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This is the home screen for stream and youll notice that you have this top menu bar, where you can either scroll back to your home, discover where you can discover videos, channels, people or groups from within your organizations that have been made public. You also have your content, where you can find your videos, your groups, channels meetings, your watch list follow channels and your recycle bin, as well as this create menu. Where you can upload a video, you can create a group create a channel or a screen recording or video, as well as search for different videos. The first thing i want to go over is ways to organize your stream. You have the ability to create different groups and channels, for instance, you might want to create a group for departments and then organize into channels or create a group for a certain system or program to house training videos to share with everyone in your organization that utilizes That tool to create a group just go back up to your create menu and scroll down to group. Give your group a title so im going to title this one office 365 and then a description. So this will be training videos and you can set your default settings to either private or you can edit them so im going to make this public. So anyone thats within my organization that utilizes office 365 can access this group and then just click create from there.

Itll offer you to add members, or you can share out a link at a later time. Youll now notice that youre in the office 365 group, where you can see, highlights videos that have been added to that group channels and also memberships. Youll have a button here where you can upload videos right now were going to create a channel so theres two different ways that you can create a channel. You can either go here and to create new channel under the menu or go back up to that create menu and select channel, so were going to create a channel for teams, and this is going to be teams training its going to be a group channel in The office 365 group and just click create you also have the ability to add an image if you would like to so now that we have our channel created youll, see that you have a button where you can choose to follow the channel, for instance, if i Wanted to follow a channel on onenote or teams or excel, because those are the ones that im struggling with, and i want to make sure that i see the different training videos. I can go ahead and follow those in these three dots you can edit or delete or even share the channel if you want to share it to specific users. Now that weve created a group and a channel im going to show you how to upload a video scroll back up to the create menu and select upload video from there youll have an option to either browse to upload or you can drag and drop your file.

So, im just going to choose a file to upload, so this one is on teams, meeting notes so im going to edit the title. Give it a description, make sure that the video language is on english. This time im going to let it auto generate a thumbnail, but you also have the ability, with this plus button right here, to add your own thumbnail from there youll be able to edit the permissions. So i want this to only go to the channel and im going to search for teams and select it. I can search for multiple channels. If i wanted to add it to more than one and under options. I can either turn the comments on and off, or noise suppression and im going to have it auto generate captions once thats all set. I can choose to publish my first video once the video is published. I can go to my videos to view the video and edit anything that i would like to whether thats permissions or description or sharing it out. The next thing that youre able to create and stream is a screen recording very similar to what im doing now go back to your create menu and scroll down to record screen or video from there. This box will pop up and you have the option to either select a camera or not or to mute your microphone and which microphone you would like to choose from. I can either select screen only or screen and camera or camera only im going to say screen.

Only for this and then just press to start the recording choose the screen or window that you would like or even tab. If you want to get that detailed itll, then count down to start your recording and you can record up to 15 minutes of time in this element. Just press next, when youre all done and itll give you the odd to either record again. If you didnt, like what you recorded to trim your video, if there is at the beginning or the end that you want to make sure to keep it clean once you have the video recorded and trimmed the way you would like, you can upload it to stream By selecting this upload button, give it a name, a description, make sure that your language is set to english, and you can choose that either. Allow everyone in your company to view this video or you can take that away and edit the permissions and once you have it all set you can select, publish once its processed. You can go to the video once the video is uploaded. Youll see that you have the options on the bottom here to share your video. Add to a watch list like or you can link it to groups of channels, add to a specific group or channel. If you havent already upload the video details, trim the video replace the video delete or even download, i want to highlight this area on the right hand screen.

This is with any screen, recording or uploaded video. You have a transcript where you can even search your transcript. Whats it once its uploaded, and then you have this interactivity section that i love this gives you the ability to add a form, so you can either add a survey quiz or poll using microsoft forms so to add the form just select. This add form button place. The url, from your form, so ive already created an example form in microsoft, form so im going to copy this url and paste it here and were going to say, survey. You can choose at which point in the timeline so im going to choose the very end, because mine is a survey, but if i wanted to do a quiz throughout a longer um training video, i would be able to have, inter, like mid end quizzes, to help People learn better and then just select add to timeline. You can add multiple forms throughout a video as well.

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