0 e digital supply chain model in industry 4.0. So i start within digital supply chain 20. A what is digital supply chain trends are digital twins, friends, digital twins, virtual model of actual product or service; a virtual model of actual product, 3d graphics or data. Modeling softwares snapshots number two: making physical products number three transferred product to consumers for sale process; complete digital supply chain process, virtual digital product, kerala, see the benefits of digital twins; one speed up risk assessment and production time number: two: anticipating maintenance, cost and time number three Remote monitoring in real time number four improved teamwork, number five help in financial decisions, making number six keep update your data security protocols number seven while manage your data quality d, how digital trends technology works as a supporting hand of industry 4.0; digital trends, technology industry, 4.0 Technologies effectiveness, number two reduce wastages number; three reduce batch time change or number four improve product quality; number five enhance traceability system; number; six, improve distribution chain; efficiency in short time and cost digital trends, technology main purpose, customers, interaction or dynamic feedback; lena manufacturer digital supply chain Model in industry, 4.0, friends of supply, chain, 4.0, product design and planning number two production plan. Number three distribution plan: number four consumption number: five management of reverse, keep joining, keep watching. Thank you and thank you very much. God bless.

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