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As projected in the previous videos, there were a couple of reports suggesting that it might be delayed, but no sir, its happening lets ramble. Music hold up go by when i pull up. They all are made like at once. Hey whats up guys its great to see you all again and if youre new here im patrick – and this is why i ramble about tech and other stuff. So the event is happening, and it is called california streaming a little play on words for california dreaming and in true apple fashion. There are a few easter eggs for us to ponder, as was the case last year with the spring loaded event. Apple has hidden a little ar goodie for us on their event, page, which you can find using your phone or your ipad just make sure youre using safari. It does not work on chrome and i suspect it wont work on any other browser either. And what do we have here holy smokes, its a damn portal? Do we go in? Are we gon na end up in tim cooks basement? If we do, i havent been very nice to him. Lately. Oh well, lets be brave. Lets, take the plunge and looky lou. What do we have here? Well, there is the date, which is obviously the 14th of september, but why is it in the middle of a lake in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains and stars lets explore? Shall we well? The date is clear.

So all the rumors of the potential delay of the apple event are out the window, but why the lake and the mountains well such a place is probably the worst spot to get any kind of cell coverage unless some company came up with an idea to connect Their phones to low orbit satellites to make calls and texts, even if theres, no cell coverage. If we look up at those stars very closely, we might just see one or we could point our new iphone 13 up at those stars and make use of that astro. Photography mode, i dont know im just guessing anyway. The iphone 13 is very, very close to being announced. So lets recap: what do we know? We know that the iphone 13 will come in all four current sizes, which im personally very happy about, because earlier in the year there were rumors of potentially discontinuing the iphone mini and contrary to all my expectations, the mini is a phone. I have grown very fond of all. Models will have very similar designs to last years. Models which was to be expected, i mean last year, was a major design. Overhaul people have been very positive about it and it is not very likely that a company will drastically change the design again. The very next year weve seen reports of a smaller notch. John prosser shared a drawing of what this might look like and in the previous video i showed you this dummy model of the iphone 13 pro, which also confirms this, or at least the fact that the speaker grille, has moved all the way to the top, which Would indicate a smaller notch, of course, theres gon na be a new chip, the a15 and, of course, its gon na be a little bit better than the previous one, nothing spectacular there.

The new iphones are rumored to be getting a slightly bigger battery which, if you have an iphone mini, you will appreciate very very much because the battery on that thing is absolute garbage. You will need a battery pack to make that even last till dinner time i did a video comparing three of the best battery packs. I will link to that video at the end of this one, one of the biggest upgrades this year. Much like any other year, is an improved camera system. We thought the camera bump would get a lot bigger, but judging from the dummy models we have, it looks like that is not the case. However, the lens casings are noticeably larger, and i know this is just a dummy, but the dimensions on these things are usually spot on, since they are used by third party companies to base their accessories like phone cases on speaking of accessories. This dummy model was provided to me by castify, who happens to make awesome accessories for the iphone. The cases they make are slim and protective. If youre new to the channel, you may have missed my drop test of these cases. I dropped one of these suckers from way up high using my drone and apart from a couple of scratches here and there on the case, not the phone. It was totally fine. You can customize every case to your liking and you can even personalize it with your initials or some other texts.

You like what i personally like about caseify is that they really try to mine the environment, all of their impact and ultra impact cases are made with 50 recycled materials made from upcycled phone cases and theyre shipped to you in 100, compostable packaging printed with eco friendly Ink they also provide their cases with an anti microbial coating, which im sure you will agree is not a bad thing to have right now, plenty of bacteria going around so its a good thing to keep them off our phones. If youre thinking of getting a new iphone 13 – and you want something to protect it – you cant really go wrong. With these cases, go to patrick rambles, to get 15 off your purchase right. Where were yeah cameras, the iphone 13 pro is rumored to get a bigger sensor, sensor shift, which is basically apples term for in body image stabilization, and it is reported to get a two and a half times telephoto lens. All of these features used to be exclusive to the pro max model. Now last year i told people to skip the 12 pro and get the pro max instead, but if size is really going to be the only difference this year, throw me up baby, because that pro max is way too chunky. We also expect to see video portrait mode, at least in the pro models, but, like i said in earlier videos im skeptical about that one.

It doesnt look that great on photos. I cant imagine it looking much better on video. Other companies tried and they filled miserably. So lets see apple is also said to introduce prores, which is mainly interesting for video nerds like myself, and maybe you prores is codec for video files. We like to use in editing software like final cut pro its fantastic makes everything much faster and smoother and if apple can bring that to the iphone. I will definitely be very happy about that, especially since the cameras are getting better and better and the chances of me using footage from the camera in my actual videos, are increasing. Weve seen rumors of improved face id and, in my opinion, that would be an absolute must in the absence of touch id in an era of face, masks face id is almost just as annoying as the mask itself. It doesnt work. We need something better 120hz refresh rate is all but confirmed, and we will very likely be seeing storage options on the higher end. Models of up to one terabyte, which i used to think is ridiculous on a phone. But if we consider these new iphones as video cameras, one terabyte, doesnt sound, so crazy anymore, plus i like to offload my camera footage onto my iphone when im on the move so using it as a quick, hard drive to store my stuff until i get home. Will also be very, very convenient. The prices of the new models will either stay.

The same or increase digitimes did report that prices might go up because of chip shortages and even though their accuracy rating isnt. All that a jump in the price could be realistic if apple ends up introducing their low orbit satellite feature, which would of course be a game changer for anyone who travels a lot or who lives in a remote area. Of course, weve heard about some beautiful new colors, like matte black bronze and more recently, also sunset, gold and im pretty excited to see what they will look like. If it looks anything close to these renders im in by the way ill be giving you my brutally honest reviews of these phones here on the channel once theyre ready to be shipped so make sure you hit that subscribe button. So you can join me for all that good stuff, according to youtube analytics less than eight percent of you watching are sub to the channel. So what are you waiting for? The iphone is not the only thing apple is expected to announce were also expecting. The apple watch series, seven, which again is not expected to be a major upgrade, but rather a big design upgrade which will give it a similar boxy design. We see on the iphone and the ipad pro and that most people seem to love, including yours. Truly john prosser reported that there might be a new color green for the apple watch, so that might be interesting for some people as well and there will be new sizes were going to go from 40 and 44 inches to 41 and 45 inches in principle.

Thats. Not a huge deal theyre getting marginally bigger, but the question is whether that means all of your watch. Bands are now garbage. That would be a pretty douchey move by apple, but lets be honest, theyre known to squeeze us by making little accessories redundant. So i wouldnt be surprised. Most renders like this one show larger speaker growths, which could indicate listening to music directly on the apple watch without headphones. Personally, i dont really understand why anyone would want to do that, but hey to each term, the s7 chip might help with battery life, which is still not great, especially if you like, using the sleep tracker youll, have to find times during the day to take the Watch off and charge it just not ideal, especially if you compare it to fitness watches like the fitbit that will last multiple days but thats apples and oranges. Pun very much intended airpods 3 are rumored to be presented on tuesday as well and, of course, were expecting a new and redesigned ipad mini and potentially even a regular ipad. Upgrade no macbooks, but weve heard several rumors now of multiple events. This fall and we will most likely see new macbooks in october and thats, something im personally very much looking forward to because im still on my 16 inch intel, macbook pro and im dying to replace it. Let me know in the comments what new device or new feature youre most looking forward to seeing at this event, if you enjoyed the video, please give it one of these.

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