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This is important, though, so make sure you watch the whole thing im gon na show you all the map changes, talk about the upcoming event and things that might happen and go over a few things that we could expect for season. Eight all right, im too, excited lets jump into this. Here we go as you can see. The mothership has opened up for the final time this season. This is the last update of chapter two season. Seven were on the heels of season eight, and i am so freaking excited. This is actually a pretty cool update, im gon na go into everything, and i can talk about some details which may lead into the event that were gon na see in a couple of days here. So lets go ahead and just observe this. This is insane. This is a low gravity zone, as you could probably tell, and you can see the event countdown on top of the main barn there, its five days 20 hours from when im recording this were gon na go ahead and just uh fly into here. I guess we can uh fly into the side. Im gon na talk about these things here too, these uh these evil. Looking ball things i dont know okay, so lets go in here, thats, really cool that you can uh kind of access this a different way. It looks like theres no guards in here but im sure theres guards all around the bottom of this area, so lets go ahead and grab one of these.

I know we can hop over here, maybe and grab this too heres somebody rummaging, where you think youre going dude. Where do you think youre going dude? Oh absolutely smoked. Absolutely! Oh, you had a shotgun too nice lets grab that shotgun lets grab the uh railgun. Look at all these new weapons – i have my inventory like the railgun, the pulse rifle and the plasma cannon. This season has been really really good for, like uh the sort of content that theyve been releasing. So im glad theyve done that and i hope they will continue to do that in the brand new season. Good job fortnite, i wan na know, did you guys enjoy this season at all. If you did do me a favor and hit that like button? Okay, the like button is gon na reflect how many people enjoy this season. I thought it was pretty crazy. I thought it was hectic. I thought it was a lot of fun, but i dont wan na know what you think so uh in addition to hitting the like button, if you enjoyed it, make sure to comment below and let me know your thoughts im gon na go ahead and see if This porta potty works. It shouldnt because theres like no pipes connecting this this island anymore to anything else, but apparently it does work. Apparently it does im gon na go ahead and just uh clear this house out just in case somebodys here, doesnt, look like it.

Oh, my gosh, why are you in the corner what the heck just sitting there youre just sitting there watching im gon na go ahead and grab the recon scanner. Recon scanner was one of my favorite things. I know this seasons been going on for a little while now some of yall might have forgotten, but the recon scanner love it love. It look at all the islands, all the floating islands. I mean. If you know me at all, i love floating islands, the floating island in chapter, one was one of my favorites, so to see a bunch of floating islands. This is like a dream. Come true, honestly, oh, we got a big pot. Nice go ahead and just find a nice location to pop that lets. Do it in here? Oh look, theres a password! Oh wait. Can you actually enter it? Oh! No! You cant! Okay, made for the event. Speaking of the event, i i think i know whats gon na happen. Okay, this is this is not like 100 confirmed since its just my theory, but i think i have a pretty good theory, so this area is getting abducted by the way. Look at these rocks. Look at the underneath area, it looks so sweet. Oh, do i see somebody here. Let me shoot this recon scanner there! Okay, so you see this underneath area. You see how theres these uh little metallic balls theres got to be a better way of saying that.

Well, i think these are explosives made by the io now the io. Why would they have those on their own kind of area right? This is their base. Well, they know its getting abducted and once these go up there, theyre gon na blow it up and take down the mothership and, i think, were gon na be uh heavily involved in the event 85 on them. And then i guess, uh, one of the robots took him out. Oh actually thats a real person nope, not anymore. They aint, oh shoot, doctor sloane. Im! Sorry! Im! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, i didnt do anything! Please so yeah! I think theyre gon na transport them up there explode it and uh thats gg for the aliens whats gon na happen to the mother ship, though, because uh, i feel like thats gon na, be a lot of damage right. Like a lot. A lot of damage theyve got ta, have a condition, see contingency plan. For that, oh, my gosh, is that dr sloane, or was that a person that just tagged me gosh, dr sloan, is so good. Please get away from me, youre! Scaring me lady, please! Oh my gosh shes coming over here. I have nothing left to give ive got nothing. Lady, im eating everything, youre trying to stay stay healthy out, stay healthy out here. You know things are getting rough. Oh! Is that a ufo? It is a ufo. What the heck! Somebody just shoot him was somebody holding a tractor 52 on him flying at him, Music, boxed him up like a fish theres, this guy, who is shooting at him, though, so we got to watch out for him.

Where did you go, sir? Oh probably over here he refuses to build. I dislike the false rifle. Oh he didnt. He didnt expect that huh nope. He definitely didnt expect that i keep hearing so many people coming around here. Oh look at this. I love seeing the broken pipes and everything underneath it just. It adds so much to me. It makes it fun. Okay, dont! You dare hit that pad. Oh he hit it. He hit it. Where are you flying to oh hes, going up there huh im gon na? Try to see if i can hit one of these did not take me the way. I thought it would. Oh, no! Oh yes, oh i saw you in the bush. Bro im be real. I i didnt see you before i landed, but as i was landing, i was a bit of a slam. Dunk yeah. While i have all these cool weapons. What was your favorite item? They added this season. Mine would probably have to be the cow or the recon scanner or the railgun theres a few and to me that makes a good season like for sure. If you have to really think about it, this was for sure a good season. The ufos you know i could pass on the ufos, but oh hes, shooting a llama. I mean bro, i kind of want the llama too. Take him out. Take him out. Take him out. You got the llama, get that lump go ahead, ill help you out.

