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I got new colors you just you just better drop the like all right, you better! You better drop a like all right. Im gon na keep doing that horrible voice. This entire video, hey, whats up guys sam here, welcome back to another one guys. Its iphone 13 season were five days away from the new iphones. The event is happening on the 14th. In case, you guys missed my video on that ill leave. It linked up in one of these corners, yes, its september 14th, its called california streaming. This is the next event where the iphone 13 and even the apple watch is coming so lets go ahead and jump into all the great news that ive got to share with you all today. So what are you waiting for if youre excited for todays video drop? A like down below it seriously helps me in the channel out and click that subscribe button and turn on the bell for notifications, so that you never miss a beat all right. I will say this off the bat im wearing the pink hoodie for a reason today and well get into that when we talk about iphone colors in just a little bit, but before we talk about rumors and leaks from sources that are never perfect. I want to talk about something that is which is apples official government filing with the fcc. I feel real bad for the employee that probably forgot to check the box on the fcc site.

That said, dont share with the entire world or do not publish just yet, because apple has confirmed a new magsafe charger four new models and even refers to the iphone 12 lineup as legacy, which i guess is where we should start with this, because apple in this Filing, oh, my god that scared, the sh out of me mac rubers. That was not an okay ad. Why could i not pause that anyway? As i was saying, this is an official filing from apple. We should start with the part where they refer to the legacy. Iphones, which is the iphone 12 lineup, but you see right now. Those are the newest iphones available. So why would apple refer to something thats not about to be updated as legacy its obvious its because theyre going to announce it at their event next week? In the same filing apple accidentally, references, four unreleased iphones, and while none of the features or looks or specs are listed here, there are four unreleased models that dont match anything. It fits out right now and four models would be iphone. 13 mini iphone, 13 iphone 13. Pro and iphone 13 pro max and on top of those other two leaks, which i mean we kind of already knew it does show us something that we werent, aware of, which is that a new version of the magsafe charger is coming now, we dont know what Its going to do or what exactly has changed, unfortunately, those deets arent in this filing, but were speculating that its either going to be a faster charging or b be able to transfer data im.

Looking forward to this, because i use magsafe as the predominant way to charge my iphone, i use it every single night next to my bed and if it could charge even faster than it does now or have the ability to transfer data. That would absolutely pave the way for a portless iphone, which i know is a wild concept but im pretty sure, theyre still heading in that direction, so the new max safe charger, the four new models. This is not uh from an unverified source or sketchy rumor. No, this is through the fcc, an official governmental entity, apple cant, exactly take backsies on any of these things so expect that a hundred percent, its confirmed im, gon na, say it you can use the word confirmed thats, not even a voice, modulation, thats, my own voice. Doing that pretty pretty cool right? No, its 100 confirmed now theres things that were going to talk about a little bit later on in the video like right now, theyre, not as concrete theyre from sources that could be wrong, could be right, but theyre things that i believe to be credible and thats. Why im sharing them, of course, which does include information about new colors and this year? If this is true, what were talking about its gon na be banana pants, because i think people have wanted these colors forever. Its bronze and pink and bronze is gon na, be the new color for the pro models for the past two years.

Since the iphone 11 pro series apple has swapped out pro colors the first year it was midnight green. It was this super deep, dark, foresty color that i regret not getting. I for some reason got space gray. That year, then the iphone 12 pro came out and i feel like i made the right choice with pacific blue. I still look at this color to this day and i absolutely love it its probably my favorite iphone color of all time, but i will say bronze. It fits right in with apples pro more subtle color scheme, its been rumored by multiple sources, credible and uncredible. The reason i bring this up today is because this ukrainian retailer called kdc – i dont know if anybodys familiar, but if you live in ukraine, i guess let me know down below if this is a pretty good site or a real sketch site to buy new apple Products on but theyve had all these listings come out about the new iphones and if you look real close on the site, theyve got one for the 13 pro and 13 pro max. That says, bronze in addition to the traditional black silver and gold. We know a deeper darker, matte black is coming, but this says bronze, which lines up with previous rumors from people like max weinbach, who actually are more credible and have said that bronze is making its debut. I think the concepts for this color are okay.

I mean theyre not going to blow me away, but what i have seen that i cant believe i actually kind of like is the pink iphone 13, and this was once a fever. Dream now could be a reality like dont. Get me wrong: im not 100 sold that this is happening because we heard rumblings of it a while back and now its on the same site. You can see iphone 13 128 gigabytes in pink and man did the concept images look good. These have been floating around for a while and the more. I look at this color, the more a. I think it would really strike a chord with some of apples, most core audience b. I think this color, since weve never seen it would sell incredibly well, due to its uniqueness, i mean in general whens the last time youve seen a pink smartphone, because i cant remember, and if apple could release this, it would be kind of out there for apple. As a company, but with their new colors on the imac i genuinely dont, think peak is that much of a stretch. So you guys, let me know down below if youre, going, bronze or pink on colors this year. Are you planning to get the iphone 13, because the same retailer ktc also claims that the regular 13 minion 13 are gon na max out at 128 gigs of storage, which is genuinely not that much thats? What the pros start at and then the pros are only going up to 512, not apparently getting one terabyte like we heard, but again its ktc to be clear.

