SpaceX, NASA, GOES-U, Artificial satellite, Falcon 9 Musk REVEALS SpaceX's first orbital-class Super Heavy booster Test Static Fire next week.

The booster and shake down starships brand new orbital launch complex as early as next week. A lot of work would need to be finished and all of it smoothly for an orbital launch, pad cryo proof and static fire to be possible just a week or less. From now, but must response nevertheless provides invaluable context for spacexs near term plans and confirms that super heavy booster 4 is ready for integrated testing, as is further, must tweet implies that starbases orbital launch complex tank farm is much closer to test readiness than it might otherwise Appear so in this episode lets find out more about how is b4 ready, for this test. Importantly, can stage 0 meet this schedule? Actually, both super heavy booster 4 b4 and the launch mount have undergone substantial changes since they last parted. Waze, 4 weeks ago, spacex teams have been laser focused on installing the vast array of plumbing wiring and components required to turn the hulking steel structures into functional launch facilities and the largest flight worthy rocket, and both certainly look the part. Unlike starship, which has an expansive skirt section perfect for stowing away, sensitive plumbing and avionics, super heavy has an unusually short interstage and no real skirt, meaning that all the extra hardware spacex has installed over the last month or so is impossible to hide. Indeed, when booster 4 rolled out of starbases high bay for the second time on september, 8th, the rocket was blanketed by dozens of new valves, thousands of feet of wiring and plumbing pressure vessels.

Multiple hydraulic racks, a quick disconnect qd umbilical panel for interfacing, with the launch pad places for flight termination system, fts explosive charges to be installed and much much more. Additionally, super heavy b4 second battery 29 raptors installed in late august, also appear to all have outward facing umbilical panels that will allow the booster to receive some level of assistance from ground systems, while igniting those engines its unclear exactly what theyll do, but its likely that Those engine umbilicals will connect to high pressure gas systems on the ground, presumably minimizing the already absurd amount of copvs and secondary plumbing present on super heavy. However, super heavy will still need to be able to reignite anywhere from 1 to 13 of its 29 to 32. Raptor engines in flight for boost back and landing burns potentially explain the eight large pressure vessels and 100 plus small high pressure gas lines installed on b4s aft end. Super heavy also needs to be able to chill feed and purge all 29 to 32 of its raptor engines, guaranteeing that starships booster plumbing situation was going to be immensely complex, no matter the approach spacex took in addition to super heavy b force, newfound complexity, spacex also Spent the last four or so weeks, outfitting starbases orbital launch mount with all the plumbing power, avionics and mechanical systems. It will need to function at stage zero of orbital class, two stage starship rockets spacex has installed most of the secondary equipped, disconnect structures that will connect to and feed each of super heavys 20 outer raptor engines.

The main super heavy, quick disconnect device was also installed, and a team has been gradually outfitting and connecting the structure to the plumbing, avionics and power will provide boosters. A significant amount of work still remains to connect the orbital launch mount to spacexs, incomplete and custom built orbital tank form, which will store supercool and feed the pad super heavy and starship, with several thousand metric tons of liquid and gaseous oxygen and methane, its difficult to Say how close starbases tank farm is to being able to support starship or super heavy testing, which makes it equally unclear what spacexs near term plans are for booster 4., its possible that the rocket has been reinstalled on the orbital launch mount as a second fit check? Perhaps focused on those 20 outer raptor quick, disconnect mechanisms its also possible that the tank farm and launch mount plumbing are much closer to completion than expected, meaning that super heavy b4 could remain at the orbital pad until its completed several crucial, cryogenic proof and static fire Tests, of course, short of confirmation from musk himself well just have to wait and see now theres another piece of important news. Talking about ship 20., three raptor vacuum engines for ship 20 were transported from the build site to the launch site. Last night now weve got three sea level: raptors installed waiting for the three raptor vacuum, installation itll be soon. So do you think that booster 4 and chip 20 will be tested at the same time? Besides, we also see the spacex teams frantic progress towards finalizing the future booster prototype wasting no time booster 5s common dome section appeared in the high bay as stacking of it begins.

So what if b4 blows up or something theyll have the next one coming right away? Finally, ill take time for sharing fantastic news of another hidden weapon of spacex that we have not mentioned for a long time, the falcon heavy. For the first time in more than two years, spacex has a firm launch date for its next falcon heavy mission october 9th 2021, currently its still the most powerful and capable commercial rocket in operation and likely to remain so perhaps alongside starship for years to come. Falcon heavy debuted in february 2018 successfully delivering a mock payload into interplanetary space after another 14 months of work, spacex, then debuted falcon heavy block 5, an upgraded version of the rocket that took advantage of all of block 5s reusability, reliability and performance improvements just two months After falcon heavy block 5s inaugural april 2019 launch spacex launched a rocket for the third time supporting a u.s air force. Rideshare mission, reusing both of flight 2s side boosters and giving the u.s military a first hand. Demonstration of the rockets capabilities, however, falcon heavy, has not flown once since then scheduled to launch no earlier than net october 9th falcon heavy number four will likely roll out to kennedy space center pad ‘a around five to seven days prior for a crucial static fire test And pad shakedown spacex is currently scheduled to launch crew dragons all private inspiration, 4 mission, as early as september 14th, giving the company around 3 weeks to modify pad ‘a and its transporter erector gather all four ussf 44 falcon heavy stages and assemble the rocket another crew Dragon mission is then scheduled to launch, as early as october 31st, again leaving spacex less than three weeks to reconfigure pad ‘a successfully.

Completing that back to back to back dragon fh dragon manifest on schedule will be a significant challenge and delays are probably more likely than not. Nevertheless, falcon heavy will likely roll out to the launch pad for the first time in more than two years less than a month from today. In addition, nasa continued to select falcon heavy to provide launch services for the geostationary operational environmental satellite. U goes? U? Mission? Goes? U will provide advanced imagery and atmospheric measurements of earths weather, oceans and environment as well as real time, mapping of total lightning activity and improved monitoring of solar activity and space weather. The total cost for nasa to launch goes. U is approximately 152.5 million dollars, which includes the launch service and other mission related costs. The goes u. Mission is targeted to launch in april 2024 on a falcon heavy rocket from launch complex ‘a at kennedy, space center in florida, and that concludes todays episode, as always thumbs up. If you liked todays episode subscribe, if you havent and hit the bell, so you wont miss out on new spacex fans content once again. Thank you, so much be sure to remember. If you have any ideas on what we should talk about in the upcoming episode, please leave a comment down below from all of us here at spacex fans.

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