Apple, iPhone, Color 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro: Don't make a mistake

The iphone 13 lineup is finally at long last official, but along with all the excitement and all the new features is a big question that youve got to answer. Is it worth it to spend the extra money on the 13 pro pro max and get those exclusive pro and features, or should you save your money and get a 13 or 13 mini which of the new iphone 13s is best for you, youve got questions. Ive got answers. Let me help you break it all down and tell you about the five biggest things you need to know about the iphone 13 versus the iphone 13 pro and figure out which of these new iphones is really right for you, because you dont want to make a Mistake this year and a big thanks to butcherbox for sponsoring this video. So in case you missed it. Yes, the iphone 13 is at long last. Finally official and there are four new iphone 13 models. You can pick up and buy very soon theres. The 5.4 inch iphone 13 mini the 6.1 inch iphone 13, the 6.1 inch iphone 13 pro and the big daddy of them all the 6.7 inch iphone 13 pro max now before i do a deep dive into the differences. Let me actually start with the similarities, because theres a lot of the same similar dna between the regular and pro and iphones that everyone can enjoy, no matter which iphone model you pick up, theyre all rocking, basically, the same industrial design we saw introduced last year with The iphone 12.

– this is boxy edges, its scored off corners, its a great modern, looking design, even as we go from 2021 into 2022 youre, getting a great industrial design on the iphone 13 lineup this year and while the design didnt change all that much this year. If we look at the screen, we can see one of the biggest changes right off the bat to all four models, and that is that the notch is finally smaller. Yes, all versions of the iphone 13 from the 13 mini all the way up to the pro max feature, a slightly smaller notch this year, the first change weve really seen to the notch, since the iphone 10 was introduced back in 2017. and this smaller notch. Of course is really nice to see its not significant, but it certainly is noticeable and it should just protrude into your screen a little less. So you get a little bit extra room for playing games watching movies scrolling through social feeds, youre gon na get a little bit more of that display to use, as the notch gets a little bit smaller up on top another similarity shared across all four of the Iphone 13 models are all of the under the hood improvements that we see in year over year, changes and, of course, this year is no different, starting first with the a15 bionic processor. Yes, this is the latest and greatest apple silicon, its their next generation iphone processor and its the most powerful and most efficient processor weve, seen to date in an iphone, and this means that you can play games.

You can edit photos, you can take photos, you can edit videos basically do whatever you want to do on any of the iphone 13 models with no problem apple. Silicon is really just insane. Its super powerful, its super efficient and this phone shouldnt be slowing down anytime. Soon youve got a lot of versatility here and you can basically do whatever you want to do on any of these four iphone 13 models and larger physical batteries going inside every of the iphone 13 models this year. So basically, the promax should be an even better battery beast being really efficient with that new processor and having a physically larger battery inside should give you better battery life and even especially important for the smaller 13 mini. You should get better battery life as well with that more efficient chip and the bigger battery dont expect any miracles here. The iphone 12 mini wasnt bad in terms of battery life, but it certainly wasnt great. Hopefully, things are a bit better, this time around with the iphone 13 mini and that larger battery and that new apple silicon chip inside now before i move to the next thing to consider, let me talk for a minute about the iphone 13 mini, because this phone Is shaping up to be a really good? Buy youve got a smaller notch. Youve got the new a15 bionic processor inside so better battery life, better efficiency, more power. This looks like a really great iphone to buy and if you are considering the smallest iphone 13 of the lineup and the iphone 13 mini might not be a bad way to go with all the new improvements.

