Fortnite, Battle pass, Epic Games, Venom, Carnage 1000 vs 1000 Player War!

In this giant world war, the leaders are technoblade, fundy, spyfee, carl chandler and philippe. The war has officially begun. Usa, usa lets, kill, chandler lets, go fight, chandler, go, go, go, go, go, go, chris is definitely coming to get me. So what were gon na do is were gon na push into the desert. We need to take the high ground youre. Literally surrounded by everyone youre in the dead middle of the map, you heard the man fortify this area immediately: oh thats kind of cool, so youre gon na mold the pyramid into your own structure. We have to stand our ground here were surrounded already tag. Now. What do you think of the 200 random children on your team? I see seasoned warriors who will easily win this challenge? Fundy? How are things going with your army? I have a beautiful plan, mr beast: whenever an enemy approaches everyone just starts, pillaring up. Your strategy is to be a coward. I i dont think we have to strength hey. If you look at the map, chandlers, getting pretty close to you team get dirt more dart theres like gold up there guys just get like iron pickaxes and make like gold armor. Out of that dont mind it with this. Did you just mine it with a stone? Pickaxe get an iron one; its over were lost, weve lost. I think we should hollow out this big structure and this will be our home base. If everybody works together, we can dig this out very easily whoa somebodys, making a cactus barrier.

Thats genius theres a bunch of gold blocks. Everyone come this way. Whats this gold from we ripped apart. A local structure used our own benefit, lets, try and rush carl and try and surround all of his people. It looks like spiffys heading down towards carl: oh, were so close theyre up there. We will leave no man standing. If we kill coal, we could potentially win this wait theyre invading theyre invading. If i die, we automatically lose. So you guys have to help me and protect me. Oh wait. We got a war going on in the south quadrant. Oh my gosh Applause theres, a war breaking out attack anybody with the white name theyre going down. Oh wait! Is that call its called jacobs? No im gon na die no run away. Oh the humanity use the cacti to your advantage. Carl youre under fire i know, were gon na, kill them im, not even worried. Why did they attack you so early? I dont know they want to lose. I guess i died. I died. What the heck call died, we got it lets, go you lost 122 warriors, you have 78 remaining. All right were going to win this war guys we got this. We have an important geological advantage. We got two huge oceans to our east and our west going to be very difficult to actually invade us. Can we build a shrine of technoblake and then techno wont attack us? Does that make sense? That is not a good shrine.

Thats among us you built among us. I think we have a lot a lot of snow. I think we should go back and get more gear were gon na go to japan, bundys running away from us. He fears he fears. We got ta start killing people before they ally against us. Everyone find diamonds. We need to work on getting our guys geared up, wait. Phil, do you have a pickaxe, i dont chris? I didnt know he wasnt using a pickaxe techno. How are things going over here? In north america were taking advantage of the mines between me and you, i think youre gon na win. It is time to go to war. Men were gon na go to war, were gon na, destroy felipe in south america, all right as techno prepared to head towards south america and chandler built his base. Things calmed down a bit too much, so i decided to tell fundy that he needed to cause some trouble bundy. I think you should go down there for spfee. You have more than double the people. Spifi has. It is time to attack gentlemen. It is time to go, hey well, get on the ground. Lets go lets, go oh fondlys. Coming, wait, false alarm, false alarm! Everyone to the top of the mountain go go go. This could be bad. Fundy has a big big army. It is time the island of australia is approaching. All right, bundy is on the cusp.

It is time youre evading from the ocean. Oh boy, look at all these guys pouring in gentlemen attack everyone who is not greed and named no april get to the high ground. Go go: go youre down to 59 players! How many, how many of these fun they got! Uh fundies literally lost like one. Oh, oh dude, this guy, this guy on fundys team, has full diamond attack them all push people off funny of mercy. Never i think i just killed someone. Oh oh my god. Oh my god, i just fell. I just fell. Oh no, oh! No! No! No! Push them off. Get him! Save me! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I need more loot. Oh my god. Why is money wheres monday? Oh god? Oh no! No, i have looted the corpse of the spyfur. We need to get resources now be ready. We know how to win the game later. Fundy with fundy and spifey out. The war is down to techno philippe and chandler. This is gon na turn into an all out battle, chandlers still alive right. Do you think we should go after him nows our time we got ta get up to the surface. Now all right lets go attack chandler now attention. Everyone chris, is coming here quickly: team africa come on everyone. Everyone up here now, yo chandler, your fortress is looking insane team. Africa is going to work, lets, go, kill, oh wait, technos coming from behind that knows.

Coming from behind usa, usa, oh techno whos, going after chris no way oh wow theyre, just swimming out of there theyre gone technos coming for us uh yo, we just booted them out of their whole continent. They dipped were going to africa. Boys lets go all right. Good for chandler chris is entering in africa right now, techno on his tail. We might have two teams on us. We want chandlers blood taylor im coming for you, hes coming everyone prepare there. They are oh they based they based there. It is they sky base, theyre weenies, each other theyre attacking. We can do this. My people, murder him. Africa kill phil. All you guys move forward, move forward. All right. You have 135 people that have 137 its dead. Even all right. We can do this. We can do this there. He is see the red wolf block get him. Oh, i see red take out the red team guys with armor to the front. We attack, destroy their flanks. Men, take out everyone yeah, oh tactos, here, oh whoa, wait tactiles coming in check! No everyone retreat knock knock its the united states hes, probably inside this insane building that they built, i murder time, theyre throwing lava. Oh, oh, my god, i just got hit. Save me hes coming for me, im gon na die. I die. I im that what the heck just happened. The war is now down to techno versus chandler and while techno has more people, chandler has a massive home field advantage with his huge base.

This will be interesting. Red is down yes, yes, okay, go for techno took one down. I see another one panda of titan. Take him down. If you see the leader just try and take him out, lets, go all right, swim up the water infiltrate, they spotted us, everyone get techno. We need him to die. Theyre cj jailer, oh blues, coming up quickly, storm the base get em. This is it everyone attack tech. Note all right! Im going down to the front lines lets go everyone jump down: five techno! Oh wait! Im getting assassinated, someone helped someone help. Oh my gosh jaylas got it hot. Why team africa? Why didnt we just storm techno, usa, usa and all those other countries, but mostly usa, we did it. Boys grab their oil all right and with that were gon na end.

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