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This yearSo lets talk about it Intro. So, according to some of the TRUSTED sources, weve come to know that there will be a total of 8 MORE Apple products that will keep launching in THREE separate events in SEPTEMBEROCTOBER AND NOVEMBER.. Among all these Im mostly excited for the SEPTEMBER event, because in the third week as in maybe in september, 14, were going to see the iPhone 13.. And you have probably seen some dummy units that show a huge diagonal camera bump on regular model and triple cameras on the pro models.. In pro models, you might get exact same camera, module with sensor shift, both in main and ultrawide lens.And. A larger main sensor, with 1.9micron pixel size with A larger aperture lens, will also be available this year, which simply means better low light performance., But the main benefit iphone will be getting is astrophotography mode, which is, i think, going to be one of the best in The market. And Finally autofocus is going to happen in ultrawide camera, and this may enable macro mode like samsung or huawei.. Besides all these camera improvement, i am mostly excited for portrait video mode., As you already knowin, photography iphone, has by far the best portrait mode on any camera, and now you will get the same natural background, blur excellent edge detection and incredible dynamic range in videos too, And for this you need a lot more processing power than current gen, which will be delivered by apples.

New A15 bionic.This will be a 5nm, refined architecture and finally, in 2022 we will get a 3nm chipset., But having this chip finally allows iphone to have a 120hz display, which is going to be a huge improvement over the last gen iphone.. But this also mean we need a lot more battery capacity to power. This 120hz display.. There is no exact news about the battery, but i think there will be a larger mah battery, but the screen on time would be similar to iphone 12.. However, a report says apple is implementing a larger magsafe coil, so i think iphone may finally have reverse wireless charging and faster wireless charging speed as well.. So overall, the camera and display seems to be the most prominent upgrade this year, which is not a huge upgrade.. So we have to wait till september to see whether it will be called iphone 12s or 13.. The next device on the september event is Apple. Watch 7.. In this year, apple said, they will mainly focus on battery life. Thats, why they are not making any sensor upgrade. Rather, a slight design change might happen with more squarish thick design.Moreover to save space for a larger battery Apple will implement new lamination technique to reduce the space between the front glass and display.. Moreover, a rumor is spreading that apple will use their band to increase sensors and battery life., Although this may not happen this year, but a more rugged version of apple watch may launch in this september event with upgraded design and better battery life.

. Lastly, in september, apple will also release ios and ipad os 15 publicly.. Now, in october event, apple is planning to launch some new ipads.. First of all, there will be ipad mini 6.. According to some reports, ipad mini 6 will have a very modernize design with square shape, slimmer body, very thin, bezel and finally, no home button anymore.. However, the fingerprint sensor will be implemented in the side like early ipads., But to keep the price as low as possible. It will offer an ips display with only 60hz refresh rate, and maybe there will be a smaller version of new apple pencil to implement with it.. Besides ipad mini 6, the 9th gen ipad will also expected to be launched. According to mark gaurman. It will be significantly thinner than last gen.. He also mentioned the display of it will have anti reflective, coating, p3, color gamut and true tone display.. It will also offer Apple A13 bionic chip, inside., So thats all for the september and october event.. Lastly, In the November event, aka mac event., Because apple will be releasing the next gen macbooks and an imac.. So there will be next gen, macbook air and macbook pro. In the last year, weve seen apple came up with industry leading M1 chip for their macs. It was insanely, powerful and very very power efficient.. Only one thing i expected the m1 macs had is a better design.. The new 14 macbook pro is expected to offer a full new design language after 5 years.

. It will be squared shape with rounded corner and offer a much thinner body this year.. It will also remove the macbook branding from the bottom to offer a much thinner, bezel overall.And in display it will have a pretty significant upgrade, as it will have mini led display. Like the ipads., This means not only better color reproduction, but also better sunlight visibility., Besides display apple, is bringing some legacy ports back like hdmisdcard and magsafe.. However, besides these, we will see a pretty good improvement in the processing unit with latest m1x processor.. It will offer 8 high power core, as opposed to 4 and 16core gpu instead of 8.. This means M1x is going to be even faster than m1 macs, which is insane., And if apple brings these to the table, people will be crazy to buy the macbooks. Even if apple doubles the price to 1800 or 2000 us dollar., However, if you need even more power, a 16 macbook is also expected to be launched with 32core gpu and 64gb ram. With the same design display and battery life.. Now there will be 2, more macs which are mac mini and maybe just maybe a 32 imac.. The mac mini will be loved by the more budget, oriented consumer or who wants the m1x performance in a smaller form. Factor. Desginwise. There will be not much change except it will offer a glass top.. Lastly, the 32 imac will offer similar design like recent m1 imacs, but it will have a very thin bezel will offer 6k resolution a better speaker and definitely m1x processor inside.

Colorwise. It may offer a blackgray one with some apple accessories. Other than that this will be like the m1 imac. So which of these 8 products. You are mostly excited for, Please.

What do you think?

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