Apple, 2021 September 2021 Event – EVERYTHING to Expect!

So i hope you have those snacks ready and enjoy this video is sponsored by karma, an app and browser extension that makes sure you never miss a price drop or a coupon code check it out using the link below okay. So first things first lets talk about the event. Invite, as this is usually where apple gives us hints, at what theyll be announcing at the event, and there are two things that ive immediately noticed here. First, the background looks like a photo taken with a smartphone which i bet was actually taken with an iphone 13 using the new astrophotography mode. And second, we have a big glowing app logo in the middle, which is actually replaced by the dates in the ar version of the invite which to me looks like a tease for the new always on display. But now lets talk about all the things to expect from the event starting off with the most exciting release of all the iphone 13. and just like last year, we would have four models: the 13 mini the regular 13, the 13 pro and the 13 pro max. With the 13 mini and the regular 13 having very few upgrades over the iphone 12. like design wise, they will just get a narrower notch and the rearranged camera module, um and thats it. I dont mind that i was just hoping that we would maybe get a few more design changes. Camera wise. They are set to get censorship technology for better low light performance than astrophotography mode for taking stunning night sky shots as well as portrait mode video.

Although i do see portrait mode, video being restricted to only the front camera on the non pro models due to them, not having lidar on the back im personally, really looking forward to an astrophotography mode, as iphones have already had a great night mode before and if Apple adds anything like the pixel has. I think the new iphones are going to be such a great package. Camera wise. I dont really care about portrait mode video. I honestly dont see it working as well as portrait mode photos just because the distance between the camera and the subject will constantly change when the subject is moving. But i guess that will have to wait and see how good this feature is performance wise. The iphone 13s will get the apple a15 chip alongside some potential improvements to face id which will not just make it faster, but also enable it to work through face, masks and sunglasses. You can already do this now by the way, if you have an apple watch, which i clearly dont at the moment and thats pretty much it. The big changes are only coming to the iphone 13 and the 13 pro max. On top of all the changes that the iphone 13s are getting, design wise, the 13 pros are also getting a brand new matte black color, which im really hoping would match the s21 ultras, as that was my favorite matte black on any phone as well as potentially A new orange color, which, even though the leaks originally pointing this to being on the iphone 13 pros, i think it would actually make more sense on the non pro models now.

One thing that i want to say here is that the s21 ultra scratched quite easily and quite badly, so i really do hope that apple adds some sort of coding to make it more durable. Speaking of coatings apple is set to actually apply a new coating onto the stainless steel frame in order to reduce the amount of fingerprints and smudges. Now, my guess is that apple would simply be using brushed stainless steel similar to what we had on the iphone 4. Maybe not as brushed, but you get the idea that would allow it to still look premium, as it would still be stainless steel, but it would significantly reduce the amount of smudges and fingerprints display wise. We are getting a 120hz panel this time, finally, which will make scrolling and just using the phone in general feels so much more responsive, and not only that, but its refresh rate is also said to be dynamic, just like on the ipad pro, which means that it Will automatically adjust based on the content that youre viewing, but i do think that for most people, this will be the biggest change that the iphone 13 will come with, as it will be something that youll easily be able to notice when youre on social media or Browsing the web not only that, but were also getting an always on display something thats been on my wish list for so many years now, and something that i do enjoy using a ton on my android phone.

Just because i can easily see all of my missed emails, twitter mentions and so on directly on the lock screen without having to actually you know tap on my phone and you know check those. So you can just sit on my desk and i can just glance at it and immediately know if i missed anything, cant wait to have this on the iphone 13 pro. However, what im excited for the most is not the display, but the camera, which is getting some huge changes on the iphone 13 pro and 13 pro max. Both the 13 pro and 13 pro max will now have the same camera sensor, a new one, thats, even bigger than the one that we got on the iphone 12 pro max last year. So this is what gives the iphone 13 pro that massive camera cutout that weve seen on those dummy units. This, in combination with the censorship technology, should give us some improvements to low light, although im not sure how big those improvements would actually be, as the top pro max from last year also had a bigger sensor and censorship technology over the 12 pro. But the loading performance wasnt that much better over the 12 pro. However, since the 13 pro is getting a very significant increase in sensor size over the 12 pro, i do think that, on the 13 pro at least the upgrade from the 12 pro should be quite noticeable. Now. Another advantage of a larger sensor is, of course, a more natural depth of field which gives you this dslr like look.

