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My name is bob german and im very excited and honored today to introduce a wonderful isv partner, my serious game, whose ed mill application won the award for best education app in the teams, app development challenge. Earlier this year in this video youll get to meet the people who created the app and see it in action and well discuss their experiences and lessons learned in the process. So to start, let me introduce my serious game: product manager, sophie managu, hi, sophie hello, bob nice to see nice to see you here today. Yeah you too, and i see youve brought some of your teammates absolutely. I did uh so working with me on the edmu product for more than two years now we have our two developers uh the back end developer. Yes, so hi im, holly vikrez, so im a web developer on mostly backend, yes for myself, gaming yeah and i am gabrielle uh developer for meal 2 and mostly frontend oh thats, great great, to meet you both thanks, so much so um sophie um. Could you tell us just a little bit about your company and the application sure, so my serious game is a french company, a french based company whos been working on uh, creating uh our online solution to train uh learners inside companies. So we are a b2b company. Historically and a few years back, our clients came to us to say: okay, youre uh, one of the best actors in france to create online training solution.

How about you give us the possibility to create some training ourselves, and this is where edmule was originated, so to give some users the possibility to create very high quality, uh online training content in a very short time. So its a good complement to what massaers game can otherwise offer. Well thats really cool um. Can you perhaps give us a peek at the app id love to see how it works? Im? Not sure bob are you sure um, i think so. Yeah im sure Laughter. Yeah my pleasure, of course, why would i not want to see this app yeah? We are very proud to share it with you today um. So the app was built on three big uh functions um. So the the first function is the function to create online training content. The other big function is uh, allows you, as a user, to share your content, share it with the user, and the third big part is uh, based on the follow up, follow up with statistics with very detailed results. So you can see you have an all in one tool to create, share and follow up on your online training content uh by the way edmule, the name ed meal comes from ed as education and neil its like the meal of the transformation. You know a meal like transform raw material into very high id value material, and here the raw material that we start with is uh the creators knowledge and what we end up with is with a very high value, is uh the uh online training content, our uh.

Our goal is to allow almost anyone to create uh some high quality uh training content, not only like you are a specialist of online training content creation, but also, if youre, a specialist of your field like youre, a salesperson youre, an accountant, um youre, an i.t person And you want to share, or you are asked to share your uh, your know, knowledge, your know how, with your colleagues with your peers? Well, you can come to emil and were going to take you step by step to create some very high quality content in a very short time um. So here, when you start creating, you can select, show me the way which will uh. Take you the long way and ask you a lot of questions to make sure that you know where youre going to and where you want to take your learners to so you can see these are very classic concept when it comes to uh, pedagogy or andragogy, as We say, but we make them simpler so that anyone can take them and make relevant decisions when it comes to the content. So here your main goal could be to that. Your learner are able to analyze um what is at stake: uh with uh teams, app creation, just an example on top of my head, and then you have you: can you have to uh select some uh? You know uh goals, some pedagogical goals for your learners to reach to reach the main goal.

That makes sense right im just going quickly. Then we help you structure your course. So we have some good good practices. You know, because we work with afnor with the certification company. That said. Okay, here is what what you have to do, what you have to take your users through, so that they can create very high level content quality. You have the satisfaction survey and you also you can use the code evaluation system uh to just share your uh learning course with your learners and then automatically 15, 30 and 60 days and even 90 days after they first successfully went through the course they will receive Automatically called evaluations, so we try to make, as you may have understood. By now, we try to make the creation creators experience as smooth and enjoyable uh. As the learners experience will be makes sense – and this was a software as a service that was already available before you uh brought it into teams correct, absolutely absolutely so. This is um to give you some perspective and see, show you how uh things are done in the background and then well see how learners can enjoy this experience in teams. So what once as a still as a creator, once you have done all this, you can go to your library and im going to show you like a finished uh course with only uh with a few activities here, all right, so you can. This is what you can see all right on the administrator side.

