God of War, GeForce Now, Nvidia, Sony PlayStation OD OF WAR PC IS COMING TO STEAM 🔥🔥 | 2021??|

So what is this news? What is this leak? All about that is going to change the pc gaming forever. This is awesome with charismatic, so lets get started now. Firstly, i would like to thank aniket cool, who has shared this news with me loud shout out to you so lets get started now. Reportedly, a leak has come around in which nvidia geforce now database is showing, obviously, god of war, god of war is being shown and its being listed on the nvidia geforce now database and one interesting thing and very important thing that is steam is being shown so That means that its a potential leak that shows that god of war, is going to get ported to pc, and this is, i think, god of war 2018 version that is going to come on pc because steam is mentioned here and nvidia geforce. Now users have already been seeing this in their database. Now, if you see this article, which has been written by ego july, he has clearly mentioned what he has done and what workaround he has done to find out what is in the database of nvidia geforce. Now now this is seriously some of the biggest leaky which you can understand because god of war is a big game and you can see his youtube video and you can understand what actually he has done and gone about uh he got july and he has found Out why this is the biggest relevation revelation for all the pc gamers, because god of war is a big, its a big playstation game and god of war 2018, which is being listed here.

You can see that this photo is being shown on the database of nvidia geforce now, and this game was released in 2018. Now i do not know whether the previous version of god of war are being connected, and what is this coming, but currently, this leaked image has some authenticity, not some but a lot of authenticity, and i feel that sony playstation. They are not earning that much from the from their playstation subscription, which is ps now subscription, so what they have thinking and what they want to move forward is bringing a lot of quotes to pc and thats how they can make money to make their future releases. For ps5 and all those things because porting to pc will give them a lot of money because theres so much game in the playstation library which everybody wants to play. Also, there was a leak regarding gta remastered, also coming for pc uh lets see what happens because geforce now database is currently showing a lot of things, but if it has been listed on the nvidia geforce now and with steam written on it, then it definitely means That it is not for ps now the playstation subscription model which sony playstation has, but it is for steam. That means it could be for the pc release and thats very important to understand, but i know like me: there are a lot of gamers out there who want to play god of war on the pc, not with any emulator, not with any simulator, but with god Of war original at like 60 frames per second, so this could be really possible because lets trust, sony, playstation and lets stress this leak that god of war could be soon coming to pc and it is a reality that would come now, but one other thought may Be there that why they did not announce it on their playstation showcase, which happened like couple of days back why they did not announce this on their showcase, so lets see what happens.

There should be any announcement or trailer because god of war ragnarok has been released or like the trailer has come down for playstation 5. lets see for pc users. They have a gift, because now i understand – and now i think that they want to satisfy all the parties they want to make everybody happy with pc users as well as console users. Console users will keep getting all the exclusives and the pc users will be getting the old game, but we are not complaining as long as god of war and all the biggest releases of playstations are coming. We are not coming, we are not. We are not complaining as long as these games are keep on coming on our pc. So hopefully you, like this news, im very excited about this.

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