Apple, iPhone, AirPods FINAL iPhone 13 Leaks: 64GB is GONE! & AirPods 3 Bad News

This is typically when leaks end up being fairly accurate, because theres not much incentive to fake anything right before you end up being proven wrong. So if there are people dropping stuff right now, its because theyre, pretty confident about it and quo, is going off on a rampage right now telling us what to expect and theres some new stuff that i was not anticipating and, of course, if hes wrong. This video is gon na age, like a very fine milk, which is fine because we wont know about it until after lets begin. So, first of all storage options, which is, i know, all really – we care about here, at least big truck series review. Motorsports only cares about that, but luckily quo was saying that apple is dropping the 64 gig option this year in the iphone 13 lineup. So we finally found something that the regular iphone, 13 and 13 mini can be happy about. I dont think the average consumer was gon na care very much about the diagonal cameras or the a15 chip or the slightly smaller notch. None of that really matters, but does matter the base option will be 128 gig youll be able to opt for 256 and now, for the first time, 512 gigs on the entry level iphone so yeah a phone like almost as small as the iphone 5 youll, be Able to get half a terabyte in that little form factor which is pretty awesome and, of course, quo is once again suggesting that the pro iphones will have a one terabyte storage option hallelujah.

Thank goodness, those four people are gon na, be so incredibly happy to have that and the bizarre part that i was not anticipating and the only thing that i have a hard time, believing about quos report. Is he saying that the pro iphones will actually have four separate storage options, so theyre still gon na start at 128, gig and youll be able to choose 256 512 or one terabyte thats a little uh option heavy for you apple, usually not like you to provide So many different tiers for people to choose from, but im fine with it at the end of the day. You know if apple wants to price gouge us, it would probably be smart to drop the 256 gig option because there might be some people out there. That are like 128 gig is just too much so if you up them to 512, you get them spending a lot more money than they really want. But why am i giving tim these ideas? I dont work for apple, at least publicly anyway. The other good news is that the apple watch series 7 production problems have apparently been solved. Hes saying that the delay should not be major, and the series 7 is, of course, still on schedule to launch alongside the iphone 13, and it will ship later this month. So either someone was totally wrong before with the series 7 production issues, or they made it sound like it was a much bigger problem than it ended up being so apple watch.

Series 7 might not be as delayed as we thought, and probably the most interesting bit of news about this is quo is repeating himself here. Suggesting airpods 3 are going to be unveiled at the california dreaming event, which is definitely a weird choice. In my opinion, because ever since apple first launched airpods on stage in 2016, they have literally never launched new airpods since then on an event: airpods max site, refresh airpods pro site, refresh even airpods 2 way back in march of 2019. They were all sight, refreshes and now hes saying at this keynote. Yes, they do want to unveil it on stage not via a site refresh but thats. Not even the weirdest part of this report, hes saying that, unfortunately, airpods 3 price is not going to be much cheaper than airpods 2. either its going to be the same price and apple ends up permanently discounting airpods 2, or they end up costing more than airpods 2 and those just stick around on the website as well. The main takeaway here is that quo is not seeing any slowdowns in production for the standard old fashioned airpods, which means were getting new air pods soon and theyre not going to be pros. You know theyre not going to have the rubber tips theyre not going to have active noise cancellation, but theyre not going to replace the second gen air pods that apples been selling for quite some time now. This kind of confuses me personally because im trying to figure out what kind of features or what kind of upgrades you get with airpods 3 versus airpods 2.

Will there be substantially better battery life? Will they have better sound quality or is apple literally just going to say? Well, you can spend a little bit extra and get regular air pods with the force stem and if you dont like the force stem, then you can save yourself. Some money get some cheaper air pods that look like all the old air pods weve been selling for years. I think this is going to distort the airpods lineup. Quite a bit, in my opinion, like i, like the simplicity of just like airpods pro, come with anc. Regular airpods do not theres, like 50 difference between those two, so im a bit confused. How airpods 3 is supposed to be more pricey than 2 and yet not quite as expensive as airpods pro like. It feels crazy to me that they would sell non active noise cancellation airpods for like 220 or 230. theyve got to be like maximum 200 right. So if regular airpods see a discount, are they going to be at 150 or 160? Still? Maybe theyll restrict the wireless charging case to just airpods 3 and then, if you dont care about the wireless charging case, you can just get the old air pods too. I feel like its going to be this awkward middle step in between pros and regulars and honestly best case scenario is just that we see a massive price cut to airpods too, and now they start at like 99 instead of 150.

. I dont want to get my hopes up, but thats the only way it would make sense to me and i still have a hard time figuring out. Why would you want to get airpods 3 if there were cheaper airpods available and they just look kind of dated? I dont think people are going to care that much about the design of the stem but thats what we have to go off of right now, and i know that throughout the past year, ive been ranting a lot about how the iphone 13 wont be that much Different and frankly, aside from the pros, i still kind of stand by that – i think this is going to be still an s year, even though apples probably calling it 13 and its gon na be difficult for average consumers to see much point in upgrading given 13 And 13 mini are just gon na feel and look so dang similar theres, not a ton of changes aside from just better battery life and slightly improved cameras and im excited for tuesday because of a bunch of tech. Spec features like 120 hertz prores video kodak. The portrait mode video feature a matte black color option, thats something average consumers might care about. But even though these features dont make a massive difference to the masses, they make a massive difference to me so thats. Why im pumped and, of course, to see all the different color options? Apple comes up with every year.

Hopefully they fix red this time and we can get a more traditional blue to come back or something like that, but heres looking forward to another depressing and long year of iphone leaks that ultimately end up being incredibly incorrect cheers.

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