The other thing to consider i just got to throw this out there is that this is rumored to be the last year of the mini iphone for a number of reasons. Apple is not keeping the mini option around. So if you are thinking about going with the mini iphone – and you want that smaller display – you want the more compact size and compact form factor, then by all means, go with the iphone 13 mini. It certainly seems like a better upgrade over the iphone 12 mini. Just keep in mind that this is probably the last year apple is going to offer this mini size so basically buy one this year or forever hold your piece, because next year things are going to change and the mini is not coming along for the ride. Next up lets talk display. Now all iphone 13 models are packed with beautiful, bright. Vibrant oled displays great for watching videos playing games scrolling through twitter. Whatever you want to do on your iphone 13 screen its going to be perfect for it its going to be great. Its going to look beautiful, its all good on any iphone 13 model, you decide to pick up and if youre sort of swayed to the smallest iphone, the 5.4 inch 13 mini or the larger 6.7 inch 13 pro max, then you have a great display on both Phones and that decision is made a little bit easier on which iphone 13 you should buy, but if youre sort of stuck in between in the middle here between the 6.

1 inch 13 and the 6.1 inch 13 pro. How do you know which way you should go? Well, let me help make that decision a little bit easier for you by talking about one of the special things you can only do on the 13 pro and 13 pro max, and that is with the all new display technology that makes it really special. The iphone 13 pro and pro max have ltpo display technology working behind the scenes that allow this iphone to finally have 120 hertz refresh rate on the display. Yes, the iphone refresh rate is finally doubling from 60hz to 120hz, which makes the phone feel snappier more responsive. Scrolling is kind of buttery smooth as you scroll up and down on the phone and everything just sort of feels faster. You feel, like you, have a supercharged iphone just because the refresh rate has been doubled from 60hz to 120hz, and this is a really wonderful addition to see if you play a lot of games or you do a lot of high frame rate tasks on your iphone. Where you sort of notice, when the refresh rate might not have been at its best now with this ltpo technology working behind the scenes, you now can have a variable refresh rate on your iphone. That takes it all the way up to 120 hertz for sort of maximum responsiveness, silky, smooth navigation and, basically again just making. You feel like your iphone sort of got turbocharged before we continue with more of this iphone 13 versus iphone 13 pro madness.

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And although theyre all great camera systems, the pro and phones do have some exclusive features that you just dont, get on the regular 13 and 13 mini that might just make them worth the extra money, starting first with the 13 or 13 mini youre. Now getting a diagonal camera set up instead of the vertically stacked system weve seen in years past, so the rumors were true and youve now got this diagonal system on the back of the 13 or 13 mini. This, of course, is due to apple bringing sensor shift. Stabilization technology down to every iphone 13 model, so its no longer just a pro max feature. It is now on the 13 and 13 mini this year as well on the iphone 13 and 13 mini youve got two cameras here: a 12 megapixel f 1.6 wide camera with sensor shift stabilization tech built in and also a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera, with an F: 2.4 aperture. One of the big surprises here is that cinematic mode is here on the 13 and 13 mini. This is not exclusive just to the higher end iphones. Basically, this mode, auto racks focus in real time, so itll hold focus automatically on the subject. Then, transition focus in real time to other parts of the frame makes your videos look a little bit more professional, a little bit more cinematic and sort of like youre, watching a hollywood movie shifting to the 13 pro or pro max youll notice that the camera bump On the back of the phones themselves is noticeably larger than what we got on the iphone 12 pro and 12 pro max last year.

The lenses are noticeably larger as well. Of course, youve got three cameras here: a new and improved telephoto lens with a 3x optical zoom range, which is pretty cool to see an ultra wide lens, with an f, 1.8 aperture and autofocus as well, and a wide lens with an f 1.5 aperture prores video Recording has also been added to the 13 pro and pro max as well, so you can record higher quality, less compressed video on your iphone, which is really cool. We havent seen this before on an iphone model. So, if youre looking to take the best possible video on the iphone in your pocket, the 13 pro and pro max is going to be the way to go. You also have a macro photography mode here, of course, that photographic styles mode is here as well, and, of course, cinematic video is here on the pro and pro max as well. So now that you know all the big differences with the design and the display sizes, the display technology, all the exclusive features lets talk: price, colors and availability. How much are these new iphones gon na cost you? What colors do they come in? What storage sizes and when can you finally get your hands on them? The iphone 13 and 13 are coming in five different color options. This year, theres a pink, a blue, a midnight, a starlight and a product red coming in 128, 256 or 512 gigabytes of capacity and, of course, starting at 6.

