Apple, AirPods, iPhone 13 – Last Minute LEAKS! AirPods 3 & Apple Watch Series 7 HUGE News!

The apple watch series seven and maybe even the airpods three and just as usual, we have some last minute leaks and rumors that have been coming out right before the event and thats. What were going to be discussing in this video, along with my predictions on what i think we will see so lets, go and start off with the first event. And yes, i said the first event, because there will be multiple events, this fall and this california streaming event is just the first, and this is all but confirmed now, thanks to mark german, who said this on twitter in response to someone asking him about the macbook Pros he said quote: there will be two events and id expect the latter to be mac plus ipad iphone, slash watch on tuesday. So this tells us two things that the iphone 13 and the apple watch series seven are coming at this event and that the new macbook pro and some ipad will be revealed at a later event this year, likely next month in october or possibly in early november. Now it doesnt specify which ipad, but it could be the base ipad, the 329 ipad or the ipad mini so well talk about that later on, but the apple watch series 7 was expected at the september event. All along that was really no question. Its always been that way for apple, but there were reportedly production issues that were going to be causing delays with this apple watch series 7.

But now it seems that the production issues have been resolved or just werent as bad as we previously heard or thought, and so now the word is that apple will start mass producing this apple watch series 7 in mid to late september, which is right on track And this is all according to ming, chi kuo, so no delays is a big plus, but what about the features of this new apple watch series 7, because we really havent heard too much aside from the new redesign so easily. The biggest change aside from that redesign, is going to be the battery life improvements, and this is huge for the apple watch because they have not increased the battery life of the apple watch like ever. They still advertise the same 18 hours of battery life on the series 6 that the original apple watch in 2015 advertised. So a battery life improvement of any sort is huge for the apple watch, much bigger than any other apple product, and this rumor comes from pineleaks. On twitter, who simply said the apple watch, series 7 is bound to see its first real battery life improvement since the original apple watch. So that alone is going to be an extremely compelling reason to upgrade. Of course, if you like that, new flat edge design, which is going to be kind of going away from the rounded edges that a lot of people actually liked, so its gon na be really interesting to see how many people, like the flat edges compared to the Rounded edges, like we had from the previous versions of the apple watch now moving over to the iphone 13.

We also have some last minute rumors here as well and according to quo all iphone 13 models will start at 128 gigabytes of storage instead of 64 gigabytes. This year, so this is something that ive been hoping for since, like the iphone 10 for years, ive been hoping for this. So, im really glad to see that apple is doing away with the 64 gigabyte option and storage is just so cheap nowadays. That 128 gigabytes should be the bare minimum for any smartphone out there. In my opinion, but not only will 128 be the new standard storage size. Its looking like theres, also going to be a one. Terabyte model and weve been hearing about this for quite a while and its looking like its going to happen, but it will be exclusive to the pro models. The iphone 13 and 13 mini is going to again start at 128 and then also have a 256 and a 512 gigabyte option where sd13 pro and 13 pro max will have 128 and then 256 512 and one terabyte. So this will be the largest storage option. Ever offered in an iphone and, of course that in turn also means this is going to be the most expensive iphone in history as well, so be prepared for some memes about the iphone costing two thousand dollars here in a couple of weeks. Now, as for the new colors apple is doing a really good job of keeping this under wraps, but multiple rumors out there are suggesting that a pink iphone 13 and a bronze iphone 13 pro are going to be coming this year.

Theres also rumors in there of a matte black iphone, 13 naughty pro. So these are, you know the two expected exclusive or two or three expected exclusive colors this year, like last year, how we had the pacific, blue and then the green before that so well, have to wait and see. But i would love a bronze iphone. 13 pro max, i think that thing would look absolutely amazing and as for the release date and price, we have not heard anything different than what i told you guys in my last video. So tomorrow is the event on the 14th or today, if youre, watching this on the 14th and then pre orders likely on the 17th with the iphones and the apple watch releasing on the 24th. So this friday for pre orders the following friday for the iphones to actually ship and be in stores some rumors out. There were saying that there would be a staggered release like last year, like with the pros coming. You know a week or a couple of weeks. After the 13s – but i just dont see that happening here in 2021. I think that was mainly due to all the production issues last year and as for the prices, i think the prices should be the same as last year with the pros possibly increasing by a hundred dollars, but i think the prices are going to stay. The exact same as they were last year with the 12, 12 mini and 12 pro and pro max all right.

