Microsoft Teams, Google, Microsoft Corporation 365 vs Google Docs: Why I switched from Google Docs to Microsoft 365

I am a freelance technical manager. I was using google docs and i switched to microsoft excel or office 365 for more reviews like this, please look below. I use google docs on occasion, theyre, not my favorite, but if i need to tie into a google application, theyre good to use uh. For instance, today i had to put longitude and latitudes inside into google back for several locations that in that scenario, i would use google docs. For the most part, i use uh office 365. I use the word docs because i like to share them, and sometimes we can. I can get with someone edit them together and we can both use our desktop apps. I prefer using the desktop apps to the online method. Um i use excel several times a day and it helps me solve a lot of the merging of the docs, comparing data and being able to come up with the finished product of where exactly the web statistics and or other technical questions where that falls online. So i can give a customer an accurate accounting of their data and customer use. Best part of office 365 is the excel that thats because thats something i work with a lot. I do use of the other items like powerpoint and work. However, in excel, i have several add ons, i have other software tied into it. I can pull data from other places and you use their data system to pull it all into one sheet and, like i said, i like a lot of their add ons and you can find software online if you need to do something exact that will tie into Excel um, if i get confused on something, i can usually go to the form and get an answer really quick, but basically i just really like excel, because i can put all my information in one place and run calculations to make sure everythings going smoothly.

Uh, google docs is best to connect with the apps on google um, its also good for myself. If i have a client who is not a professional per se, but a very small business, they probably have a google account and its something thats simple for them to log into and understand its also easy to view documents on your cell phone or mobile device. Well, thats, not something i primarily do. If im sending a document to someone, it may be easier for them, because theyre already logged into google on their android phone just to pull the document up that way. So i do use google to google docs mostly to share work and a version that will fit on a smaller device or a like a tablet or cell phone. Most people have used some type of word: processing software, whether it be an open source or a version of outlook or docs or dropbox paper. So, basically, when you go to google docs, you already have the basic knowledge there. It is designed to make it easy for anyone to use. You have a few simple choices if you want to document, if you want to perform, if youre going to do a sheet – and you can put the information there at auto, saves and youre off uh when as far as office 365, if you have been using um Office 365, as its advanced and grown over the years, its a pretty much just keep going up what youve already learned.

If not, you need to be prepared that theres theres more features to it. It is more in a lot of ways set up for a business, so even with the family version, they give you those those features, all the basic stuff you can do just have to ignore all the other features, and you can do the same thing on google Docs, so it really depends if you feel safer being on something that has very has less features and its more got. Big icons then go ahead and use it for the box. If you want a little bit more control, you probably should go over to the microsoft office. My top considerations are, of course, price. The you know. What am i getting for my money? I am um and time time costs money for me, so i need to make sure that im going to its not something im going to have to spend 10 hours getting ready for. I need to get hit the ground running. It has to be your price thats, going to be or im coming out on the better side um. I i tend to go through and read a lot of reviews and watch a lot of stuff, but um in the features. Do i need something advanced? Do i need something medium level? Can i grow with a product um both both google, docs and microsoft had boom to grow theyre just kind of splitting going different directions. I feel right now so, when i go through for i support myself, it do well if it has to do with the price and what features im going to get, and i dont want to pay for features im not going to use.

I like it when the package plans are broke down, so i can pay for what i need and not have to pay for stuff that im never going to look at, and i think thats really what a lot of companies should go to is letting us pick.

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