Apple, iPad mini, iPad 3 New Apple iPad Mini! Why Even BUY The Pro?!

I think the most exciting thing coming out of that is the brand new ipad mini. That has a full refresh and basically takes the mini and turns it into like a smaller pro. So what are all the cool things that they announced and will i buy? One lets find out whats up everyone im the everday dad and if i can figure it out, you can figure it out so im very excited. I love ipads ipads, one of my favorite things on the planet and that they took the mini and turned it into just such a cool little device im really excited about so lets dive right into it. Now you will be able to buy this today and it will be out next friday. It looks like so lets. Just go through see what all the specs are see, what all the ordering options are, and i took some notes that i really want to get to, because i think this darn thing is going to be incredible and you can see right here. It says available 9.24. Today is 9.14, so a little over a week from now we will have. We will have this in our hands. Man. That thing just looks so. Can you see that it looks so good, so i really like what they did with the ipad air last year. This is my ipad air 4., its incredible theyve, basically ipad air arised, the mini and given it the exact same kind of display with the exact same kind of functionality, and it looks so cool mega power mini sized the magic of ipad in the palm of your Hand now the one thing that i did not like is in the presentation.

They didnt say what cpu is going to be in here. I would guess its the a13 or the a14 um. Hopefully, here in just a little bit, oh, we can probably go to the tech specs and check that out, because they didnt tell us – and i did not like that – um. They never said it once during the presentation chip its the a12 for the mini. That seems kind of weird because the new, ah it looks like they have not updated it yet look see the ipad mini with the old version, so they have not updated the tech specs thats kind of weird, hopefully in the presentation here, theyll tell us a little Bit more, but it does look like this is going to be an incredibly powerful. Oh yeah, the a15 bionic, hey good, good work, gary thats, how you uh plane these things out. It literally said it like half a second down the bit okay, so it has the a15 bionic, which is the brand new chip that will be in the iphone 13 thats awesome. That makes it what one of the most powerful tablets uh ever made. It will have 5g connection, will have support for the apple pencil. It will come in four colors all screen design. It does have the edge to edge display which they were able to make 8.3 inches in a display for a thing that fits in the palm of your hand, thats crazy.

It will have the true tone, p3 wide color gamut, which is what you really want when youre looking at screens thats pretty much the standard on higher end screens, it is a liquid retina display now, im, not sure did they say whether it had the pro motion In it well hopefully find that in a little bit, 500 nits of peak brightness thats right around an average display uh the macbook air that were on right now is 400 nits. The macbook pro 13 is 500 nits im, not seeing anything about promotion. So i imagine it will not have the 120 hertz refresh rate kind of like the ipad air 4.. It will use the apple pencil generation 2 that sticks onto the side, which is really really cool. We already talked about the four colors now this is another thing that they took from the ipad air 4 is, it does not have face id built into it like the pro models, but it does have touch id which is built into the top here now i Very much was excited about this in the ipad air 4., i think touch id is the better option. I like face id when im not wearing a mask like when im in the house here, but you wear masks so often anymore, its nice to have fingerprint authentication um, so they will be moving this over to the mini. I have kind of had like iffy performance out of this touch id so hopefully on this version, itll work a little faster work, a little better, but im excited to see just you know you got to work around the problem somehow and i like to see that Theyve worked around no longer having the space for the physical button here on the front um that they have it here on the top so hopefully well be able to see it work a little bit better on the mini.

