iPhone, Apple 13 Apple Event in 7 Minutes!

If you like this video too, as it greatly, helps us and is much appreciated, all right, so apple started things off with some new ipad updates. They updated the regular ipad. It received a minor spec bump. Nothing too interesting here, but the star of the show was the new redesigned. Ipad mini the new ipad mini features, a completely new design, dismissing the home button in favor of a full screen design with an 8.3 inch display. Yes, this is what weve been talking about for some time now, its basically the ipad air, but in a smaller form factor the display features wide color and anti reflective coating, 500 nits of brightness and true tone featuring an a15 bionic chip. The new ipad mini is up to 40 percent faster in cpu performance compared to the previous generation, with an even bigger 80 percent increase in gpu power. The ipad mini features 5g technology offering customers even faster performance, with download speeds of up to 3.5 gigabytes per. Second, even with 5g apple says, the new ipad mini still features all day battery life. The ipad mini also features a usbc port rather than lightning, and also the new ipad mini features, a touch id sensor embedded into the power button. It also features the 12 megapixel ultrawide camera. That brings us the great center stage, feature from the ipad pro and is compatible with the second generation apple pencil. The ipad mini comes in space, gray, pink purple and starlight and starts at 4.

99. You can actually order this ipad mini right now, and it will be available next friday, september 24th. All right next up is apple watch series 7 and while it did receive a redesign its a little bit of a smaller redesign than what we initially thought, it was going to be. The edges are still pretty round they arent as flat and squared off, like we thought they were going to be, but the watch does appear to be thinner and larger and it does come in new sizes, 41 and 45 millimeter options and the display has also been Increased and is larger due to the thinner borders, because the display is larger apple has improved its ui to adapt to this larger display, offering much more text on screen and different buttons for navigation. The watch can also utilize a full screen keyboard with quick path capability to really pump out some larger messages if needed. The new apple watch is ipx6 dust resistant now and also remains swim proof with a wr50 rating apple watch. Series 7 is available in five aluminum colors, including midnight starlight, green, blue and red stainless steel models are available in silver, graphite and titanium is also available in multiple colors too apple watch. Series 7 is also compatible with existing watch bands. So no need to worry. You wont have to go out and buy a bunch of new bands. Apple watch series, 7 price starts at 3.99 and will be available later.

This fall and wont be available for pre order. Yet this friday, so do not worry about ordering the watch. It will be available later on in the year next. Up are the new iphones, iphone 13 and iphone 13 mini were first both featuring a smaller notch, repositioned rear cameras, improved performance and more while maintaining the 6.1 inch and 5.4 inch sizes of their respective iphone 12 predecessors. The new iphone 13 and 13 mini as rumored includes a smaller notch, allowing for more display area in specific apple said that the notch is now 20 smaller. Staying on the front is the new super retina xdr display. We have 28 brighter display now, with 1200 nits peak brightness inside we have a a15 bionic chip which features a six core cpu with two high performance and four high efficiency cores embedded into the a15 bionic chip is a new 16 core neural engine capable of 15.8 Trillion operations per second, we do also have an updated dual camera system arranged in a diagonal fashion. That includes an updated 12 megapixel sensor that allows for 47 percent more light. A 26 millimeter focal length and the ultra wide now has sensor shift capabilities that was carried over from last years. Pro model with video apple is introducing a cinematic mode which uses the power of a15 to automatically blur the background. During a video allowing the subject to stay in focus during filming users can tap on different subjects to rack focus.

The new iphone 13 comes in five new colors, including pink blue midnight, starlight and red. The iphone 13 mini starts at 699, with 128 gigs of bass. Storage up from the previous 64 gigabytes, the iphone 13 starts at 7.99 and both will be available for pre orders on friday september 17th and will begin shipping next week on september 24th. Next came the pro model iphones the iphone 13 pro and 13 pro max, which features just about everything that we talked about with the previous iphones, but also comes with a super retina xdr display that features pro motion refresh rates that varies anywhere from 10 hertz to Hertz, depending on what youre looking at on the screen – and it also depends on your battery life so that it can help optimize battery so that the pro motion display isnt using more hertz when it doesnt need to the stainless steel frame, has a custom finish. That is resistant to abrasion and corrosion. There is also a new sierra blue color option, along with graphite gold and silver, both devices sport, the a15 bionic chip with a 6 core cpu and a 5 core gpu for significant performance improvement. This variant of the a15 chip contains one extra gpu core than the iphone 13 mini and iphone 13s a15 chip. There are also some good battery improvements to these models. Thanks to the a15 chip, as the iphone 13 pro can now last about one and a half hours longer than the iphone 12 pro and two and a half hours longer than the iphone 12 pro max, which is a pretty big improvement.

If its actually going to hold up in real life use, the rear camera system contains new 77 millimeter telephoto ultra wide and wide angle. Lenses with sensor shift stabilization for reduced camera, shake the iphone 13 pro features. A 6x optical zoom range thanks to a new 3x telephoto camera. The ultrawide camera also now features autofocus and offers a new macro photography mode that can take close ups up to two centimeters away from an object. You do get that cinematic mode that we talked about earlier, as well as night mode for all rear cameras. Apple also introduced a couple of different modes like photographic styles, which bring individual preferences to local photo edits in real time. Styles, work across scenes and subject types and users do not need to define it every time they shoot. The iphone 13 pro can also shoot video in pro res mode for high color fidelity. The 13 pro starts at 9.99 and 10.99 for the 13 pro max with pre orders. Also this friday, the 17th and devices arriving next friday, the 24th and thats it thats pretty much a quick rundown of everything that apple announced at todays event and, of course, id love to know your thoughts in the comments down below. Are you excited, disappointed, go ahead and let me know your thoughts.

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