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In today we have seen the new iPhone. 13S apple accessories leaked in a photo, and i want to share the details about this and also give you the latest on the iPhone 13 pro release date and price with a summary of everything we know so far. Hi its Matt here so as mentioned the next Apple event is days away with the launch of the iPhone 13 pro models. So for everyone who has seen my videos before you should know what the format is so far for everyone new, this video will be giving you the latest leaks or reports first, followed by the release date and then a summary of the iphone 13 models with the Prices also as theres the reports coming in now for both the iphone 13 and the 13 pro models. These leaks are split into two videos now, so we are now in august and its been a while since wwdc, we now have public betas for all of apples. New oss, including ios 15. ios 15, is giving iphone users new facetime features and eye message changes to name a few, however, expecting a few more software tweaks for the iphone 12s or the iphone 13, and for them to be married up with the new hardware put Inside so lets talk about that new leak of the iphone 13 pro max accessories leak. So a video on twitter has come in showing the new iphone 13 pro max case accessories that are made by apple ready for the launch event on september 14th.

Some key info to taken from this video is again that the iphone 13 name has been confirmed, so there will not be an iphone 12s from the sounds of it. Also, we can see the camera square punch out is a lot bigger than we currently have on the iphone 12 and also on the iphone 11 models. So this does show that apple have tweaked their camera setup. Again, these just might be cases, but its really exciting. To see that previous rumors and leaks are lining up with even the accessories that apple are making, but i will still say that this also leads me on nicely to say that all reports and leaks that are coming through are not 100 proof that they will come. True for the new iphone, i can only present to you what ive been told and shown. However, if youre watching this video, then you are as curious as i am in knowing what is going to be said about the next iphone anyway. So just quickly, this channel just hit over 230 000 subscribers. What is absolutely amazing and we did a giveaway of a macbook pro m1. Well ive got you some great news, guys were doing another giveaway and it is for this is for an ipad pro m1, with eight gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage. Now anybody can enter in to win this giveaway around the world. It is an international giveaway, but all i want to know from you guys is basically what apple tech are you planning to buy in 2021 or what other tech are you planning to buy if its not really apple tech, write it down in the comments below and Make sure at the same time as well to subscribe to this channel and also hit that notification bell, because when we get over 260 000 subscribers im going to be revealing who the winner is of this ipad pro.

So make sure you do that right now, because youll want to know if youre going to be the lucky person to get your hands on this ipad pro also at the same time as well, if youre enjoying this video so far, please make sure to press the Like button well lets get back to the video, so that is the latest on leaks and also the giveaway, so lets do the release date next. So, as already mentioned, the iphone event is happening on september 14th. We have had many leaks and reports over the last couple of months saying it would happen on this day, but for the actual release date. When were expecting the iphone 13 in our hands, it is most likely going to be september 24th. So, for example, wedbush analyst dan eyes believes the iphone 13 range will be released during the third week of september, but this information does suggest that we may be seeing the iphone 13 release date as september 24th. I should point out: this is a fairly good guess, and its based on taking is prediction at face. Value apple typically holds its iphone launch event on a tuesday with pre orders them starting on that same week. On the friday, then, after this, the first wave of iphones typically arrive in customer hands the following friday after that. So this means, if ives is correct, we could be seeing the iphone 13 launch on september 14th, then pre, orders opening on september 17th and then the release of the iphone 13 on september 24th.

However, at the end of this year, we will also see other apple events for other apple products like macbooks, ipads, apple watch and airpods and loads. More and if you want the latest information about these products, do check out my other videos on this channel and make sure you hit the subscribe button and the notification bell to get the latest info about them. So next lets talk about the iphone 13 pro model prices, and the best way to do this is to give you a summary of what we know so far for all the models lets start with the summary of the iphone 13 chrome. As i said, many more leaks will come along and theyll be added to this list. This was subject to change as it were, but this is everything we know so far and also in all my other videos coming up in the future for the iphone 13 pro models. If there are any kind of leaks that kind of link to any of the information here, i will go over those leaks again. So, first of all the screen, it will be a 6.1 inch screen just like the iphone 12 pro and it will be an ltpo led display. This is a slightly different kind of display that we have like inside the iphone 12, the iphone 11 and below that for an ole display. But, like i said, other leaks are coming in to talk about that further on in other videos.

But the resolution of this display is 2532 by 1170., also at the same time as well leaks are showing that we are most likely finally, this year going to be getting a pro motion display and what that basically means in normal language is a 120 hertz. Refresh rate display, so this basically means that the display will refresh itself 120 times per second and finally, the iphone 13 pro would have caught up with kind of android rivals that also give this option right now for storage, we get 128 gigabytes, 256 gigabyte, 512 gigabytes And for the first time, one terabyte of storage, as according to some new leaks, were also getting the a15 bionic again other leaks of talks about this and the specifications behind this actual chipset, and it also comes with 5g connectivity. However, apple will be borrowing a qualcomm, 5g modem again just like what they did in the iphone 12 models. Again, this iphone can be equipped with six gigabytes of ram, just like the iphone 12 pro and also have a stainless steel body frame. What again is very similar to the design weve got on the 12 pro but, as leaks have told us, the actual frame will be actually slightly thicker to accommodate a bigger battery. What ill get on to in a moment on the rear? We will have a triple camera and lidar sensor and, as leaks are shown already theres going to be lots of changes and modifications to those camera setup on the back of the actual iphone 13 pro then, for battery size, we get a bump up over the iphone 12, pro in the latest leaks that weve had and were going to be getting a 3095 milliamp battery now for prices.

The leaks are a bit over the place to be fair, so ive taken this from one reference. So this could change subject to closer to the launch of the actual iphone 13 pro. So starting out were going to be getting a 128 gigabyte option but well start up 1049 us dollars: 256 gigabytes for 1149, usd 512 gigabytes for 1349 us dollars and then finally, one terabyte for 1549 us dollars now. Moving on to the iphone 13 pro max, there are a lot of shared features with the iphone 13 pro, for example like chipset and ram size. What ill get on to in a second, but one of the main big differences has got to be the screen size. So again were going to be getting that sort of 6.78 screen and its going to be an ltpo oled display and again this is that new type of screen technology. What i discussed with the iphone 13 pro the resolution on this display is going to be, and seventy 2778 by one thousand two hundred and eighty and again its gon na, be finally getting a pro motion. 120 hertz display, as many leaks, have shown this again. Storage sizes are very similar to the 13 pro, where we get 128 gigabytes, 256 gigabyte, 512 gigabytes and finally, a one terabyte storage option, as we have seen in previous leaks, were also getting an a15 bionic chipset. Again, what ive spoken about and saying that weve had lots of leaks and lots of details about how thats all gon na work and also 5g connectivity with an actual modem borrowed from qualcomm inside it again six gigabytes of ram again that stainless steel frame body very Similar to the 13 pro max but, like i said like in the 13 pro its going to be slightly thicker according to some new leaks because its going to accommodate for a bigger battery inside on the rear.

We do have that triple camera and lidar sensor and all of those different bits and pieces have been upgraded as weve seen in leaks and then again battery size is going to be bigger at 4352 milliamps for price again, starting with 128 gigabyte storage option thats going To start at 1149, us dollars, 256 gigabytes for 1, 349., 512 gigabytes for 1449, us dollars, and finally, one terabyte the newest storage option for 1 649. So, as per usual with this list of features ill be keeping it updated as more leaks, come on in all the way up to the iphone 13 launch, well its time to wrap this up.

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