Laptop, Hewlett-Packard, Computer, Gaming computer, Graphics processing unit OMEN 30L Mining Performance on RTX 3070 60MH Walkthrough

370. All of the um rtx series on the omen: uh, 30 l or uh 25 or omen whatever are non lhr, because these are oem made theyre made custom made by hp themselves. Its got two beautiful fans there and a 10 pin connector for 12 pin im, not sure, but it goes to these converters right there. So lets look at the mining performance of this im going to be using nice hash. Here we have msi afterburner there. These are the settings that ill be using im. Gon na put lets, say, power limit up at lets, say 55 and im gon na put the fans at lets, say: 79 im gon na overclock the memory to a thousand and im gon na down clock the core up to 400 somewhere in there. So these are the settings ill be using and im gon na launch the mining program ill, be mining on the 5800 x that came with this and also the gpu. At the same time. So im gon na apply this setting thats cpu mining, not relevant. You do get a 59 to 61 mega hash and your temperatures dont go really that high up, so it has just started its using this program to uh mine, its using dagger hashimoto so uh, which is mining ethereum. I assume c57 mega hash power, 121 watt. Sometimes it goes even ive tried pushing it up to 113 or 12 thats the maximum. I went and it works pretty.

Well. Actually i mean it goes up to. You can see the earnings right here its about five dollars per day, uh, it can change. I mean it could be four to six or even ten. Sometimes you open your 15 depending on uh, the algorithm and the pool youre in and how many things are going on in that pool. So all those things really matter, you see 58, almost 59. We just started it. It usually goes up to it. It stays around 60 to 59 or 61, so it really plays around that much im, not pushing it too hard. I mean i tried to change the memory clock up to 1500. It didnt crash. It was fine, but it didnt change my hashrate by much, and i have another rtx 37 here, asus dual and it does the same thing: 61 mega hash, thats about 60 to 61 mega hash. So not really much of difference. You know on what youre mining and its at five dollars a day right now, but it changes a lot so depends on the market, the prices and algorithm and all those things. So this thing can mine pretty well actually and lets. Take a look at the temperatures. 46 degrees celsius, and if we want to look at uh, unfortunately it doesnt, we cannot see um uh. What do you call it? We cannot see the technically. You know uh memory temperatures, but it shows the gp hottest spot lets go down here: okay, gp temperature.

47.46. If you add a fan there, i mean um small fan, you put it there, its going to be a bit lower its going to be around 45 or so gpu hottest spot is 60 degrees celsius, but does not show the uh vrm temperatures, but they dont really Get hot i mean when i touched above there when its been mining for hours and hours or days, it does not do much so its pretty a decent system and ive actually upgraded the ram just now to 32 gigabytes, not for mining purposes, but of course, for Uh games or other multitasking things that ill be doing so this is actually pretty decent, uh pre built. I mean it comes with really good stuff, the b 550 motherboard and standard you know connectors and uh. You can upgrade the ram you know like. The psu is like platinum by cooler, master 750 watt and a trial bite of nvme ssd, its got nice heat sinks there, its got a nice aio, cooler and uh pretty much it. I mean if you guys, gon na use this machine for mining and use the graphic card to salvage it its really worth it. I mean this whole machine with a lot of good specifications. The box right there is technically gon na cost. You anywhere about a thousand eight hundred dollars or so and right now, just the gpu would go for that price, so youre getting technically the everything else, including the awesome power supply the case.

You know the ram the nvme ssd the standard motherboard and basically you know that 5800x ryzen cpu for basically for free, i mean so uh its. I mean it also comes with three years of warranty, so you have a peace in mind that anything happens to you. Youre gon na throw it at hp and theyre gon na fix it for you, but i dont think anythings gon na happen to it so its a pretty good machine, i would say anyways thats about it. You can try. Your own settings see what you can do, but this is what i can do around like uh, 59 to 60 61 mega hash that one mega hash really doesnt matter here and there it changes a lot depending on the pool and uh. What is it really doing? Thats pretty much it you guys have an awesome evening or morning or afternoon or whatever the time or whenever youre watching this video anyways.

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