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Oh oh, oh, its all gone. The apple event is completely leaked. Its all out, i got ta. Tell you guys everything thats coming airpods. Three apparently expected, obviously like the biggest spoilers ahead because were literally breaking down. Everything just wanted to warn you, so you cant cry all right lets get into it. This is apples. September 14th event lets go. So what are you waiting for if youre excited for todays video drop a like down below it seriously, helps me in the channel out and click that subscribe button and turn on the bell for notifications, so that you never miss a beat god. My legs are just absolutely soaked now because you guys dont know how many times i did that take and i am im wet, but you know what else im wet for im wet for the apple event on tuesday. Obviously, you guys have seen this teaser, but i wanted to open up with this, which are some additional teasers apple has thrown on tick, tock and twitter, and i find it really interesting that they go with the same night theme, but you can see its its pink Flowers, right here – and i dont know if this is too crazy of an assertion but uh considering the new iphone is rumored to come in pink or a bronze, and then we see some pink looking flowers. I believe everything in cinematography is a choice and apple made. This choice intentionally so i wouldnt say this is pink confirmed, but i would say its yet another hint at you know being out somewhere kind of remote, maybe some astrophotography in the sky, the pink color of new iphones its all here, and i want it open with That, because its fun to see some confirmation from the company before we talk about some some rumors but anyway, the reason im here today is because, in the past 48 hours guys, we have gotten the dude revving their engine.

We love that you know weve also gotten so much information about the iphone 13 iphone 13 pro and even the apple watch series 7.. We already knew those were coming. What we didnt think would be happening. What i was not confident in until today is air. Pods 3. guys airpods 3 are coming in just 2 days. Now. What these look like in the expected feature set that isnt new information. These have been extensively leaked over the past few months and even in april i was expecting these. There were credible, rumors back in april that these were coming at the april event, and now you know i dont. I dont want to beat myself up too much, but i was pretty wrong uh its september and they still havent come, but guomanchi is one of the best. I think the longest running apple source in the game, its just over 75 accurate – and he made it clear. He thinks these are coming, do not come. Do not come im gon na come oh its time for a hot, take im gon na mess up my hair, but its absolutely worth it. I had to put on the hot take helmet today, guys because im about to say some things that you may disagree with, let me look as horrible as possible. Im about to to blow your mind batting down, the hatches were going in were going in all right. So, im more excited for airpods 3 than anything else.

At this event, thats the hot take thats it im more excited for airpods 3. yeah quick little transition this time. But the reason i am most excited for airpods 3 is because i genuinely, i think, enjoy my airpods more than anything else i mean. Obviously i use the iphone. I have the apple watch, but theres just something about airpods ive become way more active. Recently, ive been working out all the time, as you guys can tell, and airpods three have been the the pivotal point in that journey, its just its incredible. I dont know what to tell you. I love my airpods and i really think the threes are gon na. Be a good update. The date is obviously the biggest news here, but weve also gotten a fresh report from max weinbach whos becoming a pretty good source over 68, accurate telling us about the battery case and also about some improved sound quality. We can expect first up the battery case for aeropods 3. Being redesigned will include additional space for the battery and they say its going to be about 20, bigger, which you know a fifth increase is, is actually pretty impressive for battery tech. Just series over series and the same report also says that wireless charging case will be standard now, its not like youll be able to choose between wired and wireless, and now things are starting to add up, because in guos report he says the airpods 2 are actually Expected to stick around in apples lineup, which i think is going to end up looking like this airpods 2, will stick around at the low end of the lineup for people that just want the cheapest pair of wireless earbuds.

