer hair and a bit more crazy. Looking now, my guessing is that this joker is going to have different customizable styles, so were going to have this crazy. Looking one and then were going to have this one right here, which looks a bit more like gangster with grills and im guessing theres, going to be a new laughing emote, an upgrade to donkey laugh and its going to be called jokula up.

Next we have king shah. Now, if you look at this guy, this guy looks like he belongs in fortnite, so basically, this guy has a superpower that allows himself to transform into half human half shark. Now, if this ever comes to fortnite, this is definitely going to be one of the biggest skin. Now, just like beast boy, my guessing is that this is going to be a normal guy, and if you do a certain emote, you will transform into this half shark half human up. Next, we have chateau santana. This guys. Superpower is basically producing fire from his body and since he was an ex gang member, he has like loads of tattoos on his face on his body everywhere. I think this guy is going to have different styles. If he ever comes to fortnite, the basic style is going to be him with tattoos and everything, and then were going to have this style right here, where his whole body is basically on fire.

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