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Can i get a hug, oh nice, one, my guy seriously good well done. Can i get a hug? What am i watching right now? What am i watching? How about now does that work for you, okay, dude, fine, guys, no hugs for me! Welcome back! Oh okay, guys welcome back to another for tonights video. Your time is ticking and it wont be long until were inside to this seasons. Final events, you know inside the mother ship, oh, we got a pretty exciting video for you guys today, because were going to be looking at everything you need to know in the build up to this seasons. Final crazy event were literally going to be talking about the brands new official season 8 icon for fortnite season 8 brand new trailer revealed online, as well as the official model of an old friend returning has just been leaked, oh, but this time its actually real. Oh, my goodness, this may be one of the most exciting videos we have done yet guys. If you want to support the channel, you can use the support creator code that is on screen right now. How are you here all the time doing this kind of what bro im so sick of slander, literally the character that killed me? Well, i mean the player, who is also slum. I got quadra teams. Oh okay, lets do this. A new icon for fortnight has just been entered literally by accident online. Well, we dont know 100 its by accident, but it is certainly true, apparently on the new xbox and playstation, a brand new image of fortnite has made an appearance.

What it seems to be is maybe the next teaser for this final event, as we could see the mothership ufo. In the background. Maybe this is epic games way of teasing us for the next season. Eight events, or maybe this does have something to do with the entire brand new season, but i think its fair to say that. However, this got leaked. However, this got revealed. It was not on purpose, but all we know so far is that its only made an appearance on the playstation and the xbox, maybe its only a matter of time for the rest of us until this image makes its way onto our screens the brands new fortnite. Look for this seasons. Final events, eo – is gon na be epic. Oh speaking of that big, this may be one of the most exciting leaks that we have literally ever seen, im not even kidding you. We said in the intro of this video that an old friend would be returning and that its in the games files being leaked and this time its actually happening, yeah im not kidding you. The cube is back literally in the games files. Right now, a giant cube has made an appearance. Literally leakers have found the exact model that is going to be entering into our game, and there is no mistaking this is some kind of giant describe that is gon na be coming to four tonight. Hey now, listen! I know you people are smart, you already know what kind of giant square cube this actually is.

This, of course, is kevin the q and we believed for a while now that kevin the cube would be arriving to our for tonights games. It started with the ariana grande events, where we saw kevin the cube in some kind of bubble. Of course, it was in our chapter 2 for tonights map. You know the one were already in this led players to identifying the exact location where kevin the cube was supposed to arrive in our chapter 2 game, and it turns out the exact location does exist and it doesnt even stop. There weve also heard that secret leakers that have been working with inside epic games. You know the people that make fortnites a secret leakage that works there had already told us that kevin the cube would be returning before this season ends. So it is to no surprise to us, the players that now leakers have revealed a giant square cube, has been found in the games files and it has just been added into the game. Well, sorry, not like just been added into the game, its not in the game, yet its in the files ready to be added into the game. Hey the max isnt kevin, the cube purple. Is it isnt the giant pup? But yes, okay! He is purple this. Of course is an untextured version. We dont yet have the texture. This is simply just the model of kevin, the cube, which would explain why my back bling is a cube.

It wasnt just for fun. I didnt just add it for no reason. It is literally because i think about these things. The reason why this is super exciting is because weve been talking about the return of gavin, the cube forever, like literally as far back as i can remember. Oh youve been talking about it to kevin the cubes return, and this is because we never really got to find out what kevin was all about whose team was he on whose side was he playing for? But it now would seem in this season of aliens that this guy wants something hey. What do you want? Ive only got hugs bro. I can give you hugs. We do hugs hugs hugs, oh holy joe holy josie im going after this guy, because this guys the slightly better player for sure hello. Where did i just go just one? Well, take it thats two, take it im, pretty sure theres one more guy around here. Right! Ah, yes, there is hey, bro, dont, try and test me. It could get messy. Oh i keep it clean, but it it will get. It will get messy yeah yeah. I stole that line. Okay and i got it wrong. I know i know all these smokes. I just eliminated three dudes yo. Am i the best to ever? Do it am i the best to ever? Do it oh im shaking my head? No, my character even disagrees with me. Okay, im garbage.

