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I want to talk in depth about the future of fortnite and what it holds as it may not be what you think it will be also going to talk about icon skins in fortnite, something im sure. A lot of you are clicking this video to hear about theres a lot to cover and im excited to share it with you. I want to talk about fortnight now, fortnight in the near future and fortnight in the far future fortnights been out now for over three years, can you believe it and fortnite right now is all about fortnite battle royale for most people, if you think of fortnite, you Instantly think of a hundred players on the map trying to be the last one to survive ill, be really honest with you guys. I dont play fortnite battle royale as much as i used to, but i still absolutely adore fortnite. I love the story that theyre telling im so engrossed in that and cant wait to see whats going to unfold in the coming seasons and the future of fortnite battle. Royale no doubt has tons of surprises and some incredible things to happen. Theoretically, fortnite can release infinite seasons. Infinite chapters give us new maps forever, but at some point were going to get bored of fortnite battle royale. Maybe that started to happen to you already. Maybe youre still absolutely loving it, but at some point, if battle royale gets boring in fortnite what happens next? This is where we start to talk about the near future of fortnight.

Fortnite is smart people right made by epic games. Those guys know what theyre doing, and they are already looking ahead. Theyre thinking multiple steps ahead of us, no im, not just talking about the fortnight storyline im talking about us, the is being built around the game fortnight, the biggest hint as to what fortnite are thinking about when it comes to the future was implemented really recently. Actually, if you go to selector mode within fortnight, that page has changed to be a discover page. You could compare this layer almost to netflix and it is fairly similar. But the biggest thing to take on board here is the fact. The integration of the normal battle, royale modes made by epic games and community made modes made within creative, look almost identical on his page and anything on. His page is just as clickable just as playable and just as exciting as battle royale could be now. This is not been done by accident. This is very much on purpose when we think about the vat royale genre in fortnite, its actually quite limited by the rules that its given itself automatically theres a hundred players. Theres got to be a last person or team alive, and you could only use the set of weapons and tools that we know the rules within the battle royale island to try and win you cant suddenly get a thousand hp and a thousand shield and hit somebody With a sword, at least, i hope you never will be able to do that in battle royale, but there is a place in fortnight where that could actually happen.

Im, of course, talking about fortnite, creative mode id love to know from you guys as a player whats. Your priority, when you jump on and play fortnite, maybe youre a save the world player, maybe youre a battle, royale player or maybe youre already starting to jump on and play a lot of creative mode, whether or not its to prepare for battle royale and do a Bit of training or get a brand new experience that youll never get within battle, royale itself do, let me know in the comments, whilst youre down there, if youre playing fortnite at all, you got ta hit the thumbs up. Button show this fortnite video, some love, and let me know that youre, a fortnight player outside of the restrictions of battle, royale creative, has unlimited possibilities, whether or not youre playing a lot of creative, now or not. Whats, going on right now in creative is so cool to see. Youve got zombie experiences. Youve got cities to explore, you could buy a house, you can do a death run, you can try and escape a prison. All of these experiences are happening right now within fortnight. In creative, however, the biggest issue and the limiting factor of creative right now is that the tools are fairly basic when it comes to actually building out these modes and making them as in depth as possible. Theres memory limits on the creative maps, meaning you cant, build things as big as your wildest dreams, because the game physically wont.

Let you and theres still a lot of things that creative mode need to roll out to unlock its full potential. But that is going to be happening not necessarily in the near future, but in the not too distant future. Big changes are gon na be happening. Im, of course, talking about creative 2.0. Now, if youre wondering why this is such a big deal, im going to explain it and trust me in six months a year, maybe multiple years, youll come back or even think about this video and think damn ali a was right. This is the direction fortnite went in. At least i feel this is whats gon na happen for creative 2.0 to come out. We need to move over to unreal engine 5.. Unreal engine is the basis that games are made upon fortnites made upon it were currently on unreal engine 4., its actually owned and developed by epic games. Also, the move over to unreal engine 5 has already started to be teased with a brand new wind walker echo skin thats available. She was actually featured in the very first tech demo for unreal engine 5.. Shes been put in fortnite for no doubt a very, very big reason and i believe its not only just to have an overlap between unreal engine 5 and the games theyre, creating and fortnite. But to give us a hint that were actually getting closer to this happening than we may realize, believe it or not, we were meant to move over into one real engine 5.

