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So weve gathered all the leaks official info more about the next season and we have to show you all the cool and amazing things that are in store for us. The next couple of weeks. The future of fortnite looks absolutely incredible. So to start things off were getting our season ending live event this sunday and in order to prepare us for the operation, skyfire fortnite is actually tweeting daily, teasers from now all the way until sunday, and that brings us to the first teaser, because it looks like The i o is scanning the mother ships weak points, and then there are jet packs you get when you actually get abducted by the mother ship. You know the ones with the timer. Well, it looks like theyre gon na be even more important than we thought and as for the most recent event, teaser, it shows the bombs that are currently on the abducted corny complex. They are clearly going to be used to straight up explode. The inside of the mother ship, so this teaser kind of speaks for itself and on the leaker side, theyve revealed our first look at the loading screen for the live event and, as you can see, thats a lot of freaking bombs. This event is going to be absolutely huge and weve actually learned from leakers that well be going straight into downtime once it ends. Yes, this means that once the mothership explodes and crashes down were going to go straight into season 8.

now, whether its a day or two later, we dont know but expect this event to set up the theme for season eight immediately while were talking about the seasons Theme then, we also have some information for you. Leakers have found a bounce cactus consumable that could be added next season, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Fortnite has also added some interesting pois into the files named cubes crash site and pyramid and thats, not all, as there are also rumors of an upcoming mummy skin, which will go well with the whole pyramid poi and then, on top of that we have. This league desert loading screen and, as you can see, we have our first look at the chiara skin in a desert area and shes holding a primal weapon interesting enough. But if you actually look at the steering wheel inside of the car, you might spot something really intriguing and it turns out that this could be a hint at an upcoming collaboration with mad max, and i got ta admit it would really fit the whole post apocalyptic Vibe were seeing here and so all of that added up points completely at season 8 being some kind of desert post apocalyptic theme, but we also have leaks that say otherwise. Recently, a content creator named candy wing bumped into donald mustard and got to ask him a ton of questions about season 8, and it turns out he actually spilled. A lot of the beans in the past.

Leakers have been claiming that naruto will be coming to the season 8 battle pass and until now it was simply a leak and donald mustard has actually confirmed that no naruto isnt going to be in the next battle pass, im sure, hes, leaked and im sure he Will be in season 8, but no, he wont be in the battle pass. Donald also told him that a new female singer will be added to the game next year and theres a lot of people. This could be, but we suspect itll probably be lady gaga. If you remember those court documents from a few months ago, they leaked plans that epic were working on, which showed jay balvin ariana grande and lady gaga weve gone the first two, so its only a matter of time before gaga comes to fortnite, but some other singers, Who could probably be ardogia cat, duolipa, olivia rodrigo or billy eilish? Its a matter of waiting candy wing also has revealed that donald described season 8 by simply saying the last reality, and he answered this question. So what would happen with foundation and kevin? No, you would say any question. He said any questions youre going to find out with both of them. Both amazing, uh, theres, cool, stuff, cool stuff in store. Sounds amazing. Well, wait and see its been the worst kept secret of all time, but yes, kevin and the foundation will be making a return in season eight. There.

You have it and, if were speaking about things that epic just havent been able to hide from us. That brings us straight into creative 2.0, also known as valkyrie. This is the upcoming mode that epic games working on that will add modding into fortnite and let creative maps be completely custom. Let me tell you guys it is going to be the future of fortnite, and it seems that every other week were getting more and more information about when well, actually see creative 2.0 release. Just recently, leakers have found that epic is currently testing downloadable, creative builds, which means you can download someones creation and put it straight into your own map. This is just a taste of what valkyrie will be able to do so. It is really exciting to see it in action. We also know that were probably not going to see creative 2.0 until at least halfway through chapter 3, which is exciting but also kind of sucks and speaking of peeking into the future dc. Fandom is happening on october 16th and its confirmed that well be seeing an upcoming batman of fortnite crossover on that day. If youve read four knight zero points, comic, you probably remember how the ending of the comic revealed that sloan was working with lex luthor and other dc villains, and so it sure seems like well be learning way more about that. Around the time dc fandom happens and its a little helpful to note that there is a brand new fortnite comic coming out just 10 days after so i think maybe well get a reveal.