One of us gon na get the llama none of us gon na get the llama thats thats honestly on you, bro Music. You have to live with that. You have to live with that. We dont have the llama because of you. Okay, i was helping you out. I was truthfully gon na steal the llama, but that dont make a difference. Okay, it could have been our llama okay. I see a big pot from him trying to uh destroy this poor little llama. Now, speaking of season, eight ive heard that possibly there could be like a dragon ball z, naruto collapse, thatd be really cool, there might be pyramids, i wan na know. What do you wan na see in the game? I did a kind of a wish list over on my twitter. You can go follow me, but you can see it right here on the screen and uh. These are the things that are really really looking forward to like mythic bosses having vaults, um um skill based matchmaking changed up so that its a bit more fair for people, especially like i run into some people, have no idea what theyre doing like they shouldnt be Paired up against me, i play so much. I just want everyone to have fun, you know and then of course i want 100 chest spawn rate because thats just fun like. Why would we have less chess? You know give me a reason. Give me a reason.

Maybe theres a reason, maybe theres a really good reason. There we go ufo down another guy down im getting lasered Music. Another one bites the dust yeah. I want to know your top favorite things that you want to see im genuinely curious. So let me know in the comments too im going to be reading all these comments. Okay, im just so hyped like new seasons in fortnite, bring out the best of me i get so excited. I hope you guys are too okay. Where is this guy here? He was shooting me in the butt now hes. Nowhere to be found very interesting, very, very interesting. Lets go ahead and grab this loot here we can go ahead and hit the pad the final update in fortnite this season, cant believe it. I cant believe it its been a fun season. It definitely has that was cool. That was cool. Let me grab all that. Let me let me just grab all that real, quick, tasty tasty. Look at this under area that thats, where the porta potty is supposed to go its very interesting that you can still use it. Im gon na be honest, thats, weird, okay, we are out of here. Is there anybody else left? I i think we pretty much took this area for ourselves, but yeah. This is uh by far out of the three areas that have been abducted this. This is the coolest one for sure, and i cant wait to see what these bomb things are, and i cant wait for the event its gon na be good times all around truthfully.

I forgot to hit the launch pad so im gon na go back and hit that oh, they moved the reboot man good to know. Okay, as you can see that launch pad shot me up so far in the sky and uh. I see this guy just rummaging around. Oh, oh, what are you doing? There bud pick the other bro? Oh my gosh, you got. I just want a regular ar, but i cant find a regular ar this week. Its always this pulse rifle. I dont know why. I turned that into a song, but it is what it is all right. Okay, i know theres a bunch of oh theres, a big pot right there. Let me just go ahead and uh grab that uh im a hat ad, all right, aint, nobody gon na. Stop me nobody gon na stop me, except for this wall that i built improperly. Let me go ahead and pop that 11 people left. I have 11 eliminations. This is good vibes, good freaking vibes, not for that guy, its bad vibes for that guy, oh youre, trying youre trying to snipe me. We try to do i shot that a little bit high. I missed that hmm 89 on them. Can that bush get the bishop. I completely found that im look im just keep doing it. Oh man, all that healing for nothing, because i just shot off all his health that he gained im. So sorry, im like not sorry, because you or me but im so sorry, i need a regular ar.

Please please fortnite just grab me one thatd be very, very kind of you. What did i just hear? I heard somebody shooting. Oh look at this. Look at what we have here. My boy Applause 80 damage. I hit him for 80.. Why does everybody have a pulse rifle theres, no ars in the game? Right now i swear this is kind of crazy. I saw somebody driving a boat, but i dont see him anymore. Theres that see a shark over there eating nothing kind of surprised to still see sharks in the game. Not gon na lie six people left. I see some builds finishing over there here with the long range. The long range recon scan will hit something in the tree. It it genuinely hit the tree. Okay were going all the way up: Music yeah! I see the guy down here. Oh this things, a little too strong, ive got ta, be honest. Im surprised they didnt nerf it at all. During this season, like, if anything needed a nerf, it was this thing. This thing, together with the recon scanners, is its too good. You dont got a shot truthfully. Well, this guy was stacked. Let me get away. I didnt get that purple bump little new ar drop. These behind us and just go ahead and grab some things. Oh he had a nice pump. There we go see, we got everything we need and more wait. Oh, my gosh, i thought there was somebody in the bush all right.

Let me pop all this yeah, nice and healthy okay, again, nice and healthy may ill grab the rpg just to get a little bit crazy. Ah, you know what ill grab the railgun and the recon scanner were good still got the pulse rifle. I wouldnt be surprised if they just took out the normal ar honestly hit that guy pretty hard the ufo is down. Is he? Is he done for hes not done board? Look at these. I cant wait for parasites to be gone either. You know a lot of these features: theyre fun, but after a few months, youre like okay, lets, see what else you got. You know im going up, thats one down again getting hit by a freaking rail gun is tough, its a tough pill to swallow truthfully. What do i hear back here? Uh, i just hit a parasite for 500 damage, thats new to me, thats weird. I hit him once doesnt know that i can hit him below. Apparently i just had to guess, but it wasnt there ooh imagine he hits me with a head shot and i just i get smoked, hmm yeah. I feel like he didnt totally understand that two people left. Let me go ahead and just tarp in a zone. I got i got the match for it. You know i got the master im good for it. Okay, wow! Then this is uncomfortable wait. Why did i hear anything? Music, thats, one down Music? I feel like this is not a good move for you.

This is this really just all just doesnt seem really great for you im going to be honest: nice little 360. peace, peace control, thats, a big old dub in the final update of chapter two season, seven, everybody! Let me know what you think hit that like button. If you enjoyed this and dont forget to subscribe to the belt for more daily awesome videos, thanks for watching happy to do these two videos go ahead and click.

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