SpaceX, NASA, GOES-U, Artificial satellite, Falcon 9 Inspiration 4, Starlink Lower Cost, SpaceX Wins Another Contract with Nasa.

Nasa picks the big heavy boy and inspiration 4 is set to launch and make history lets go this past week at sat show. We saw a flurry of tweets from attendees in regards to dishy ii production numbers. You see starlink and spacex have taken a lot of heat about dishy one because its too expensive and takes way too long to produce at those current numbers. They will not be able to meet demand. In response to this, we saw quite a few spacex bigwigs, commenting that version 2 will be cheaper and multiple times faster to produce. According to spacex cfo brett johnson spacex could drastically expand production alongside a new and improved version of starlings user terminal. As early as q4 2021 next month, in other words, johnson, says that next gen dish will simultaneously have production costs likely dropping to 650 to 750 dollars and enable a dramatic increase in spacex dish manufacturing throughput. Currently, the cost of gen 1 terminals is roughly 1200 dollars per dish. Johnson said with new production models. They will be able to have that cost. However, this will still mean at the current price tag of 500. They will be losing money on the sale, but much much less, assuming as starlink onboards, more users and costs of economy come into play as production ramps. They may break even even sooner rather than later. However, this advancement is unlikely to drive costs down for end users, like you and me anytime this year, according to an article by eric ralph of teslarati.

Put simply if spacex can build and sell a million dishes annually in 2022, it would equate to 500 million in dish sales and additional 100 million in monthly reoccurring revenue every year, effectively taking starling from its very first paying customer to 10 figure annual income. In two years, with spacex likely, spending around one to two billion annually to fund starlinks build out its not inconceivable that the venture could become self sustaining, with just a few million active users a milestone just a couple years away at the production rate of a million Dishes per year: okay, okay, not the best news for you and i its not going to be any cheaper for us to buy dishy too. However, it sounds like great news for the network and certainly for the business model. If we look at what eric berger said, its going to be sustainable in only a few short years, which is amazing at these current numbers – 500 – yes, it is expensive, but if you compare it to other satellite technologies and certainly in the old days, what it used To cost to get the hardware to connect to a satellite was in the thousands of dollars so 500, while its expensive. I suspect once we see dishy version 3 4 and the economy and scales grow were going to see a cheaper dishy hit. The market, beyond production numbers, whats, really cool, is were going to see a sustainable business within a few short years with just a couple million subscribers well be able to break even and well be able to push back that money into further development.

So things get cheaper and cheaper from this point forward. Im really excited about that, because its a proven business model and if for it to pay itself off in four to six years, is nothing short of amazing. However, we dont really have the numbers yet to support it. We have only the cfo saying a dramatic increase in production, but we dont know what that means if they can produce a million dishes a year. Guess what its on? In the past few hours, nasa just announced that they awarded the g o e s. U goes u weather satellite to spacex and it will be ferried into space on a falcon heavy scheduled to lift off on april 2024. According to, nasa has picked falcon heavy to launch the geostationary operational environmental satellite. U, or goes u, with a planned liftoff in april 2024, from kennedy space center in florida agency officials announced on friday september 10th, the total launch cost for nasa will be about 152.5 million dollars. They added goju will provide advanced imagery and atmospheric measurement of earths weather, oceans and environment, as well as real time. Mapping of total lightning activity and improved monitoring of solar activity and space weather nasa officials said in a statement. Friday goes, you will be the fourth and final spacecraft in the goes r series, a collaboration between nasa and the u.s national oceanic and atmospheric administration, or noaa these highly capable weather satellites which are operated by noaa eye earth from geostationary orbit 2 236 miles above the Planets surface falcon heavy has just three liftoffs under its belt to date, but its poised to get quite a workout in the near future.

The powerful rocket is scheduled to launch two classified missions for the u.s space force over the next few months. For example, it will also loft among other payloads nasas psyc asteroid probe in 2022, the agencys europa clipper mission in october 2024 and the first big piece of nasas gateway moon orbiting space station in november 2024, and we can now add, goes you to the docket as Well, we just keep chalking them up huh, another big w for spacex, with their win with the falcon heavy for the nasa contract. Whats the bald bandit going to do now, whos he going to sue okay. I know i said i wasnt going to bring him up, but before you judge see what i did there hes about to take another very serious blow when inspiration 4 launches next week, itll make history with four common citizens in space. Wait wait, wait ones not so common this coming week. Spacex is about to make history again with a historic flight of ordinary citizens, not trained astronauts into orbit in a modified dragon capsule on top of a falcon 9 rocket. Well, if you count one billionaire who purchased a flight as ordinary, but i cant hate its for a good cause. Sometimes this wednesday, four ordinary civilians will climb aboard spacex crew dragon to spend three days in orbit around the earth. They will launch from nasa kennedy space center in cape grenaval florida, while initial reports had them going to the iss they will not.

Instead, they will orbit around the earth. The capsule has been modified, since it does not need docking equipment to include a large dome window. For crews, to gaze upon the cosmos jared isaacman, a billionaire who founded shift 4 payments and purchased the flight said he didnt want us to be just another billionaire in space, so he decided to use it as a fundraiser for saint judes childrens hospital, along with donating 100 million of his own money directly to saint judes. He also donated two of the seats to the hospital. They quickly chose a physician assistant that had worked there on the front lines and also was a former patient, and the other seat was used as a sweepstakes. For the cancer institute that raised 13 million for the hospital, the final seat was won by a contestant and a contest set up by isaac min where the winner built the best online store using the shift 4 payment system. As a way to raise money for saint judes, while on board, the subjects will be monitored, asked to do physical activity and they will be auctioning off some goods and nfts. Oh nothing to see here just the first ever three day orbit of common civilians untrained astronauts in space. While we see the other billionaires launched for 15 minutes, oh yeah, that wasnt even in space. So it says the faa so now were seeing the continued dominance of spacex, and i couldnt be more happy or proud.

Im really impressed that they continue to commit to us with lower cost production methods. They want to increase their production, so they can get starlink in. As many hands as possible throughout the world and finally, they snuggle up with nasa and win yet another contract. Whats jeff bezos, going to do now sure im getting tired of shoe, fly shoe and scraping his muck off our heat shields. But i really think its too far gone for him to catch up. He should concede and get out of the way of a proven space company and as much as i am a fanboy of spacex and alan, i still say hats off to you: cuz youre, doing a good job. Please like and subscribe to this channel.

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