Apparently next season, chapter 2 season 8 thats now been pushed back to chapter 2 season. 9., i think potentially it could go, live with the launch of chapter 3, but either way its a few seasons away, potentially very, very close, very, very exciting. Now the reason creative 2.0 is so incredible is because not only will it allow us to literally mod and create maps with unlimited tools and on a level at which game developers are making games right now, fortnight will ultimately turn into a basis in which we can Make whatever we want, and it will start to change the way that people think of fortnite. Just to give you an example when you think of minecraft, what do you think of? Maybe you think of you trying to slay the end dragon, but maybe you spend just as much time and think about sky block hunger games, prison break bed, wars or even maybe you play of your favorite mods exclusively that completely change the way you play minecraft. What about roblox roblox is completely made up of community made maps and games. Maybe you go on to buy a house own. A car adopt a pet play, hide and seek these games arent one specific thing: they are whatever you want it to be, and fortnite realized that they need to move in that direction as well. So as battle royale players get bored or if people start to look for a new gaming experience, they dont need to find a new game.

They just need to find the newest map and the newest mods within creative mode that give them another new, incredible gaming experience right there with all the skins theyve already spent their v bucks on, which obviously mean a lot to them, and they can jump in and Play it within fortnite, with this vision in my head of what i think fortnight will be, it only makes sense for me to prepare for the future and im very excited to officially announce the launch of my very own fortnight creative team team atomic. You may notice a slight similarity with this logo on my own, but its an evolution and its consisting of three of the greatest fortnight. Creative builders in the world, sven dylan and jesse are all incredible. People ive been talking to them every single day. For months and months now and behind the scenes we are working on and have already launched creative maps that we think will be the future of fortnite and maybe one day, youll jump on and youll start playing our maps before. You even think about playing anything else because youre having so much fun and the gaming experience is awesome. Ill leave a link to the official team atomic twitter in the description to make sure you never miss any of our map updates be sure to follow us and so far weve already released two maps. One was a little bit of a sneaky launch, which was red versus blue on the coliseum map to test out how engaged you guys would be if i made some videos and played myself in creative, the results were awesome and we recently also launched the incredible atlantis Zombies map the map is genuinely incredible, has also seen so much love.

I played it multiple times myself and its so awesome filling into these maps and seeing people all over the world also playing and loving the maps as well. We are looking into the future of fortnite. Weve got even more incredible maps coming out. All im going to say is that halloween is around the corner and, as fortnight continues to develop, i want to make sure that we are there as a team, as myself included as creative continues to grow, and we get closer to a fortnight game. I believe will be the base for tons of other games built within it. Now before i talk about icon skins in fortnite, i encourage anyone that doesnt play much creative at the moment to go ahead and try some of these maps weve got the red versus blue, which is a fun competitive, shooting map. All the zombies match can play with up to four players and go through waves of zombies just to experience what kind of content can be made in creative right now and then realize just how good its gon na get because trust me its gon na, be awesome. Now, with obviously a big announcement like this, its very exciting, but i know a lot of you will probably instantly think about icon skins, something that i try and always do in my life is never over set expectations, underset them in a little bit. So if you do okay or above youre, gon na feel good, now, icon skins are extremely extremely hard to get theres, only five of them from content creators in game right now and its safe to say that they are some of the biggest content creators in the World – and the expectation i have set is that if i never get an icon skin its okay, there are some incredible content creators out there and even if 50 people suddenly got icon skins, that is a lot of creators all over the world, and maybe i wouldnt Be included in that my goal is to stay with fortnite and be a part of fortnites growth for as long as i possibly can, and for as long as im interested in enjoying fortnight myself and hopefully my dedication to fortnite as ive done over the past three Years and will continue to do will be reflected in some way and lets be honest.

An icon skin would be utterly incredible. Maybe one day ill have some awesome news to share with you. Well have to see fingers crossed on that one ill leave links to some creative maps in the description you can copy and paste over and enter and then go and play, or you can click and save it to your play later list on your epic games account. I hope you found this video if anything interesting, be sure to go and follow team atomic weve got some awesome maps ill be covering here on my channel very very soon. I cant wait to share them with you for now its back to focusing on the brand new fortnight season were only a few days away. Its gon na be incredible and ill be right.

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