Digital twin, Twin ools for BIM Construction Management

Today, our video is for bim managers, construction managers, production managers, people that are responsible for a job site, the general contractors, the timelines and the quality of the work thats done on the site. Many times you are looking at as built photos taken by someone on the site notes taken by someone on the site. You are hoping that the camera photos are at the right angles and of the right portion of the job site and youre, hoping that the timeline notes that accompany it are accurate. What we like to look at today is a new platform that is a digital twin platform, where you have, as you can see, with this site plan, hundreds, if not thousands, of panel photos in different locations on the job site that allow you to look at a Measurable photograph in what they call a panel view which allows you to look at virtually everything from that particular location. As you can see from the site view, there are a tremendous number of locations that these panel photographs were picked up. This data was collected using a 360 camera system that atlantic laser scanning has available for rent and purchase with just a short amount of training. Your employee, or one of our employees, can go to your job site and walk the site. Collecting this video data with a pano photograph, just like this, with measurable photogrammetry data every second or so throughout the walking process. At the end of the day, the data is just uploaded to the website for the uh cubic site view and within 24 hours.

You are looking at data just like this and able to walk through your job site. Not only can you walk through the job site, one time you can actually visit the site or have us visit your site multiple times, weekly monthly uh twice a month whatever it is that you might feel is important for the job site and then you can compare And contrast the two different times and look at your as builds this is going to allow you to take a look at in this case a finished product and maybe a product project during its midway point or you can back up to a different point in time. Allowing you to see what was done on what date it was completed from virtually any angle if you work with bim 3d modeling data – and this is what your construction process is based off of – you can upload an unlimited number of bim models for your project to The digital twin platform, and even compare your as built photographs to the bim 3d model, for instance, looking at a set of windows or a doorway like this. This builds up and switch to a different bim model, a different date of your as built photographs in comparison uh. Many different types of sites have different advantages for a program like this. If it looks like something that might help your business, please let us know you can call us at 800, 9550 visit our site at atlanticlaserscanning.

com or just email us at info We can set up a demo. You can tell us exactly what the needs of your company are and we can help you to understand how the program and the platform may work best for you to give you the best as built result as you can and increase control over your site plan and Your revenue stream – please let us know if we can help.

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Digital twin, Twin Al Made: viaggio in una fabbrica al 100% digitale e interconnessa, dai digital twin ai robot Scada