Fortnite, Battle royale game, Epic Games 1 Month PS5 to PC Progression! (Fortnite)

So far it has been one month since i bought my pc and now you all remember how bad i was on the ps5 period. It was like a five month period, maybe even longer i was a bot. I still am about low key but im nowhere near the bot level. I was on ps5 but of course before we get into this just want to quickly shout out everybody using my code in the item shop. My g fuel code is 30 off just in time for the new season links in the description dont miss out on that. I know yeah make sure youre following my new temporary twitter were nearly at a thousand followers right. Ladies and gentlemen, youre probably wondering why have i got this skin on? I think i probably told you yeah. I would have told you the intro, oh yeah. I dont need to say that again do i this part, you see now, like this part. Recording right here is the day before the intro, so i wont actually record the intro till tomorrow. I dont know what ive said in our intro. We dont care fifth of august is when i got my pc and the date today is the 9th of september, so ive had it over a month just over im, not claiming to be no pro because its definitely not where i am, but compared to what i Was if you look at the uh ill put a time time period on the screen? I got that ps5.

I was hyped. Obviously it was a ps5 like yeah new console hadnt been a new console in a while. I was gassed what i didnt realize at the time is: i went from ps4 using a scuff controller, the ps5, using the ps5 controller, and let me tell you, unless youre playing claw youre a huge huge disadvantage. I cant even explain to you how big the disadvantage is its like massive, like burj, khalifa, type, massive advice, this big havent not quite shot you bro, probably going to die. I lost my g fuel, you know, code hd, get involved 30 or i hear a legendary chess. Will it have a legend? Oh right, theres flipping, no excuse now, im doing a flipping progression. Video, my guy and youve got a gold spaz ill spawn. If you die youre a faker fraud right, a fraud wheres this boy, hes in the flipping bin, hear that this guy we got him all four of them. I dont want to see no fraud comments right game off world, though isnt it early game is so dependent. Whatever you get thats pretty obvious, really isnt, it forget that albert einstein, esque quote: what are you watching mate? Basically, i dont like that added pressure down there. Thank you very much. You guys! No leave no um that one, a headshot youre kidding eyes up here right. We got him, we got him and the cleanest device lets not take the that could have actually been disastrous.

There 32. – i dont know about that. I didnt feel that i didnt feel it take that this is why i love the rail gun. You can just rob, kills very, like literally ill take that kill yes, 14 left. This is where it starts getting sweaty. Oh, oh whats, going on over here, Applause hold on boys. Can you see them? Ive got teamers, oh my god, teamers and solos bro. You cant! Actually make this up Music. Let me take out these two yeah look. You met mr oh rail built, oh my god, youre building, one of you there you little team in noobs. Look at these two! Oh my storm! Oh bad sniper! What were you two doing saw the sauce behavior Music, you cant park this huh and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you die. That was my kill and that one, oh, no im an idiot neymar name. My name is right. Neymar, yes, ill! Tell you one thing that ben will be in season 8 coral castle right. I know that aint, who i think it is bro. I will fold you like a new york slice all right get out of there doesnt it too much. Here we get a little dink on him yeah. We can probably push Music. Oh oh bro, i didnt even mean to do that double tire bounce, but it wow that was actually so sick. I cant believe that just say: sweat, fight, back fight back.

We dont like sweats in your face agent, phoenix guy. Whatever your name is. I know you see it im flying no im dead, im dead, im, dead, im dead, so dead. That was silly play by me very much! Welcome, oh, what a clutch little flopper! Oh good! Shots we turn that sense up by this is the this is the money round. This is the money in right. This is where billy, mike and jeffrey are all theyre all ready for you, mate theyre, all ready to fight, and they will swing it. I they will punch you in the face, so we have got to be smart because one thing they can do better than me is build. I can throw up a couple walls you know like. I can do that. Thats panic, thats, not uh, thats, not calculated jeffrey, starts. Building like an architectural three floor. Condo were lets, make or break oh hes dead. I dont thought. Are you there getting that flipping? You have over hes got rid of his dumb little thing. Ricky morgan got him. You see, did you see tell me you saw that in the bush you saw that right all right if youre gon na hide in the bush youve got to make sure youre in it. Okay, wait hold on someones up here: im, not getting that ive got not getting anything 8130 bye, unlucky, man all right, three left guys. We got a ufo, surely we dont lose.

I lost im joking, oh hes, good and hes yeah im dead its over guys. Yes, take that we will take that. Yes, that is skin 147. Yes, everything above is done, and we are here so everything below were nearly there were nearly there.

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