I was saying we never really found out what kevin the cube was all about. We never really understood it, but now in the season of aliens in fortnite it seems like were a little bit closer to understanding what his secrets were. All about. Oh dont, mind me im actually just trying to find a tv. You know like a little television or something that we can watch yes thats, because weve got a trailer coming up right. Next, a brand new trailer to watch its all about season. Eight im super excited. I just need to find some kind of television hello. Is there? Is there a tv in here anything i can watch hello. Um were going over to the neighboring town. Im gon na need a fast car. This uh this will not do this taxi, will not do this uh. Oh, i think i found our first car. Oh lets, get it oh holy. What the heck did i run into okay, whatever well be right back once i finally get a television. Okay, okay, just sit high sit tight. I mean like real tight. Stick those seat belts right on okay. This is probably the best that were going to be able to do theres a lot going on. Right now i mean holy dont. Okay, this is not like. This is literally not the best we could do. I thought i could plug it up by putting a bit of wood there, but nope okay, okay, holy joji.

What is happening? Ah midas, come on bro trying to watch the trailer here, people, okay, this one will do. Okay, so we werent kidding, we literally better watch the next season, h trailer right now. This is gon na show off a whole bunch of things to do with the season 8 that you guys need to see so its time to get into this trailer lets. Do it Music? Oh my goodness, we just watched the first season. Aids, trailer and deep inside weve discovered a bunch of craziness that we are actually expecting to come in the next season of fortnite just to make it clear this trailer wasnt directly from epic games themselves. This trailer was made taking all of the leagues hidden information that we know about this seasons, final events and wrapping it up all into one trailer. I mean, for example, we were literally just talking about the cube returning to our for tonights game and inside this trailer. We actually saw the cube, officially arrive, it fell from the sky during the mothership, a giant explosion and it landed on our forts night islands, maybe thats how the giant cube is going to return to our game. Of course, we saw, or at least heard the mother ship explode during this trailer, and we already know that the mothership ufo is gon na be taken down during this seasons. Final events, and by taking down i mean destroyed, we even got to see the arrival of a strange character that you may not be aware is about to arrive to our for tonights game.

Trespasser elite has been leaked in the games files and it seems to be some combination of cube alien character that is supposed to make an appearance. This trespass elite character, doesnt, seem to be in the game as at the time of recording this video. But this alien that has clearly been consumed by the cube is supposed to be making an appearance sunny day now, but he made an appearance in this trailer. So once again, this trailer seems to be predicting exactly what is going to be happening at the end of the season. If you guys want to re watch this trailer and see if you can discover more hidden secrets, you can check the comment section and find the description and find the original link to the original trailer shout out to the guys that actually made this trailer as it Gives us our first glimpse into what this seasons final events might actually be. Like, oh snap, i wonder where the other players are. I wonder if there is somebody around here who may be a bad person. Huh ima get a hug by the end of this video bro im gon na. Do it im gon na im, im gon na do im gon na. Do it hello anybody home what the heck? Why was this place on fire if nobody was here ill? Take that shotgun, though one journey to see if he can officially get a hug in for tonight. There was someone over there hug me: hey imma get a hug.

If its the last thing i do yo. I know you guys are in here hug me hug me. Yes, yes, okay, player, im, gon na see you later you you have fun, you got! Oh, oh lets go! Oh lets go guys if you want to split the channel, use the support great code on the screen right now. Look at this yo. We sick of games. Bro, oh snap. Ah what did i what i what i dont know we see the games? Bro come on. I dont know what happened. Just do a slow motion replay play some like spooky uh, not spooky. Sorry, some sad music uh im going bye, im serious im, a casual in the next crazy season 7 for tonight.

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