Ktc does not have a track record, yet this is the first ive ever seen or heard of them. So maybe they have an inside scoop, maybe they dont honestly at this point its its kind of hard to tell like i said this, video is filled with a lot of good news and weve also gotten great news for the iphone 13 from max weinbach whos about 70, accurate, so a pretty good source in general whos. Given us pricing info and additional details on the camera features, so lets start off with pricing in i think august, digitimes whos only about 60, accurate said the prices will be going up due to the chip manufacturers for pretty much every chip raising their prices tsmc specifically, But max says no expect the same pricing as the iphone 12, which would mean 13 mini at 6.99, 13, 799, 13, pro at 9.99 and 13 pro max at 1099, which im not going to say, is cheap or affordable its on the high end of the smartphone Market but at least its apparently not getting more expensive, and while i want to be optimistic here, i i could see a price increase this year. I just could, because of everything, thats happening production wise im, not necessarily expecting it, but i wouldnt be surprised all the models this year, regardless of how much you spend, are apparently getting just a little bit thicker and heavier, and this is going to be most pronounced On the 1099 pro max, but thats also said to be again the true flagship model.

So if you want the most premium phone with the most premium features, it should be that one again, what im referring to is the fact that obviously, the pro max has a bigger screen and bigger battery. Its always been like that on apples, larger phones, but im talking about exclusive camera features that you dont get on anything else and apparently that exclusive feature trend is unfortunately continuing again, which im not a fan of and thats, because i dont use the pro max. I use the regular size pro so for a hundred dollars more to get bigger screen, bigger battery and exclusive features its hard to say no. To that, i just hate the size. Ive tried it. I tried the pro max. I owned the 12 pro max for a while, and i had to return it because it just wasnt my vibe so apple wont call it this, but there will be an ultra model of sorts thats going to have some exclusive stuff. Aside from the obvious, which again not a huge fan of but its happening, moving on to battery life, next weve got some new deets on how the larger batteries are going to work. Theyre saying that on the iphone 13 mini youre, going to get an extra hour over the 12 mini, which is pretty impressive. Actually, then, the 6.1 inch iphone 13 and iphone 13 pro. Those are going to have about 10 larger batteries, but again paying the most for the biggest iphone.

The 6.7 inch pro max is going to get you an 18 to 20 larger battery, so the improvement will be double over the standard pro and non pro its gon na be an insane upgrade just absolutely nuts. Also, the pro models are getting the 120 hertz display. This year, thats gon na be their main pro upgrade where the screen refresh rate is just buttery, and it says when you enable low power mode, thats, going to turn off the 120 hertz screen, which is exactly how it works on the ipad pro. Finally, though, we got details about the cameras which i am having a hard time, believing because theyre a little bit nuts – and this is probably what most of you are most excited for – ive said for a while. I believe that the cameras are what apple will predominantly use to market the iphone 13s. Just because the phone will broadly look the same as last year were hearing 15 percent more light coming into the sensor due to some low light improvements, but the ultra wide lens, which looks horrible in low light and is by far the cheapest. Looking lens on the phone thats gon na, let in 40 percent more light 40 percent, more light on the ultra wide, so major improvements coming to apples, weakest lens, exactly what i wanted them to fix year over year, then weve got this feature called cinematic video coming, Which is going to be this proprietary apple format for shooting video similar to prores from my understanding and its going to allow your subject to be naturally centered in the frame, i guess using some kind of algorithm to make sure that you, you always have your person In the center of your screen, which sounds really intriguing and then finally night mode sounds like it might be night and day, im fired.

Okay, im! Sorry i take back that joke dont, put that in the video, so night mode is getting major upgrades to the color science, so the colors will look way more natural year over year and the ability to detect stars and adjust for that scene automatically. This is likely the astrophotography that weve heard about that will be coming, so you could use your iphone to shoot pictures of the stars and apples going to make it easier than ever as they are known to do. I actually cant believe how many leaks, weve gotten just basically in the last 48 hours about the 13, but of course, until we get the phones and when we get them and well after ill, be covering every last detail here on my update. So if you havent already dropped a like, you enjoyed the video. You learned something. It means a lot to me in the channel and hit subscribe, so you always stay up to date on the latest apple news.

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