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Complex ‘a, ahead of launching inspiration for crew teams are targeting no earlier than 8 p.m. Eastern time september 15th, this spacecraft previously supported the crew 1 mission. The mission will go to an orbit with an apogee of about 540 kilometers and last about three days. The docking adapter of crew dragon resilience will be replaced by a dome window. Spacex is targeting monday september 13th for a falcon 9 launch of 51 starlink satellites from space launch complex 4e at vandenberg space force base in california. The instantaneous window is at 8, 55 pm pacific daylight saving time or september 14th at 355, coordinated universal time. These are version 1.5 star links with laser inter satellite links, which are needed for high latitudes and mid ocean coverage is starlink going to be deployed between earth and mars to improve communication for starship elon responded, yeah the 2nd of august 2021 spacex presentation notification letter to Fcc about the second generation starlink satellites august 25th, 2021 amazons kuiper systems company out of nowhere sending letter to fcc asking fcc to dismiss the amendment proposed by spacex august 31st, 2021 spacex response to amazon, the 8th of september 2021 amazon new eight pages letter to fcc. I talked about it in my last 11, 45 minutes video, the 9th of september 2021 spacex response to amazon another week. Another objection from amazon against a competitor, yet still no sign of progress on amazons own long rumored satellite system in its latest diatribe.

Amazon spends over six of eight pages on matters wholly irrelevant to the current proceeding, or even matters currently before the commission pushing past amazons efforts at distraction and delay. Only one simple question is currently before the commission in this proceeding: whether spacex provided sufficient information on a proposed minor amendment to the application for its next generation system for the commission to seek public comment on that application. The answer is unquestionably. Yes, as usual, amazon tries to prevent a fair review on the merits by using procedural gamesmanship, despite its theatrics, amazon does not identify a single fact figure or scintilla of data that spacex omitted from its application. Nor can amazon point to a single rule that prohibits spacex from providing the commission with extra information about an alternative configuration for its system. That is because spacex has provided all information required under commission rules and more information than necessary for the public and the commission to evaluate all aspects of its application. Nonetheless, amazon is attempting to use a procedural gambit to prevent the public from even having the opportunity to provide feedback on the merits of spacexs application. Spacexs request at this point remains straightforward and simple: spacex asks only that the commission make its application available for comment from all members of the public, including amazons legion of lobbyists and lawyers. Undoubtedly, amazon will find a litany of other issues with the application to complain about. Nonetheless, that is what the comment cycle is for to give the public the opportunity to build a complete record to assist the commission in evaluating spacexs application for its next generation system.

Spacex therefore urges the commission to put the application out for comment immediately to expedite the process of providing better broadband to more americans, no matter where they live, and yesterday we got new three pages letter from viasat to fcc long story short, they said spacexs amended. Application runs a foul of section 25.114 in section 25.159 b. The commission can should and must dismiss the amended application on that basis.

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SpaceX, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Falcon 9, Rocket Genius Solution to Save Billions of Dollars

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