The bigger the sensor is the ultrawide. Camera is also getting better on the pro models, with autofocus for a potential macro mode and a larger f. 1.8 aperture for once again a potentially better low light performance and guys macro mode is seriously underrated on phones. Today, like i love being able to get crazy close to an insect or flower or anything really and see, all the super small details and the telephoto camera is getting better too, with the 13 pro finally getting the same 2.5x zoom that the 12 from max got Last year, spoiler dont get too excited because most phones today have 3x optical zoom and higher end ones have 5x or even 10x, so 2.5x is actually quite low when compared to the competition. Not only that, but the 12 pro max also had a smaller aperture on this new 2.5 x lens compared to the 2x lens on the 12 pro, which meant that the telephoto module was actually worse in low light. I dont know about you guys, but i personally prefer a better low light shot, even if it has less zoom than the opposite. On top of this were also said to be getting pro res video, which will give us more editing flexibility similar to how pro raw gave us for photos. I might use it just to try it out, but if its going to be anything like it is on professional cameras, it will take up a lot of space in favor of mostly just the ability to edit smoother.

But if you are worried about space with prores, then apple is said to be offering a one terabyte model now and thats, mostly it in terms of the iphone 13. As you can see, the 13 line is sort of like a 12 s. It maintains mostly the same design as the 12, but improves on other aspects like the camera and the performance. Now, if you want to learn more about the iphone 13, we are going to have a final elixir, rumors video so definitely subscribe. If you want to see it as soon as it comes out its going to be crazy, detailed and uh im going to talk about things that you know i didnt have time to talk about in this video. So definitely stay tuned for that. Okay, so youre all probably super excited for all the new apple products launching this month, which is why i highly recommend checking out karma our sponsor for this video im, actually using karma right now to keep track of the iphone 12 mini price on amazon thats, because We dont actually have one and once the 30 mini is released, the 12 mini will drop in price and karma will alert me as soon as that happens and its super easy to get started with karma. You just download the chrome extension or the mobile app, and then you simply start shopping when you find a product that you, like you just press the karma button and you select when you want to be notified of the price drop karma, will automatically notify you via Email or mobile notifications, as soon as the price goes down, as well as when the item comes back in stock, so you can use karma to keep track of when the ps5 is available.

For example, you can even create your own custom lists to organize your tracked products better, just like im doing with my most desired tech list right here with the karma chrome extension karma scans, the web automatically for coupons and applies them at checkout, while also giving you Cashback from select retail partners, it works with all major retailers, such as amazon target, best buy and more, and the best part about karma is that its free check it out using the link below and start saving today. Next up we have the biggest design change that the apple watch has ever received since the series 4 from 2018, and that is the apple watch. Series 7. were getting the second ever redesign, much bigger than ever before, with flat edges. Instead of that wet shaped, look that the apple watch has always had. I think it looks good, but im a bit worried that it will just make the series 7 feel even less like a watch and more of like a smartwatch. If you get what i mean, for example, i think that specifically, the stainless steel gold model will feel less of like an actual jewelry because of those flat sides and more of like a toy or i dont, know a gadget. But anyway, thanks to this new design, the cases are getting bigger too. The 40 millimeter case is now 41 and the 44 is now a 485 barely even noticeable, but, more importantly, the displays are also getting larger from 1.

78 inches on the 44 millimeter series, 6 to 1.9 inches on the new 45 millimeter series 7., and i do love That, because we get more complications on the screen, more space for them, uh, obviously larger watch faces and also a more modern, bezel, less design alongside it, in fact, heres a comparison of how the bezels look compared to previous models of the apple watch. Speaking of that, reports are saying that the current watch faces will be updated to take advantage of this extra space and apple will also be releasing a couple of new watch faces specifically for the series 7.. The new s7 chip is now set to be a double sided soc, which will allow for more space inside for possibly a larger battery. Unfortunately, there have been no reports on apple massively improving the battery life. I do hope that i can at least use my apple watch for sleep tracking, as now its almost impossible to do that since i always have to charge it before i go to bed and then leave it on charge for almost two hours in the morning before I go to work which i almost never have time for thats why i recently started testing the samsung galaxy watch for not a sponsor, but you know a very interesting watch that um so far i only lost uh 20 percent batteries since uh last night. So i also slept with it, so pretty good and apple needs to make note of this.

Now, when it comes to health sensors, multiple reports are saying that the new sensor is like blood pressure, monitoring or temperature monitoring have been delayed, which is pretty disappointing, as we already have a blood pressure sensor and even a bmi sensor in this new galaxy watch. For so i was really hoping that apple would at least add these two, but apparently that will not be the case overall, it seems like the biggest change that the series 7 is getting. Is this new design other than that? It is pretty much a series 6 on the inside, oh and in case you guys are wondering. Yes, we have seen reports saying that the old bands will still fit, but how isnt this design flat. Now i honestly dont know as the clasp used to be curved before and now the whole watch does have this flat. Look, including the class mounting mechanism, so well have to wait and see, but uh. If we are to go by the leaks and the rumors they should fit. Now, aside from the iphone 13 and the ipod series 7, we also have ios 15 ipad os 15 and watch os 8, which will all be released to the public as they have been in beta since wwc. Just as a quick recap, the biggest changes in ios 15 are the new. Do not disturb mode called focus mode which allows you to have custom work and home notifications. The shareplay functionality that allows you to watch a movie in real time with friends as well as improvements to maps with far more detail than ever before.