So now lets move on to a product that has never been released at a september event, but it could happen for the first time here in 2021 and that is the all new airpods 3.. So the airpods 3, which were rumored to come out months ago back in the spring, could be getting announced at this california streaming event, and now we have even more feel to this rumor thanks to good old, ming, chi kuo. So, in that same investors, note where he discussed the apple watch and the iphone quo mentioned that apple will also announce the third generation airpods. At this event, now weve already discussed these airpods. Quite a bit, and images of these have been leaked. Theyve been out there for quite a while, but theyre going to be very similar in design to the airpods pro, but just without the pro features like active noise, cancellation and transparency mode. However, pine leaks says that the airpods 3 charging case should receive about a 20 larger battery compared to the second generation air pods, and that we can also expect noticeably better base and low end. So you know one key area of these new air pods that we have not seen confirmed anywhere is the ear tip, so we dont know whether or not these are going to have these silicone tips or theyre just going to be like the original air pods with No silicone its just the air pod itself and the leaked images of these airpods 3 show that there will not be any silicone ear tips, but others and other renders out.

There have said that they will have the silicone ear. Tips so well have to wait and see im hoping they do not, and i feel like the original air pods. You know theyre going to really go back to that original airpods style. So i do not think theyre going to have the silicone tips like the pros. I think thats going to be exclusive just for the pros. Another key area that we dont know for sure with these airpods 3 is the pricing, so the airpods 2 are currently 159 and then with the wireless charging case 199 and then the airpods pro r249. So where did the airpods 3 fit in there, and i think that it would make the most sense if apple priced the airpods 2, with the wireless charger at 159, so the cost they were without the wireless charger. Now, with the wireless charger at 159 and then put the airpods 3 up there for 1.99 that way, the airpods pro remain at their 249 price tag, and you just pay the extra 50. If you want noise, cancellation and transparency mode and, of course, those silicone tips. If the airpods 3 dont come with them, so hopefully we see these at this event and honestly, the airpods 3 might be the most exciting product. At this event, i mean, unless apple really throws a curveball and really surprises us and impresses us with the iphone 13. I mean im really looking forward to these airpods 3.

. I know a lot of you guys are as well. So hopefully we see those at this event and not at the next event, which is probably going to be again in october or early november, and the final product that we could see at this event is a new entry level ipad. So this is the ipad. The 329 ipad and the reason i think this could come at this event, even though mark german said it would be at the next event is because if we go on apples website right here and go to purchase one of these ipads, you can see if we Go down, these are not delivering until october 13th, through october 20th, so a full month for a product. That is definitely not you know necessarily a hot seller right now. So i think that could lead you to believe that a new ipad is coming much sooner rather than later. Now it is also possible that we see you know an event, maybe like the first week of october. That could explain this, but i think there is still the slight possibility of seeing a new ipad at this event alongside the iphone apple watch and airpods. Although again i wouldnt be surprised if this is just because we have another event in early october, maybe mid october. So im kind of split 50 50 on this. You know on one hand, mark german says, were not getting it at this event and hes usually right.

I mean hes, like 90 accurate with his you know, leaks and rumors. So, on one side, im thinking its definitely not coming, but on the other side im seeing this date right here and thinking to myself, why would it be so far out so its hard to say? Let me know what you guys think if you think well see a new ipad tomorrow or not so anyways guys there you have it. That is everything to expect at this september. California, streaming event, i think, were all hoping for a one more thing as well, and hopefully we do get a surprise, but honestly, these days, its just hard for apple, to really surprise us with all the leaks you know making the rounds on the internet. Everybody knows about these leaks now, so its just really hard to actually be surprised these days, but im still excited to see the new exclusive colors for the iphone this year. You know those have been one thing: thats really not confirmed by anybody, so that at least will be still. You know very exciting for all of us to see, live and speaking of live, make sure you guys are in my live stream. I will leave that link down below you guys know every year i always go live for the iphone event and its always a blast. Well talk predictions and ill react to the event, and everything like that. So click that link down below and click on the set reminder button on that live stream.

So you get notified when i do go, live but anyways guys, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed the video and if youre looking forward to this event, make sure to give this video a thumbs up and, of course, make sure to subscribe for a ton of coverage and content coming when the new products get announced and, of course, released.

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