We did talk about the a15 bionic, which should be from their presentation. The a15 bionic sounds like a monster chip in the iphone 13, its what its got the two power cores and the four efficiency cores. Now, if you look at like how the m1 on the macbooks and the ipad pros were its a four power and a four efficiency, but i think those four efficiencies are the ones that the majority of us will ever see really do all the work. So we get those four efficiency cores in an ipad to size, the mini that should be insane yeah. We talked about the six core cpu 40, faster performance than the previous mini. Now i never really had a problem with the previous mini, but it never. It was a device that didnt have like applications or something that i could find a use for this new mini with its power in your pocket. I think there could be some real real use cases um to bring this along as weve seen. Small devices are very powerful, especially if they can be used to do your work things. We have the folds from like samsung im, not necessarily sold on a fold as a work device. Yet when i need that kind of screen real estate, so i am very excited to see how this works out. It does have the five core gpu, which will be on the higher end of the iphone. So the iphone pro 13 will have a five core gpu, whereas the iphone 13 and 13 mini will have a 4 core gpu.

So you do get the faster one here all day. Battery life well have to see how that goes. One of the things about you know you go from the macbook air and the macbook pro to like the ipad all day. Battery life has a different definition. Now, with the m1 macbooks um upload download, this will have 5g, which i think is another great addition. Connectivity is becoming the currency of communication anymore, so putting 5g in this, i think, is a great idea and usbc. This is kind of frustrating right. This is frustrating to me where it seems like all the new apple tech is getting usb c, except their phones, its like come on guys youre, putting it on the mini youre, putting it on every ipad. The minis got it. The pros got it. The airs got it just put it in your phone, already put it put usb c in your phone, so we can just have one port for everything. Please apple, please! I know weve already missed the boat on the iphone 13, but for the iphone 14 come on help me help me out ultrawide, and this is okay heres. Another thing that i really liked – and i really liked about the ipad gen 9, which well talk about tomorrow. Theyve started putting that center stage feature on all of their ipads, which center stage is that ultra wide camera that they put on the newer ipad pros but theyre putting it now on the generation 9 and the mini.

And that will give you an ultra wide view. But it also like crops in and follows you around when youre the one on camera and i think, for the mini and for the ipad generation 9 that will make those devices basically the default like work conferencing technology like it will be incredible. Normally, you need, like huge apparatus in your meeting rooms, to get roughly the same kind of functionality now youre going to get that from an ipad mini or youre going to get it from an ipad gen8 that cost like 320 bucks center stage. I was not as sold on it on the ipad pros, but i think on the mini and the gen 9, its going to be incredible. We talked about the apple pencil im, not much of a designer or a drawer, but now not only the generation. 1 pencil will work the generation 2, that is more precise and has the better battery and the better charging capabilities will work on the ipad mini and it just all sorts of things. Now. The one thing that you do not see here so far and the one thing that i am not super happy about is it looks like the ipad mini, does not have the smart connector on the back and if you dont know what im talking about this is The smart connector – and this is what allows for those really awesome accessories like the magic keyboard or other kinds of keyboards from other brands.

It looks like the mini does not have that now. Is that to say that the mini will not have keyboard kind of cases. No, probably not, you could always connect via bluetooth. I like what theyve been doing with the smart connector and i do kind of wish that it had come over to the mini, see you can see right there, the back there is no smart connector. So what weve talked about whats on the inside lets talk about the ordering options. Now i have already pre ordered one of these. I pre ordered the space gray base model because i think its going to look incredible, but you do get four colors space, gray, pink purple, starlight storage is 64 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes again the same as the ipad air. Now here i dont know, i think 120 gigabytes is kind of like the standard, but it is a very small tablet, so i think id be willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for 64 gigabytes, whereas on the bigger ipad air 4 it didnt make. As much sense so im not thrilled about the storage, but i can understand why it is that so its 499 dollars for the 64 gigabyte model or 649 for the 256 gigabyte model, and then it looks like to add cellular its 150 more. On top of that, you can personalize your devices and add all sorts of accessories. That looks really really looks gorgeous. It looks gorgeous and i love that wallpaper they came up with.

I love apple, wallpapers and so ive. It looks gorgeous, but yeah are you planning on getting the brand new ipad mini? Let me know in the comments below obviously im going to pre order one and buy it to make content here on the channel for you all.

What do you think?

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