September 13 Jesus wants you to read it before September 13🌟 God is saying to you today💌 God's blessings #lo

It is done in the name of jesus begin to walk in your victory because god said its over Music waiting. Time is never wasted time when god is involved, when your breakthrough does not come immediately, it is not because god has forgotten you or left you on the shelf. He is developing and building you polishing you so that when the time is right, as with an arrow, you will unleash your and like a skillfully dusted and a hot arrow you will hit the mark. God knows what you have earth. He knows every person thats done. You wrong every injustice every bad day. He is not just going to bring you out. He is going to pay you back when he settle the case. You are going to come out fully compensated, blessed prosperous vindicated and hornet people will know that god has ruled in your favor. God is saying to you today. I will never send you into a situation alone. I go before you. I stand beside you. I walk behind. You Music, whatever situation you are facing right now, be confident that i am with you never give up on your dreams, Music. I am faithful. I am going to restore you. I am going to heal you. I am going to make a way for you. I did it before and i will do it again. God says: stay in prayer remain faithful. I am the same yesterday today and forever. I will never change Music.

There is a shift coming that is going to push you into your destiny. Blessings are coming your way. I am going to unleash a double portion of blessings and favor in your life for all of the trials. Tribulations heartache and sit back you may have endure. I have a blessing for you. I know your heart is broken. I know its hard to move on, but no, i am close to the broken hearted. I will bind and protect your wounds, so you can heal. The healing process will take time. But as you come into my presence daily, you will have the strength to get up and walk into the love blessings and this training i have in store for you. God says you have to trust me even when you do not understand what i am doing Music. My vs are higher than your ways just believe that all things are working together for your good, your faithfulness in me and the way i choose to get it done. It will be rewarded, live a life of faith. Trust me i caught you, god says trust me. I have stayed with you through every stroke in your life. I have given you all that you need. I have in always will protect you, your family and loved ones. Things might be difficult for you now, just trust in my timing. A change in your circumstances is coming trust me and enjoy this new day. Dont. Let your emotions, be your decision maker, stop and pray.

Let god lead you. He says what you do not see and knows what you do not know. He can change everything within his plate. Second, half faith in him, Music, god. I pray for the person reading who has been going through a stressful season of testing. They have been telling with major issues and complicated problems, but i thank you for confirming that major blessings are being released and a breakthrough is coming in jesus name, amen. God is going to surprise you over and over again stress in the middle of your test. You will bounce back and receive everything you have been waiting and clean, for god will come true for you. God is going to show up not only to take you into your destiny but to prove to the people around you that the lord is on your side. He is about to do something so big, so unusual, so out of the ordinary that there wont be any doubt that is favor on your life claim it when you feel like you have no one to talk to or you have no one to listen. Look up because you have god who loves you more than anything Music type.

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