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Workout is bodies its low impact targets. The core and is terrific for improving strength and flexibility, and we are really excited to be bringing pilates to fitness. Plus teachers will find new pilates workouts each with modifications, those just starting out as well as options for those who are more advanced, cant. Wait for you to try! It next go to jessica fitness plus to be a service that motivates you a healthy, strong and fit as well as a place where you can improve overall, well being make it easy for you to practice every day were excited to be bringing guided meditation each week. Guided meditation available in fitness from harm gratitude and kindness and meditate alongside your favorite trainer, an immersive video experience in the new mindfulness app on apple watch, same meditations will be uploaded each week. These new, guided, video and audios make it easy benefits of meditation into you over to you. Bukhari love, creating fitness plus workouts. Our newest workout program takes its inspiration from winter sport. Supporting our fantastic exercise way to hang out with your family and friends so were introducing workouts to get ready for snow season. We designed these workouts with ted liggetty im olympic gold medalist five time world champion and father of three. This program contains workouts that will build up your strength, help you stay on the slopes longer and make it your best snow season ever now back to jay Music. For many people, fitness is more fun when its a shared experience like taking a class together working out with a buddy.

We wanted to make it easier for you to work out with the people, motivate you no matter where they are in the world, so were excited to introduce fitness plus group workouts powered by share play from a group message, thread or facetime call navigate to the fitness. App get started, your metrics are still on your screen and youll see when your friends move ahead on the burn bar or close their activity rings. Fitness plus group workouts is available on iphone ipad apple tv through airplay support for up to 32 people. At the same time, those are the latest updates in fitness plus bodies to help you get stronger, guided meditation to make it easy to practice mindfulness new workout program to get you ready for snow season so much more. All these new features will be launching later this month and group workouts and our 15 countries will launch later. This fall fitness plus subscribers will receive a one month free trial, three months free. The purchase of a new apple watch. Fitness plus is also bundled with an apple one. Premiere subscription heres a look at how fitness plus is inviting everyone. Welcome to the club whats going on and welcome to your 10 minute hit hours of operation lets go ahead, get your arms up all day. Exhale push up all night cant sleep. Whenever you need to feel good punch, punch punch, the club has no dress code. You got this. No rules of decorum pets are allowed.

Now were squat. Jumping up a storm come on making space, we have yoga hit dance, breathe. Naturally, meditation Music, the locker rooms, are unisex. The club has trainers, kim kim here in the fitness club studio amir, your last one jonelle josh, bettina, jamie ray yes jv ray hopefully with us, walking together, well feel a little more freedom. You dont have to show your card at the door. There is no door to the club, there is no ceiling, there are walls, but we can break through those. This is it. We have music, drake, dualipa, nikki, billy, keith, urban, bad buddy, Music. Whatever moves you and you and them, the club is the largest club in the world, because the club is the world Music and if youre wearing one of these lets go. Thank you stay. Active rings, see you next time. Thats fitness bus back to tim, Music with apple watch series 7, the most advanced, smart watch ever and the incredible new content and features in apple fitness plus we cant wait to see theyre sure to have on our users lives now lets talk about iphone iphone, has Forever changed the world every single day people rely on iphone their most demanding tasks to capturing the moments of their lives streaming. Their favorite tv shows playing their favorite games, staying up to date with the world and connecting with friends and loved ones. This is what drives us to create the best iphone possible to create an experience, unlike any other, with legendary, easy, beautiful and durable designs with water resistance and great battery with industry leading performance, most advanced camera systems and with privacy built in of iphone, and we keep Making iphone better, more powerful, more capable and even fun to use today were thrilled to introduce our next generation of iphone.

