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My name is Mauricio and today well be talking about cloud storage. Security. Well, go over how safe cloud storage is to use what makes a cloud service secure and well also throw in a few recommendations. If you want to try out a secure cloud storage service., This video is part of our Cloud Storage, 101 series so make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon. So you get notified when the next one drops., If youre, not quite familiar with how cloud storage works yet check out our quick explainer video on cloud storage here.. So with that out of the way lets jump right in.. So how safe is cloud storage? Well, the short answer is its very safe as long as youre using a secure service., I personally use cloud storage. Every day I mean our channel is called Cloudwards after all and Ive never had my accounts, hacked or even lost a file., But thats not the case. For everyone., You can easily lose your files if you put your trust in the wrong cloud service or if you just have poor security habits like setting password123 as your password.. So lets take a look at what it takes for a cloud service to be secure and how to best, protect your cloud. Data. First lets talk a bit about cloud. Features. Simply put, there are a few security features. A service needs to have to be safe enough to trust.. There can be any number of cloud security features and some services offer novel security solutions of their own.

, But well be looking at the two most important features and thats two factor: authentication and zero knowledge. Encryption.. Two factor, authentication or 2FA – is one of the most important security features to look for and if you use similar passwords across different websites, it can be a life saver.. Basically, whenever someone tries to log in to your account, you get a notification either via email or a 2FA app on your phone.. You then need to approve the login yourself and if it wasnt you trying to get in, you can just deny the login attempt. Icedrive. One of our favorite cloud storage services used to lack this feature, but now it has it Now lets talk about. Encryption. Encryption is what stops people from looking at your files.. It scrambles them into a form thats unreadable without the encryption key.. Obviously, a service needs to encrypt your files, both while theyre on its servers and while theyre traveling from your device to those servers., But who holds that encryption key can make a huge difference for the safety and privacy of your files. Zero knowledge. Encryption is what you really want in a service.. If a cloud company holds the encryption key to your files, then it can decrypt them and view them or scan them and even turn them over to the government.. However, with zero knowledge encryption in place, you are the only one with access to your encryption key.. This means that not even the cloud service itself can decrypt your files.

, And this is much simpler than it looks. All of this encryption and decryption happens automatically. So its not like you have to manually enter your key every time you want to access a file., So its always a net positive and it doesnt add any complications to how you use your cloud. Storage.. For example, and MEGA offer zero knowledge encryption for every file you upload, so everything on there is always perfectly secure. Now lets talk about privacy, features. Stuff, like privacy, policies and terms of service, can be complicated and frankly, too complex to cover detail in a short Video. Now you dont necessarily need to go through a companys 10000 word policy, so well. Give you a few pointers about what you need to keep an eye out for., But before we get into privacy policies, make no mistake. Every online service collects some of your data. Thats, just how the internet works., For example. If a cloud service says that it collects your email and payment info, thats, pretty much par for the course. After all, it needs to send you emails and charge you for the service., But a service might also use cookies to track how you use its website and Where you access it from., If youre not comfortable with that, you can always disable cookies in your browser and it wont be able to track anything.. You also need to check how a service shares your data.. Most services will share user data with trusted partners which usually refers to stuff, like outsourced, customer support, reps or a server provider.

. But if you see that it shares your data with advertisers like Google Drive and OneDrive do thats a big red flag that you need to steer clear of that service.. Another important factor is privacy. Laws. Simply put you should avoid companies in countries with intrusive surveillance laws like the United States, where Dropbox is located., You should especially steer clear of companies in places like China and Russia, where the government has a lot of control over the internet. Companies in privacy havens. Like Switzerland, the EU or the British Virgin Islands are the best places to store your sensitive data.. For example, pCloud is based in Switzerland and its servers are in EU countries, which means your data is protected by some of the best privacy laws in the world.. One important thing to note here is that a zero knowledge service cant unlock your files, so a countrys privacy laws, cant force it to surrender your files, even if it wanted to., For example, might be based in Canada, which is part of the Five Eyes spy Network but its so secure that theres virtually no chance that anyone, but you can ever access your files. So with all the cloud, security and privacy features out of the way here are a few cloud security best practices., First use a strong, unique password., Never use your Cloud storage password for any other online service. Next always keep two factor: authentication activated, no matter how annoying you think it is to push a button on your phone whenever you log in from a different device.

Disable cookies in your browser., Use, zero knowledge encryption.. That means that if a service only offers zero knowledge for one folder on your account, always use that folder to sync your files, to. And finally make sure to choose the right service, one that has all the features we talked about in this video. And as a Final treat here are a few of our top recommendations for secure cloud. Storage. First up is Its our favorite overall cloud storage, but its also the most secure.. Not only does it come with all the features we mentioned, but it covers all of your storage with zero knowledge, encryption., Plus its even certified to keep sensitive medical files under HIPAA., See our full review video here if youre interested., Another very secure service is pCloud.. This is one service that really takes your privacy seriously and you can trust it to keep your files safe. Its based in Switzerland with servers in the EU. So you dont have to worry about the U.S. government snooping in on you either.. We have a review of pCloud as well just click right here. If you wan na see more about it., Our last recommendation, but certainly not least, is Icedrive. Its a fairly new service, but its already become one of the best cloud services period.. It prides itself on keeping your data private and offers zero knowledge out of the box as well as two factor authentication.. Of course, we also have a review of Icedrive here.

So go watch that one, if you think it could be right for you. Guys. That is it for this video. We hope you enjoyed it and please give us a thumbs up if you did., It really helps the channel and lets us keep making amazing videos for you guys. Of course, subscribe and click. The bell, if you havent already, we have a ton of useful cloud storage content on our channel. So take a look if youre interested.. We also do written articles on our website, and there are links to more in depth articles on the topics we talked about in the description below., Please. Let us know your thoughts on cloud security in the comments wed love to hear them.. As always.

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