They can get from apple at 159 bucks and then the airpods 3 will start at 199 with the wireless charging case, and if you do opt for airpods 3 youll be getting improved, sound it doesnt sound like the highs in the mids, will see much of an Improvement but apparently the base due to the new design for airpods 3 thats, going to be a pretty big change, and if there was one area that apple i wish would have focused on for sound quality. It is this. The bass is just not as good on airpods 2 as it is on airpods pro, so cnap will tweak that and work on it its going to make these airpods 3 a pretty compelling upgrade. I am most excited for these. I cant wait to buy them get height, but guys thats, just one third of the event. Of course, iphone 13 and apple watch, theyre, still gon na be the stars and lets start off with the iphone 13 and considering the fact that most everything has already been leaked quite forever and in great quantity. We only have one new piece of information today, which is about the storage guo says the new lineup is gon na. Look like this. The iphone 13 will start at 128 gigabytes now up from 64, which is a major improvement and then 256 and 512 will be available on the standard 13s and then for those of you buying the pros.

Those will start in parity at 128 gigabytes, but also go up to 256 512 and finally, the definitive answer: the iphone 13. According to guoman, she will have one terabyte, which this is a my nubbing amount of storage. I dont know: will you buy that yeah by far, though? The biggest part of the story for me, though, is the fact that apples doubling the base, storage, 128 gigabytes is now the entry level for the iphone thats. A pretty big deal. I mean you have to remember just five or six years ago we still had 16 gigabytes is the minimum now were somebody do the math on that? Let me know down below how many more times is 16 to 128. You, let me know down below thats. Basically, all weve heard about the iphone 13. I guess because essentially everything else has been leaked, but the apple watch series 7 has been dominating the news cycle with a plethora of new stories about what to expect number one biggest news here guys there were those delays that i reported on. We thought the apple watch series seven might not ship until october or potentially later in the year. That is not going to be the case according to both mark german and guomanchi apple has solved these production issues and the release is happening as expected, specifically guo saying its going to happen on time, so this makes it clear that this will be announced at the Event on tuesday, but also that it will likely ship in september, alongside the iphone 13s that ship in september its not going to be delayed till october or november, and maybe some of the the supply is constrained.

But it doesnt really sound like that. So get ready to drop that coin, but not just because the watch is coming out on schedule, because the battery life is apparently going to get better for the first time in the apple watchs history, according to max weinbach apple, because of the new design has found A way to increase the battery life in sense believe it or not. The first generation apple watch in 2015 apple has said 18 hours through every single apple watch, upgrade theyve put out over the years. Apple has said the same thing, always on display or not 18 hours of battery life. It has never changed and out of every product apples ever released in their history. I cant think of another product that has seen zero improvement in battery life in six years and its probably for good reason, because the apple watch is getting better and theyre constrained in size until this year, when the watch is getting thinner. But the design is changing. Meaning the internals are going to be a little bit different theres like a new double sided chip, thats going to be in here, meaning the battery life will go up, hopefully because weve never seen this. I just dont, really believe it yet. I think apples going to say 18 hours yet again, but maybe this would be the time if ever that apple would improve the battery life, because if the design is getting tweaked, they obviously messed around with the internals and if they mess with the internals, they had To touch the battery and if they touch the battery, maybe they say its better, but you guys, let me know down below in the comments what you think about the apple watch battery life, the bad news that i have for you guys at the end of this Video is that were not hearing that theres gon na be a one more thing, or some bonus crazy surprise that nobodys expecting so i wanted to tamper your expectations there.

The only little last final tidbit weve heard about the event is that apple plans to announce that theyre gon na sell all colors of the imac in store now mark german reports that, while only blue, pink, green and silver were available in stores. Historically, youll now be able to get the yellow and the orange and the purple, which are by far the most standout colors of that collection. The most unique apple is now going to stock those. Previously they had to be ordered online, so thatll be the mac news at the event, the macbook pro the m1x is not coming until the next several weeks, its going to be at an event in october or november, so no macbook pro this month, i dont think, Were going to see the ipad mini after all, we just havent seen any credible rumors about that. Maybe we see a new version of the base: 329 dollar ipad as well. At this event, so final prediction: a hundred percent airpods three apple, watch, iphone 13 thats. The event hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did drop a like down below hit subscribe, so youre always staying up to date on the latest apple news, ive been sam. As you can see, my brain is starting to burn out from all this. This content weve been making anyway guys uh its around the corner, so excited apple event.

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Apple, iPhone, AirPods FINAL iPhone 13 Leaks: 64GB is GONE! & AirPods 3 Bad News