Then you have a few steps to complete. As i told you at the beginning, you have to create learners. You have to create a group, you put everything together and then you create you. You share your content and then your learners. What can they do where they can access that meal in a website, but also in teams? So the good practice, but you dont absolutely have to do that uh. You can create like a dedicated space for this. A training topic, and then you ask your student to add the edmule app here, so you can my computer already knows it meal. Obviously, you add it as you know, you pin it so you dont lose it afterwards right and you come to your learners space and you have access to uh one or several uh learning courses that your creator, your administrator, have created and selected for you, and then You enter your training program directly in an email and you go through uh your uh, your online training program nice. There you are so you can find activities that we we saw on the administrator side, and you have access to, of course, the core of the of admin, which is the learning content, but also everything around so the training programs. You can have an overview of everything that you have been doing and that youre going to be learning. You have access to your results here. You have access to any documents that your administrator may have put for.

You um attached to your learning course and and your profile so pretty much everything you need as a learner hes available here, you can go back in the chat that we so here and you can ask any questions you have. You know to uh your supervisor, your manager or your colleagues that can help you. So we really like this peer to peer approach and everything is the same too thats great. So are your customers, more schools or universities or industry, where or all of them, uh mostly industries, uh big companies that have a lot of uh? You know training to do with their employees and some um some training companies as well, that have their own expertise and they want to share the expertise with clients, yeah thats great. It makes a lot of sense. So how did you get the idea to build this and how have your customers reacted yeah, so i got the mic now yeah, please gabrielle! So we decided to create this steam app to answer a big problematic for our client. So i remind a client that other part time commencing learners to run online and the principal reason was the multiplication of passwords and web url. So it was replicated for her to explain each learner how to use a mirror. So when we launched the teams up, she was really impressed by the fact that she can now explain how a nick works directly in a team meeting and she saved a lot of time and had amazing engagement, weights um.

So, to conclude, i would say that now its simpler, faster and more intuitive, even for for beginners, like for all learners, thats cool, so so really the single sign on capability was one of the big one of the big drivers for this. Of course, thats really good. Um, so i know you had an existing application on a technical side, um how how difficult was it and what process did you follow to make this work in teams so yeah, as you saw, so we already have a web application that is working for good, so, But the so this app is data two parts, so the learner part on the remote trader admin part, and we only wanted to to put the learner part in for now. At least we quickly learned that it was that the teams app is using the same technology on code as a website, so its pretty much the same thing, so it was really easy to to adapt our existing code to put it in a teams without rewriting everything. So it was a good surprise yeah. Is it easy to do thats great? What was your biggest learning? What did you? What did you take away? Yeah? I guess nothing. No! I cant! No. We learned that developing our first team app told us that don is better than perfect and that we need to think scalable and start small, like on the other side. We wanted at first developing all the the entire app in teams, but we start for now.

We are just the learner side and, as i said, creating a team app is pretty straightforward and really well documented, so quite good to know how about how long did it take um? How long i guess there are kind of two parts uh, the first one was developing, so maybe one or two months. The second part was quite longer because it was um. I dont know validation, validation, yeah. This one was longer thats, great, so any hints or ideas on what uh, what youre going to do? Next, with your uh with your teams? App, yes, of course, uh concerning the future, so wed like to to use whats more about what is available in teams, because for now we pretty much only display whats already available on the web application. We would like to add more interaction, interaction between the learners on teams like pushing notification or sending adaptive cards with some statistics or using the bots to uh come on to get helps. I mean there is a lot of features that we can use there for things. So yeah complete. That sounds really good. I look forward to seeing all of that any final thoughts yeah. Actually we are. This experience – gave us the the idea to use uh micro, uh, microsoft teams, uh, apps and functionalities for other projects too. Oh thats really good its great to hear. Well, i cant wait to see the next thing that that you all come up with thanks.

So much uh sophie olivier gabrielle ive, really learned a lot here and i can see why ed mill took the prize for uh best education app this year. So, thanks to you, and thanks also to everyone watching if you like this video, please click the like button and uh. Please hit the subscribe button as well, so that youll be notified of future videos in the m365 developer channel.

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