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live, hey whats, up guys. Welcome back to the channel. Tomorrow is the big day its apples annual iphone event. So lets talk a little bit about that again. Its taking place on september 14th starts at 10 a.m in the morning pacific time. If you guys are gon na watch, it like me check the first link in this videos description now, just like the past couple events, its going to be an entirely digital event. Basically, apple has recorded it all across the apple park campus and its going to showcase this years, iphone, presumably the iphone 13, the next generation of the apple watch and potentially the third generation of air pods. So those are pretty much the three rumored things that were likely to see tomorrow. There could be a couple other surprise. Events like um, you know the rollout of a new mac or a new ipad, but my guess is those uh new products will be coming later. This year, in either an october or november event, this event in september is the iphone event, its primarily going to be focused on the iphone. Typically, apple watches are included in this event, and you know for the one more thing it could be. A new generation of airpods so lets talk a little bit about whats expected with this years. Iphone, presumably, is going to be called the iphone 13 and, with this release its going to feel more like an s year, a year of refinements and uh updating some of the processor speed and cameras, but were not likely to see a new design.

Its going to be this boxy shape that the iphones and ipads are now adopting, so the big one this year is the notch at the top of the iphone is likely to get smaller and or disappear entirely. I saw an update come out last week or so that apple might be just going for the full hole, punch, design similar to the samsung phones, but the cool thing. What this means is either a if the notch gets. Smaller apple is working on condensing uh. Their face id technology if it goes to a hole, punch design for the camera. That means all of the face id technology is going to be embedded underneath the screen, so that would just be insane if that happened. So, while were talking about the screen, another big update to it is that it could be getting the 120 hertz pro motion display. That is what ive been waiting for for multiple years now, its going to be the same refresh rate as the ipad pros. If you guys have ever used those before youll know what im talking about when youre swiping left and right between apps, when youre really have, when you have any type of animation happening on your iphone, its so much smoother and easier on your eyes, uh scrolling in Safari things like that really excited for the pro motion display and with this apples going to be using or implementing their ltpo technology thats in the apple watch.

Currently, basically, what this lets you do is is when youre playing like a demanding game, thats refreshing at 120 hertz when youre on the home screen, swiping back and forth, the refresh rate can ramp up to 120.. If youre, watching a movie, thats, typically filmed in. Like 24 frames per second, the refresh rate of the display can come down to save battery life and also what this means is on the lock screen or when you lock your device. There will be an always on display, which i have honestly wanted, since i dont even know quite a few years now. My girlfriend has a google pixel and i think it looks awesome. I really hope thats coming this year in the iphone the cool thing about it is just like the apple watch. The display will only have to update once every 60 seconds so thats how battery life is saved and or if you get a notification or something like that. So, with the pro motion display the smaller notch, the one thing were not likely to see is touch id embedded underneath the screen. It sounds like apples focusing on face id more. You know i personally wouldnt be too mad if they put the fingerprint sensor in the side or power button similar to how they did it on the new entry level ipad. You know thats better because sometimes face id doesnt work and even with ios 14.5 feature where you can uh unlock your iphone.

If you have your watch unlocked, you know its still. I just still think touch id was always easier. So the big question this year ill be really curious to see what happens is how many iphone models were actually going to see the iphone 12. We saw four, the mini the 12, the pro the max and the mini just sold. Horribly surprisingly, i really liked it, but i obviously, as you can see, i didnt keep one of those. So i i like the bigger phones, um, i always hit the max, which is you know, crazy, expensive every year, but still it was an awesome little phone uh that im surprised more people didnt like anyway, if you guys are in the market for a new phone. Even if youre not going to get the iphone 13, i would wait. You know a couple weeks until the 13 is out, because the iphone 12 lineup is going to drop in price. Then the last big feature i thought was worth mentioning is um a big focus on cameras this year, the cameras on the pro models lease are getting even bigger and theres a rumor suggesting that astrophotography is going to be a new highlighted feature in the keynote, and So pretty much, we are focusing on a better display, smaller notch, bigger cameras and, of course, were going to see a faster processor, even though i dont really know what a faster processor does at this point.

So, moving on to the next topic, the apple watch and this year were likely to see the series 7 debut. Supposedly, the apple watch is going to receive the biggest design, update and change since its release. Uh, the edges are going to be flattened out, like the iphones are in the ipads, and it would be really interesting to see what apple actually releases at least thats. What the rumor is that this is happening and ive seen renders online. You can look them up and it looks awesome in the photo, but in practice this doesnt seem practical for the apple watcher that it would be comfortable. Im really curious to hear everyones thoughts of if thats, a good idea or not. I i dont know im still sitting here like the iphone 6s or 6 to the iphone 11, with the curved edges that felt more comfortable in my hand than the iphone 12.. You know in an ideal world. What i would love to see is a design actually like the battery pack, where the front is flat and then the back is a slight curve. You know its not bowed on both sides, its like this. It reminds me like the ipod touches or like the iphone. The original design to the 3gs – that was probably my favorite because you got the best of both worlds. You got this flat, look on the front and you got the curved grip in the back, so that is uh.

The major change with the apple watch. The screens are getting slightly bigger from a 40 to 41 millimeter and then from a 44 to a 45 millimeter and then lastly, were likely to see the third generation of air pots. Now this is for the regular air pods, not the pros, but supposedly the regular ones are going to start. Looking more like the pros uh, the stems are going to get shorter. The only thing missing is, you wont, have the silicon tips on the regular ones, but its been two years since the second generation airpods came out so were likely to do an update there. So hopefully a new design, better battery life and then the third one is. I could see spatial audio support coming to the regular airpods as well too like they are in. The pros, probably wont have noise canceling, but i could see spatial audio being added and then lastly, macs ipads anything else. What is there one more thing in this event, and my gut reaction is probably not i mean, were going to have a packed event with iphones apple watches and airpods, now apples two year window that they said they would have their entire mac lineup over to apple Silicon is actually coming up to an end uh this coming june of 2022, so in the next 10 months or so at most, we are going to see three new apple computers released an imac pro, a mac pro and a macbook pro.

So its all of the pro lineups are going to be announced, at least in the next 10 months, and im guessing were going to see one of those by the end of the year. But the long story short is were likely to see another event by apple. Before the end of the year, announcing some of this other stuff now to conclude this video at the very end of apples, conference, ios 15 will be released to the public, probably around noon, to 1, one again on september 14th, so stay tuned. If you guys are updating to that, if youre jailbreaking or anything like that, dont update to ios 15 but yeah along with ios 15 ipad, os 15 is also being released too. So thats what were likely to expect on tuesday again stay tuned and look for some awesome content coming out right after the event. Thank you guys so much for stopping by today. Again, if you want to stream tomorrows event, live, go to streamapple.

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