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So how am i doing this? How am i getting this into my microsoft teams meeting session and how can you do it as well? Well, its quite simple im going to guide you through the entire process using a bit of software called snapcam. Its quite simple: all youre going to need is to meet the minimum requirements and specifications that are listed on their web page and well go through that. In a moment and have access to a decent camera now this is available on pc and mac os, which means it doesnt actually run on your iphone or ipad. Unfortunately, but if youre, pc or mac os user, then you can have even more fun in your meetings. In your classrooms, or chatting with your friends with microsoft, teams lets show you how Music so down to business. You want to get yourself over to and take a look at their official site. Therell be a download button right in the center of the screen. Now, if youve got this site, you know youre getting the proper software theres going to be some system requirements that youre going to have to adhere to, in particular windows, 10 64 bit or newer or mac os 10.13 or newer. So have a look at the minimum specifications and make sure your pc or mac complies to them. Read the licensing agreement, if youre in agreement with that enter in an email and then download the particular item that youre going to need once that executable is downloaded its time to go through the wizard and its a standard windows or mac wizard.

To be perfectly honest with you, click next decide where you want to install it im going to put it in the default location, say what you want to call it. Do you want a desktop shortcut, always a good idea and click on install once thats done? You can be ready to get into snapcam and start configuring, and then the fun really happens now, as you can see im in snapcam after its successfully loaded and at the top featured section, you can see the cartoon style filter by snap ink. There are several in there as well that the community have have created as well. You can, you know, raise your eyebrows turn yourself into a cat, theres lots of other community lenses you can put on. You can say you want to work from home. You can have math equations floating around you. You can put your tie on your head. Oh my god, you can even do some sort of studying filters as well theres loads, thats being created by the community. Even lets face it, selecting toilet paper. You can give yourself a head full of toilet paper anyway, were here to talk about how to get this working in regards to your meeting software of choice and getting snapcam set up properly, so lets get cracking so first off. If you dont see this um, you have to go into the settings section of uh snapchat, just a little cog wheel up in the top right hand, corner click on that and youll see your snapcam settings now to choose your camera.

Ive got several cameras and ive got some xsplit pick your camera of choice ill be using my main camera, which is a hd pro webcam c920, its a 1080 webcam, which is great ill use that get some good clarity, choose your camera resolution and usually, given a Few resolutions there as well ill go for the 1920 by 1080 um frames per second webcam, so well, click on that and set your microphone and all the rest of it as well and youre good to go click on back and thats. Basically, what youre going to see and when you start selecting all your different filters like thats me as anime, for example, which i think is quite good. Actually i quite like this um in fact im im torn between this one and with that one. To be perfectly honest, but were talking about this one so were going to stay with this one right. So what you see here in snapcam right is great. Now what we need to do is get snapcam. This feed were getting here which is taking the image from your webcam, putting it through a filter in snapcam into your conferencing software of choice, whether that be zoom, whether that be teams, google meet or even sticking it into obs or streamlabs obs. So once you can see this on the screen, you know your configuration in snapcam is working now its on to the bit of software, your conferencing, software or streaming software to do the configuration there so lets go and take a look Music.

So here i am in microsoft teams and you can see that in the microsoft teams sort of like pre meeting interface, where you can set your background filters, turn your video on or turn your video off. Its already picked up the feed for my snapcam feed. Okay, because its looking at my default webcam now, if you dont get this youre gon na, have to go into the settings, option right and check out your camera settings now, as you can see its set to snap camera, which is the feed coming from snap camera. Select that you can select different feeds as well now, if you want to go back to our normal image without snap cam working right, if you click on that youll see, it wont itll freeze now. The reason for that is is that the feed is still being used by snapcam to get it back to a normal image. Youre going to have to close snapcam down completely and exit from the software, then youre going to have to stop your video and then restart your video so ill. Just demonstrate that theres, my snapcam icon, were going to quit that great. What we should be able to do now is go into settings, make sure my webcam is selected turn my video on, and here i am back to normal um dead, easy so in to ensure that you get your snap cam feed coming in make sure youve selected. The right feed dead, easy and make sure youve, selected and youve got running snapcam.

You may need to put in and start running it again from the default menu. So it says no camera input available, thats because im using it in microsoft, teams and thats how its going to get its knickers in the twist. So turn your video off click on snapcam select your input, feed hd pro webcam 920. Choose your resolution ill go with the 1080 one click back and my feed is back and now i can start adding, adding and editing any filters i want to put on there so were going to go with, i think, perhaps the anime style now and there. I am in full anime, goodness and its that easy so have fun, with it thats more fun, with microsoft teams using snapcam by snap inc and using the filter called cartoon style or anime style as well. Theres, two really good ones there. As you can see, im going to add those to my favorites, because they really are good have fun with it.

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