If you want to learn more about ios 15, then do check out our in depth feature walkthrough video here. The biggest changes in ipad os 15 are the new redesigned, multitasking ui the ability to have widgets on the home screen the app library as well as quick notes and with all of these features, the ipad is now once again closer in functionality to the iphone, which I do like, as i always found it odd, how ipad os 15 lacked home screen widgets and the app library both of which ios 14 had with watch os 8. We get a new watch face called portrait, the photos, app gets memories and a new grid view. The workout tab gets a few more workouts. The home app gets some useful improvements with more suggestions. The sleep app can now measure your oxygen while youre sleeping and the breathe app is now called mindfulness and offers a few more features. Yes watch was 8 is probably the smallest update that the apple watch has ever received, but we do get a new watch base, which is really the main thing that im looking for with these new updates. Okay, next up, we have the airpods three. I wouldnt really say that these have a 100 chance of happening, like all the previous ones did just because we havent seen any leaks saying that they would definitely happen in september, but we have seen quite a number of reports saying that they would be released.

This fall and if you were to ask me, releasing new airpods at an iphone event, it definitely makes the most sense. Okay, so airpods 3 whats new. Well, essentially, they will use a very similar design to the airpods pro, but with an even smaller case, making them even more portable, which im always a big fan of, even though i never thought the airpods pro case was big by any means. Now they will not have silicone ear tips like earpods pros do at least not by default. Uh. Some rumors have said that they could have those like separately, so that you know you can purchase the irritates separately um. I do think that maybe some wires got crossed and some leaks were actually referring to the airpods pro 2, rather than the airpods too. I just dont see why apple would let you attach ear tips to your pods too, as that would basically make them identical to the pros design wise. They wont have active noise cancelling by the way like the airpods pros do, but they are said to have the airpods pros, uh pressure relief system where they use an air vent to equalize the internal air pressure, which is a bit interesting. Considering that we have no ear tips here, so maybe they will be optional after all, i guess well have to wait and see. We dont know the pricing yet, but i for one hope that they will come at a lower price point as pretty much all the other wireless earbuds on the market have better sound and better battery life and even active noise cancelling all for a lower price than The regular airpods, okay and finally, the last thing to expect are some new ipads.

Now the reality is that usually these have come in october, which i believe the only exception to be the ipad 8th, gen uh, which was released in september of last year, but other than that it was mostly october or even spring. So, if apple does not have an event in october, then i would say that there is a good chance of us seeing the new ipads at the september event. Reason why i quickly wanted to mention them and the one thats getting the biggest update is the ipad mini with the mini 6, which is getting a full redesign to look like a smaller ipad air with no more home button, flat, edges and apple pencil to support? If you want to see our detailed video about everything to expect in terms of the ipad mini 6 feel free to check it out right here, then the entry level ipad is also said to be updated with the ipad 9th gen, which has been rumored to. Finally, laminate that awful display and also include a faster a13 chip from the a12 and then the ipad air 5 is said to just bump the processor to an a15. So just like the one inside the iphone 13s from the current a14. But nothing else really in terms of the ipad air 5.. So there you go five things to expect from apples. 2021 september event, oh whats, whats that we have one more. We have one more really, okay, we have one more thing um and the reason why i didnt really want to talk about this is because the chance is pretty low, its like 20 or so, but its super exciting.

So why not mention it, and that is the apple vr headset, and the reason why im you know talking about this um is because we actually heard some rumors. That apple might give us a tease in 2021 with an actual release in 2022. We were hoping to see this at wwdc, which didnt happen, and the next big event for apple this year is this september one. So i think the chance of us seeing the apple vr headset teased, really depends on the ipads being announced in september, because, if apple announces, you know the iphone the apple watch and the ipads, then i dont think there is a chance of seeing the vr headset Because the event you know we wouldnt have enough time for that. But if we dont see the ipads – and i think there is a chance – we might see some sort of tease – the apple vr headset is the precursor to the apple glasses, one that will be focused on gaming and entertainment, as opposed to augmented reality and productivity, which Is what the apple glasses would be focused on, and i know youre probably tired of me promoting our previous videos, but we also did a video on the apple vr headset here super detailed. If you want to check it out and if you want to learn more about how it actually works and what it does im personally super excited, so yeah there we go. These are the five or six biggest things to expect from apples next week event.

So if you enjoyed this video, definitely subscribe its free, you dont have to pay anything and you get to see more awesome. Videos like this one, hopefully was and well also be doing a lot of detailed apple coverage in the next few days, so im daniel.

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