Here it is Music, Music city, Music, Music. This is iphone 13.. To tell you more heres. Cayenne Music lets take a closer look at iphone 13, starting with design. Has the sleek flat edge design that people love its also incredibly durable with our exclusive ceramic shield front tougher than any smartphone glass and has industry leading ip68 water resistance? Iphone 13 has a new look for the advanced dual camera system, with the lenses arranged, diagonally aerospace grade, aluminum frame is and really shows off five new colors, an all new, pink blue midnight, starlight and product red on the front step. Camera system has been re, find more display area everything inside incl case id most secure. Facial authentic smartphone fits into it. Thats 20 small, iphone kind with the environment in mind any recycled material, for example, antenna lines up, cycled, plastic, water bottles. First, under the hood, iphone 3 architect make room technology bigger battery. This beautiful design is the same across two sizes, iphone 3 and iphone 13. Both feature more advanced super retina xdr display its 28 brighter up to 800 nits brilliant for outside for hdr content like photos and videos, heat brightness is higher at 1200 nits and you can enjoy the pixel per brightness. Thanks to the displays, impr power official youll, see true blacks in games, photos and incredible contrast: ratio of our oled, this new brighter super retina xdr display theres, an immersive viewing experiment for division, hdr10 and hlg.

Now lets talk about the chip that powers iphone 13 and iphone 13. Frankly, competition still playing catch up to not just from last year and today were ending our lead with a15 ionic heres hope to tell you all about it. Our silicon is the engine of iphone with a15 bionic. We have innovations across the entire system, deliver more performance and power efficiency at its foundation, a15 uses. Five nanometer technology enables us to include nearly 15 billion transistors youll absolutely fly through demanding workloads, smoothly and efficiently. Thanks to a powerful new six core cpu with two high performance and four high efficiency, cores weve increased the performance of our cpus, dedicated machine learning, accelerators that power experiences such as advanced text to theory and on device processing of directions; maps its the fastest cpu in Any smartphone up to 50 faster than the leading competition for graphics, intensive tasks like advanced games, a15 bionic features our latest four core gpu, enabling more eye catching visuals and lighting effects. It delivers up to 30 faster graphics versus the leading competition, and we continue to push the limits of machine learning with the new 16 core neural engine that is perfect for ml tasks, its capable of an astounding 15.8 trillion operations per. Second, we design our neural engine together with our camera hardware and software. This unique vision and integration brings to life leading capabilities in video and image processing. This means faster ml computation for experiences like live text with ios 15.

point your camera at text on the go and instantly take action like buying tickets or getting directions. The ml advancements across our entire chip will empower developers to do even more in their apps. Like swing vision, which can smoothly run powerful core ml and ar models on a15 bionic for real time, shot, tracking video analysis and remote coaching, geek visor helps you navigate the outdoors to identify mountains and explore detail rich 3d maps while hiking and seek uses a machine Learning model trained by over 20 million photos to instantly identify plants and animals around you and all the processing is done on device a15 is a powerhouse in addition to core performance improvements, theres a new display engine, new video encoder and decoder, and twice the system cache Theres, nothing in the world like this back to cayenne, a15 bionic also powers the amazing camera system on iphone 13.. It combines our powerful cameras. Next generation image signal processor computational photography to create our most advanced dual camera system. All new y camera lets you take stunning shots in any situation like this photo full of color and texture. It gathers 47 percent, more light, less noise and brighter results in your photos and videos. This is enabled by larger 1.7 micron that capture more light in a wide f 1.6 aperture, its the biggest sensor weve ever put in a camera system, iphone 12 pro max advanced technology sensor shift optical in and incredibly, we are bringing this to iphone 13 and iphone 13 theres a low light photo from the new wide camera with censorship ois.

The larger sensor captures nearly 50 percent more light hard to believe this photo was taken in a dark room with just a little light coming through a window night mode. Shots are even more impressive capture times are short sharper images of your subjects and fine details, theyve also custom designed an ultra wide camera that will reveal more of the dark area with less noise. Like you see here in the walls and ceilings, capturing fun, creative perspectives, right and now, its even better on iphone 13.

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