It will be a sequel to zero point and its called batman, fortnite foundation, kind of a interesting name. Dont, you think, comes out october 27th, halfway through season. Eight so expect an awesome crossover in the middle of the season kind of, like the bat, shack and skins weve got in season six and with season eight. You should also expect to see all new kinds of weapons, its almost tradition at this point for a new type of shotgun to be added. Every season weve had all kinds of shotgun types in fortnites history, and it seems that well be getting yet another in season 8.. Now we dont know much about this upcoming mythic shotgun, but its probably going to be opie like every new shoddy before and it turns out something very special may be coming to season 8 and the noobs are gon na be very happy to hear about this. It turns out that we might be getting new default skins when the season begins, and here they are and crazy enough. They were actually leaked back in season four, but recently fortnite posted a trailer for the best friends of the event, and you can see the new defaults right here so expect these guys in season 8. and for fortnite fans who have been grinding, the imposters mode lately, Dont worry because its not going anywhere when season 8 comes around. In fact, it looks like epic will be adding more stuff to the mode.

Soon, leakers have found files that tease venting and imposters, which means well probably be able to jump in dumpsters or porta potties and teleport around the map. This sounds like an amazing change and if it happens in season 8, it will be incredible, but it wont be. The only new awesome addition to the game as it turns out that epic is working on a new type of wildlife called flying. Animals theyve been working on this for a while now, but every month were getting more and more info about what this flying animal will do. I know weve covered in a ton of videos already, like i said its going to wander around with its friends and stick together like how birds fly in formations ill also try and fly away when you shoot at it. So its probably going to be a really annoying thing to fight. In fact, this flying animal will come in two different sizes. Some will be big and some will be small and if you take out a small one, itll drop one to three meat. But if you kill the big one, then apparently youll drop a purple scar or an smg like i said, theres no way. This is a bird if it drops a freaking scar and a lot of people are hoping, the flying animal will be ridable. But if not, we dont have to worry, because there is a rideable animal coming in season. Eight, a couple months ago, an insider posted, a leak on reddit, where they made eight sonic claims.

They claimed that ariana grande would be coming soon and would have her own concert, and they mentioned that justice league and task force x will be coming to fortnite and, as we know, both of those things happen. We even have naruto for season eight, which could be three out of three, so lets look at what else they leaked. It turns out that we will apparently be getting something called these sideways in season 8, which will release monsters onto the fortnite island. It will be similar to the upside down from stranger things, but these monsters that ill bring to the island will apparently be ridable, so its actually very possible that this flying animal that was leaked might actually be some kind of rideable flying creature for season 8, which Would be huge for mobility, but not as much as a leaked weapon coming in the next season? If you remember kits shockwave launcher from season 3, then you might be happy to know that epic is working on re, releasing it, but as a non mythic item. Basically, a regular old shockwave launcher that anyone can find in a chest. It sounds awesome right, but its not as cool as another leaked weapon that will be coming in season 8.. Donald has also revealed that, yes, we will actually be getting an explosive kunai weapon. Now we know the season 8 insider leads it a couple months ago, but donald has finally confirmed this and itll probably be very similar to the explosive batarang item that we had in season x, but instead itll be the kunai that is used by a ton of Characters in naruto and season 8 will also bring us some awesome crossovers.

If you remember the unreal engine ps5 demo that went viral last year, you might recognize this leak skin thats coming next season party. Rio will also be getting its first concert in the year in season 8, with an egyptian singer named muhammad hamaki performing soon. And finally, we have a possible first look at a new icon series. Emo coming next season check it out Music, and that is literally everything. We know about fortnite season, eight, it is going to be a huge season and its apparently donald mustards favorite of chapter two. So i am super excited to see exactly whats in store for us for now guys make sure to tune in to our live stream.

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Fortnite, Battle pass, Carnage, Epic Games, Venom hapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass

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