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When creating the teams meeting, you have several options. The most direct way is creating a meeting from within the teams application to get started. Click on the calendar icon in the left border of your team screen. Your display will then change to calendar view in the upper right hand, corner of the screen youll see two meeting options. One option the meet now button initiates a meeting immediately and lets you invite attendees real time the other option. The new meeting button allows you to schedule a future meeting to schedule a meeting, click on the new meeting, drop down and select schedule meeting the new meeting screen will open and you can start by giving your meeting a name. Next, you can enter the names of your meeting invitees in this example. Well invite vernon and well also invite lisa and floor as well Music. Next, we can set up the date and time for our meeting in this example well set our meeting for july 16th. Well, start at 1pm and well end at 2 30.. You do have the option to block the entire day for your meeting by enabling the all day button. Otherwise the from two times will suffice. Music. Another invitation option is to invite a group of attendees through the ad channel area. Adding a channel name here sends immediate invite to all members added to that channel similar to how a distribution list works. Youre also offered an area for meeting details or notations to include in your meeting invite once the meeting is set up to your satisfaction.

You can click send and your invitees will receive the standard meeting. Invite notification in outlook as well as teams. You can confirm the meeting is present on your own teams calendar by navigating to the date and time of the meeting and theres my meeting the meeting will be visible also on your outlook, calendar and thats how you schedule a meeting from microsoft teams now lets. Look at the option of initiating a meeting right away for this option. Lets go back to the teams calendar view and in the upper right hand, corner of the team screen select meet. Now when the meet now drop down opens. You can name your meeting if youd like in the first box, then opt to get a link to share through email or instant message, r click start meeting to create a meeting session and specify invitees from teams at the next screen. You can set your audio and video settings before opening your meeting session. You can enable your mic and our camera. If you want, then click the join now button. Next, you can invite people to your meeting by clicking the add participants. Button then searching on their name or email address, as the search results start to display hover beside a name in the list and a request to join button appears click. The button and an invite is sent to the person via teams and outlook when your invite is accepted. An icon with the attendees initials will appear in your meeting space screen to confirm the person has joined when your meeting concludes click.

The leave button in the upper right hand corner of the screen to disconnect yourself and to close the meeting space. A final option to initiate a meeting can be created from within your chat screen click the start meeting icon in the row along the bottom of the chat screen. A meeting template will open with the person youre chatting with automatically listed as an invitee, and you can follow the steps to name your meeting set the date and time and so forth, Music or you can remove that name. Add the intended attendees and set up all the details for your meeting as weve discussed Music and those are three options to create a meeting from within teams.

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