99 for the mini and 7.99 for the iphone 13. and shifting to the 13 pro and for max. That is coming in graphite, gold, silver and sierra blue for 9.99 or 1099 respectively, and a couple of different capacity options here: 128, 256, 512 and yes, one terabytes is here on the 13 pro and pro max. All four of the iphone 13 models will be available for pre order this friday september 17th, and then the phones will start their international rollout and public release next friday, september 24th. So now that you know all the features, all the differences, pricing, availability and everything like that, let me help you break down which iphone 13 model is best for you, and the first question i want to ask you is: are you drawn one way or the other To a super small iphone or a super large iphone, because, typically, if youre drawn to a particular form factor, thats going to be sort of the end game for you, its not going to really matter whats in between. But you really want a form factor. Above all else, then the decision sort of is made a little bit easier. If you want the largest display possible on an iphone – and you want the biggest of them all then go with the 6.7 inch 13 pro max youre going to get all the exclusive camera features, all the features uh and all the improvements with the display, like the 120 hertz refresh rate all that great stuff in the biggest iphone that you might or might not want, but because its got the largest display thats going to be the way youre going to go same can be said on the other end with the 13 mini.

Maybe you want some of the higher end features and you really wanted that 120 hertz display and the camera improvements and stuff like that. But the smaller form factor is just sort of the most important thing to you and if you do want a small compact iphone that is easy to carry around its pocketable, its portable then go with the 13 mini again. You are missing out on some of those pro end features but youre still getting a fantastic camera setup youre getting a beautiful oled display. You should be getting better battery life. A smaller notch. A mini iphone is still not a bad way to go, especially since this year seems like the last year for the mini. I would not recommend uh skipping the 13 mini or i wouldnt recommend against it. Id highly suggest. If you want a small iphone, go the 13 mini and you wont regret it. But what if youre sort of in between like me, where you dont want the largest iphone, but you dont want the smallest iphone, but you want a 6.1 inch display. Should you go iphone 13, or should you go iphone 13 pro and again youre getting a great iphone, no matter which way you go here, a new and improved apple, silicon, processor, youre, getting the smaller notch, a great design, great cameras. Everything here is fantastic, but there is a price difference here to take note of between the 13 and 13 pro, and i think that, if youre really drawn like most years to the camera, if you take a lot of photos and a lot of videos on your Iphone you want maximum versatility.

You really want to use that telephoto lens. Then thats only going to be found on the 13 pro and thats going to be the way to go. I dont think that the display features here are going to be a big difference maker. One way or the other, if you do want a high refresh rate display, then the iphone 13 pro might just be the way to go just for that reason. But again, these phones are very similar. They share a lot of the same dna and if you are a really big um enthusiast of that camera, youre gon na use that camera technology a lot, then i think itd be worth the investment to go with the iphone 13 pro or even step up to The iphone 13 pro mac, so if you do 13 or 13 mini, you will not be disappointed again. No bad choice here on all of the iphone 13 models this year. So now it is your turn i want to hear from you guys what are your thoughts on the iphone 13 series this year? Are you going iphone 13 pro going iphone 13 pro max, go in 13 mini? Are you upgrading the iphone 13 at all? Let me know in the comments down below which model youre upgrading to and which iphone you have right now and also what are your thoughts on the general event? Are you disappointed we didnt get under display touch id? Was the announcement and the event exciting? Was it sort of a letdown disappointing? What are your thoughts on everything apple just announced, and what are your thoughts on the new iphone 13s for 2021? Let me know in the comments down below and, of course, subscribe to the apple circle.

If you havent already, we will have lots and lots of coverage on all iphone 13 models launching very soon and a lot of cool stuff to look forward to so subscribe. If you havent already and as always, thank you guys so much for watching im robert rosenfeld from the apple circle.

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