September 13 Wordle of the Day for September 13, 2022 … Happy Chocolate Day!

It is September 13th 2022.. I am here for my Wordle of the day and for chocolate day I dont know I feel like we have a lot of these throughout the year, but theres a reason for that chocolate is so delicious. So this is a truffle I made and its made with espresso powder inside and pecan on top crumbled on top and heres the thing, when you hand dip a chocolate, sometimes theyre imperfections well, especially the way I do it and so putting a crumble of some sort. On the top is a great way to hide those imperfections, just a little tip from me to you all right, you can tell Im punch, drunk or just super sleepy and uh, so lets see what we can do for this. I think Im going to start with the word mocha since I used coffee and I just love the word mocha its five letters long and its not cocoa, which repeats a couple of letters so lets try mocha wow. We have a word that ends in an h and an a hey, and I found that miraculously because its chocolate day see how wonderful chocolate is, what in the world could that be well whats going to blend with an H. I think we have to have a blend here. I think it has to be a t or an s or c ha right. We have to come up with something we could do. We dont have to do these letters.

We know where they are. Oh, we cant do Scout weve already used the oh thats what I was going to do um. What about also trying lets? Do our other letters? Weve got L and n, but I think these are the most important I want to get at least two of these three, so L and E. I you y right, okay, so oh Im, so super tired. Am I gon na be able to come up with anything? What if we do, I keep wanting to do an s c, because that would be an easy way to put these together. The problem is that without an o or an A here I mean we, oh, we could do scent. Look at that s c e n t look at that, so were hopefully gon na be able to figure out what goes with this age, its not going to be the e thats here its not going to be stinking anything. What if the world goes with that age? Oh my goodness, Im raising my voice and I should say Im upstairs today, I didnt want to mess with bringing the micro microphone downstairs so Im not on my traditional file here. I dont have any stance to show here, but also people are asleep in the house, its like two oclock in the morning. I have to be a little more careful speed. We didnt try a w which would go with an H, but in the middle of a word, oh, we didnt try a p.

We didnt try a g. What, if its Alpha, we havent used the a over here, so we havent excluded it right. We havent even tried the L, yet we havent tried the p. I dont know what else it could be a w here. What word could that be a g here I mean I know ghost and ghoul. I dont know anything there unless were dealing with a Greek letter that I dont know about which there are a lot of Greek letters I dont know about. I should probably mention that um and then I thought of a p in here and I thought of alpha right away. I dont know what else it could be so Im going to try this. You know. I really feel like its going to be this because what else can blend with that age? Sometimes you have such an unusual construction lets hope that this time it helps wow got it totally lucky that its chocolate day totally lucky wow. How else would I have gotten this and not only a double two of the same letters but vowels that begin and end the word: okay, Im just babbling, now Im gon na go sleep Im gon na um. Do my quick quartal after I get a good nights.

What do you think?

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