Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Corporation, Microphone, Office 365 Quick and Easy way to Edit a Microsoft Stream Transcript

This is Heather. Majors. Today were going to talk about the easiest way to edit a video transcript from Microsoft Stream., Depending on the organization you work for, you may be required to have an accurate transcript to make your videos more accessible to those with disabilities., The most obvious way to Edit, the transcript is to go to the text box thats right next to the video.. However, you can only edit small sections at a time, and this can be very time consuming and frustrating. In this video Im going to walk you through the steps to download the transcript edit it and upload it back to Stream., So lets jump on the computer and See how its done. I have navigated to Microsoft Stream, and this is the transcript for the video that I created about managing and organizing videos in Stream.. As I mentioned a moment ago, you can edit the transcript in this text box right next to the video. However, thats not the most efficient way to do it. If youre already at the video, you can click on more actions and select update video details.. The other way you can access the transcript is by going to my content, selecting my videos and going to update video details.. Now that we are in the video details, we will go to the options section and select download file. When the file is downloaded. You should see an auto generated caption file in your downloads folder.

. This will need to be opened with notepad.. Now that I have my transcript, I can read through it and look for any inaccuracies.. I have noticed over the course of several videos that Stream doesnt always do a good job with proper names and acronyms.. For example, I use FAQ in a lot of my videos and it almost always comes out as fake news.. Today, Stream has put my name in correctly, but a lot of times. It doesnt recognize my name. For my co workers name, for whatever reason it often translates it to a curse word.. We want to make sure that that gets fixed before we publish our video.. A couple of tips that I have for you to make this editing process a little bit easier, is 1 like to have the notepad on one screen and the video on another screen, so that I can listen to whats being said in the video. At the same time as Im reading through the transcript so that I can easily find things that need to be corrected, the second tip that I have for you is, depending on the length of your transcript and the amount of specialized language you might be using such As acronyms, it might actually be easier to select everything in the file copy it and then paste it into a word file so that I can use find and replace in this transcript. I noticed that Stream was spelled with a lower case when it should have been spelled with an upper case, so I will use find and replace to make all of the changes at one time.

This saves me from having to pause the video every time. The word Stream comes up, and now I can focus on the less common errors.. When youre done making your corrections, you will have to put them back into the notepad file so that you can upload it into Microsoft. Stream. Again, Im going to select all copy go back to the original, auto generated caption file and paste in the change that Ive made and then save the file make sure that you type VTT at the end of the file name next.. I will navigate back to Stream and go back to update video details and then deselect auto generated captions.. This opens up the ability to upload a caption file. Then I will click select a file and pick my corrected copy. Youll see a green checkmark, letting you know that the file has been accepted and then click ok.. It can take a few minutes for Stream to replace the old transcript with the new one.. If you go back to the video, you can see that the transcript box is blank.. However, if you give it a few minutes, you can refresh the screen and the corrected copy will appear and there you have it in a few quick and easy steps. Weve edited the transcript and uploaded it back to Stream.. Now your video is more user friendly to people who have disabilities, or maybe just people like me who like to read along as I watch an instructional video.

. I hope you find this video useful and if you did please press the like button so that it will spread to more people and we can all learn together..

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