Apple, iPhone, Tile How Apple DESTROYS Other Companies Legally

Lets, say: youre going to be renting a new apartment and when you move in you have a choice. You can get the internet that is provided through the apartment building for dollars a month. If you do that, instead of receiving a bill for internet every month, the cost of the internet is just added right onto your rent payment or you can choose to buy from another internet provider and instead of the apartment, installing everything for you, you have to go A couple blocks down the road set up: everything with the new provider and the 50 a month bill comes separately from your rent payment for the sake of the story, lets just say that both providers offer similar speeds and functionality, which one are you going to choose. Well, for myself, and probably many of you watching, im going with the internet provided by the apartment building. Why? Because it makes the process of getting internet at your apartment, that much easier, and this, my friends, is the basics on how apple destroys other companies. Allow me now to explain with an example: have you heard of tile? No, not the stuff in your bathroom, the company that allows you to use bluetooth devices to find your items now? If you havent heard of tile, maybe youve heard of apple air tags, you know pretty much the exact same thing as tile, but with the apple logo on them. Now these do a better job for iphones than tile does, but more on that later anyways tile has been around since 2013 and was basically the first and the best company for this service.

Of course, this all changed when apple released the air tags in 2021. So what does this have to do with apple killing other companies? Well, this has to do with the penetration that apple has into the market, see the way these services work is that they rely on other tiles or in apples case any other device. In the find. My network, and they essentially ping where your tile or air tag is now, as you can imagine. There are many more apple devices in the find my network than there are tiles in the market, but apple being the kind hearted individuals they are. They would allow tyrell to use this find my network free of charge if they so wished. So this leaves tile with some great options. First, they could choose to abandon the tile network and adopt the find my network essentially destroying the pre existing reason. Anybody would own a tile or they can stay on the tile network and leave it up to the consumer on whether or not they prefer their devices to have a ton of things pinging their location or just a few. Do you see my point? This is how apple destroys other companies legally see. They always frame this as an option. Sure tile has an option. They can bow down to the mighty king or they can fight tooth and nail against the biggest company in the world, but apple also gives this choice to the consumer.

We can choose to use tile if we so wish, but be forced to download the separate tile app and buy it from the tile website, or we can just use the app that comes with the iphone and buy the air tags in a much easier way. Do you see why i started this video with that story now, but tile did not like this choice. That apple gave us all that much. They publicly accused apple of bullying tactics and they say that air tags perfectly paint the picture on how apple uses their ecosystem and advantage to kill competition. In a statement tile said we welcome competition as long as it is fair competition. Unfortunately, given apples well documented history of using its platform advantage to unfairly limit competition for its products, we are skeptical. So what is the unfair advantage that apple has and how does it destroy companies other than tile? So now we know how apple used its unfair advantages to beat tile at its own game. But how does apple do this with other companies? Well, they do this by having the apple ecosystem and when i say ecosystem no, i dont mean the squirrels and birds in your backyard. I mean the interconnectedness of apple products. If a customer has an iphone, they are exponentially more likely to have air pods a macbook. An ipad and or air tags, of course, these products can be purchased on their own, but when they work so well together, why not buy them all the unfair advantage of this is that apple uses the huge influence its platform has, and by platform i mean the Apple operating system to unfairly pinch and squeeze competition out of its way, so lets break this down using a few more examples of when apple did this with other companies, because they pretty much always use the same formula, and that formula goes something like this and listen Closely because itll come up time and time again, a useful product or service is offered by another company.

Apple sees this and launches a competitor to the product or service, as it would be illegal to outright ban the competitor from the apple app store or to be used with apple products. Apple still allows the competitor to choose to work with apple and the customer to choose to use the product. Just like i let you the viewer choose to like and subscribe. However, apple is able to use their expansive ecosystem to make the product or service just work. Better with apple products, a quick example of this is airpods. You can use them with a windows laptop if you want, but they work so much better and easier, with an iphone or a macbook alright. So what other examples have we seen of apple? Doing this one example is an app called flux or f.lux. What this app did was make your screen dimmer as the day went on in order to make it easier on your eyes as it got dark out simple enough right. Well, in 2015, apple kicked the app out of their app store apple said. Their reasoning was because of how flux actually went in and used functionality on the device that they didnt want. Other developers messing with this makes some sense. I guess, but, interestingly enough, not long after apple came out with their own version of this called night shift. This did essentially the same thing as flux. Now this wouldnt fit the formula that i just told you about without the choice, the choice being that you can still download flux by going to their website and dealing with downloading the actual files onto your iphone.

But it just becomes a lot less seamless than using the pre built in function of night shift, and you still have that quote: unquote choice. So there are multiple examples of this. Some more include the ipad stylus. You can choose to get a third party stylus from your ipad on amazon, but none of them connect as well. None of them have the ability to charge by magnetically connecting to the ipad and they just dont work as smoothly. Of course, you can choose to use a different stylus, but if you have the money for the real one, why would you another example is duet display? This was a software that let you use your ipad as a second display on your mac again in apple fashion. They came out with sidecar sidecar offers pretty much the same features of duet display, but its just the easiest way to do this on an ipad. But of course you can still choose to use duet display if you really want to so. As you can see, there are a number of examples of apple using their penetration in the market to minimize the effects of their competition, and the examples i just used are only a few of them im sure you guys can come up with some other examples. In the comments, but really this all comes down to a serious problem with apple and how they utilize their platform. There really isnt an easy answer should apple be able to use their platform to make it as seamless as possible for all their customers.

Well, personally, i dont know, but i dont think that this is going to be something that disappears and only time will tell what happens with this situation.

What do you think?

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