Fortnite, Battle royale game, Epic Games Season 8 SPOILERS & FIRST Teaser! | APPLE WINS Lawsuit vs Epic Games! Full Breakdown & IOS News!

Todays date is 9, 10, 20, 21, and today we have for you guys the first teaser for fortnite chapter 2 season 8, and we also have for you guys the first teaser uh for essentially the live events, so lots of great stuff look forward to. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and, as always, smash the like goal and lets hop directly into it. So heres the first teaser we just got uh. This could be for the live event, but its also actually for season. Eight uh, 9. 12. 20. 21. At 4 p.m, et – and here that is in the background, video some audio hey, i hear youre planning on saving the day with your buddy, dr sloane part of me is super relieved, and the other is honestly really really scared for you. I dont trust sloane. Just be careful, take care of yourself, dont count on her to do it and theres something else. There might be something on that ship that not even sloan knows about. I want to lead you down a panic spiral, but whatever you think the worst thing ever is this all right, so there you guys have it mary said whatever is on the mother? Ship is way way. Worse than anything, could that possibly be so? I really wonder what is inside the mothership. Could it be? The cube could be a giant monster honestly, no idea it could even be a massive final boss. So i guess what does something wait and see but uh it looks pretty dang promising now uh, four tori.

Also, actually quote tweeted this and he said mary is teasing to something uh being on the mothership, which is way way worse than anything ever so. What could it be? And then ford assist said this mary cannot be referring to the zero point if they even have it, because sloan knows about it, and also cant really be the cue, because sloan also knows about that, as well as its rolling around in their science lab. The cube. Also isnt exactly the worst thing ever so what could it be? Alright, so thats a little surprising and its also kind of concerning, i wonder what the fortnite island can be afraid of, and especially mary like mary, is not afraid of many things. So i really wonder what is inside the mother that is so so scary. I mean the alien ship came from a different planet, so i guess we could be seeing some sort of massive boss or an army of a bunch of aliens so crazy, stuff. Overall uh. We also have for you guys this from g matrix games, who said the gradient looked familiar and, of course his discord pointed this out. So this is actually the exact same thing as uh when midas and uh, i guess like uh, the henchman. All that crazy stuff came out a few seasons ago, so i wonder if midas is now set to return on the horizon, so cool stuff right there. That would be a very, very interesting storyline to see if might as during the event but uh.

Who knows, i guess about this? If you wait and see, i wouldnt be that surprised, though we also have for you guys this in the back review. Epic and sony tease the foundation in two shots during the ps showcase yesterday at the minute mark 30 seconds. So i actually will also play this in the back review, but yeah not quite sure where the foundation was shown during the playstation showcase, but that should be pretty interesting to see uh the results of that. So hopefully, hopefully, hopefully it is not an exclusive to playstation. First and so on and so forth, weve seen this several times with playstation. They always want stuff first, so hopefully it is not a ps plus pack, and hopefully its also uh, not free to ps users. Only that would not be fair, so yeah. Well, i guess what to say you wait and see as far as the foundation, but i thought that was actually pretty interesting to point out and something else, thats extremely interesting to point out is the lab event. Uh is actually gon na be 15 minutes long. According to playstation network, so uh, no idea how why its gon na be that long im assuming we go through a storyline, but we also actually got ta, go through uh kind of something similar to its like a role play storyline based event. Basically, so we have to go through several steps and we actually control everything. Thats gon na be happening, uh kind of similar to when the foundation first got in the map, so uh interesting stuff.

Overall, it should be a very, very cool event, full of lots and lots of leaks. Now, if you guys actually put uh the audio through a spectrograph as well uh, the previous teaser, i forgot to show this uh. We also can actually see something inside there and it kind of looks like the mothership. So i wonder if theyre actually also teasing the mother ship with inside uh of the actual uh video teaser, basically so interesting stuff overall uh, we also have for you guys. This is the acronym which i thought was actually pretty interesting that epic games tweeted out yesterday. In case you guys missed my previous upload, which it seems like a lot of people did epic has asked apple to restore our fortnite developer. Account epic intends to re release. Fortnite on ios and korea, offering both epic payments and apple payments side by side in compliance with the new korean law, so just passed in korea is this. In the background, video in a global first, google and apple will have to open their app stores to alternate payment systems in south korea threatening their commissions, which, quite frankly, im pretty happy about. I think apples, a very bad company but thats just my personal opinion, but tim swinney, the ceo of epic games, just said this, and a result of that retweet korea is the first in open platforms. Korea has rejected digital comrades monopolies and recognized open platforms as a right.

This marks a major milestone in the 45 year history of the personal computing. It began in cubertino, hopefully, im saying that right, uh, but the four flood today is in seoul. So there you guys have it very, very interesting stuff. Overall, it looks like uh, fortnite ios will return to korea and, most notably south korea, relatively soon, alright guys. So i had to pause this video because some pretty big news came out and its uh very surprising and its really unfortunate for that matter. Uh, it looks like the verge just posted this article that says apple must allow other forms of in app purchases. Rules judge in epic first apple, a major win for epic games and fortnite. Now, unfortunately, though, they actually lost 9 out of 10 lawsuits, they actually filed as far monkey said this as a summarized version. Ah, to summarize, the court stuff apple won. Nine out of the ten counts. Apple is no longer allowed to prohibit debs from providing links telling people they cannot purchase on other places away from the app store. The core conclusion believes epic games overreached with the court case, so assassins speaking. Yes, apple did win all the lawsuits essentially, but the single one epic games, one was the most important one, the one that actually mattered. Now it does not guarantee that ios will return. However, it does actually guarantee lots of great stuff for future dev creators, people that make video games so on and so forth.

It actually allows them to now promote other in app forms of purchases, so its actually pretty awesome. We will actually be seeing epic games being able to promote the fact that we can actually buy uh v bucks and the battle pass and so on and so forth, like skins uh through the epic game store and not just through apple. If it does return to the ios store, so yeah, very, very big, surprising news and its kind of good and bad the exact same time, so im kind of just curious to see how do you guys feel about this down below? Although epic games lost 9 out of the 10 counts, they won the most important one, which is honestly a game changer for the rest of the world. So i must say, congratulations, epic games. Although you pretty much lost, you won in all of our hearts and you won overall for the gaming community. So thank you so much for doing that and uh lets get back to the video now. Another thing i just realized that someone pointed out today was kubar. Kumar actually said this, something that i think a lot of people have overlooked and galaxias backblank in fortnite, uh theres a low res minimap on it i place our current minimap over it and corny crops is actually completely gone. This could be a coincidence, but maybe not and yeah. I think thats actually pretty weird of all points of interest.

Why is corny complex not on here? We all know epic games loves to tease things very very far into the future, so when this officially dropped, i dont think anybody realized that corny crops was actually not on here, so yeah, very, very cool stuff overall uh honestly. That also teaches that, yes, its gon na be gone next season completely its already being abducted and the mother ship is probably likely gon na be taking out completely, which makes honestly pretty much perfect sense, because, obviously, that point of address right now is just for the Audio at this point so different season, different theme and uh yeah, so thats all i have for you guys for this particular video.

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