LG, Light-emitting diode, Television set ’s Immersion WiFi TV LED Backlights are AWESOME!

This is the govis interactive, smart light offering called immersion and is a wi fi tv backlight that mirrors the content on your tv. I have a philips hue, which does this and recently looked at the light me, which also does the same thing except govi have been working at light strips for a while. Now, from what i can see, and in the past, ive decked out my daughters bedroom with a few of their light strips, which i purchased and ive been impressed with the brightness of the leds and also how cool their app was. So will i have the same thoughts about this: their immersion product lets dive in and take a look roll. The intro. Whilst this is not a sponsored, video govi, were kind enough to send me this to take a look at and have a play with for free. So, thank you govi for supporting small creators such as myself. If youre interested in these, you can purchase this kit right now on amazon at time of filming this video for 71 pounds, 99 pence thats right 72, quid linked down below which is half the price of the. Like me, i previously looked at and a hell of a lot less than the philips hue sink box, but these are very different in the way they work, the govi immersion from what i can tell so far uses a small camera to watch your tv thats right. It actually looks at and watches the tele for you, and then it determines what is on the screen to then mirror the lights to match the content.

There is no, i repeat, no and spit hdmi sync box involved at all, and i have no idea if using a camera means its quicker, more accurate or better in some way and ive been thinking to myself. Why on earth would they go this route and use the camera and then it dawned on me literally right before i sat down to start filming this video? I had an epiphany. There is no hdmi sync box, so there is not going to be a limit on how many devices you can have connected to your tv. The camera picks up on whatever is on your tv, regardless of whether its an apple tv, an xbox, playstation, google, chromecast amazon. You get the idea having a camera intelligently watch the tv means you arent, going to have any issues with the type of content youre watching either, whether it be hdr or dolby vision, for example, and again, youre, also not limited by the refresh rate, as you currently Are with the like me, neosync box, and the philips playsync box, the more i think about it. Using a camera to determine whats on the screen makes sense, especially for those that have a smart tv with with no input devices. This will react to all the built in apps, unlike the other offerings. Ive looked at so far, but big big, but i like big bucks and i cannot lie. Can an ocd freak like me, live with the fact you have to have a small camera protruding out from your tv.

I dont know i dont know theres only one way to find out – and you guessed it is to get in the box – see what weve got and have a play. No knife needed for this one, its just an old fashioned, pull out tab gubbins, which shows you how to uh place the lights qr code for the app the light strip itself, which is for a 55 to a 65 inch tv and can output a whopping. 16 million colors and, as you might have seen from the box, it is an rgb ic, which means its a light strip capable of outputting different colors at the same time, whereas an rgb strip can only output, one color at a time user manual connection box with A usb usbc and power input uk power plug clips and stickies alcohol prep pad orange sticky sponge thingies, which are actually used by the app to help it calibrate the position of the camera and to see whats on your tv and then last. But no means least this is the camera. The 1080p camera with govis color sense technology, now im unsure, if it being just a 1080p camera, has any bearing on whether it only works with a 1080 image on the tv screen, but i would assume not find out later there. We have it everything unboxed and what you get in the box, and i forgot to mention as youd expect. It is compatible with all of your favorite smart home insistence, including amazon, alexa and google home.

But these lights, like the light me, also have feature modes. For example, music mode, where the camera, which has a little microphone in it, listens out to the content or the music thats on the tv and then the lights then react to the music. Basically to help create all the ambience. You need, whilst youre having a little boogie in your living room at home Music, so weve unboxed it. You know whats next lets, go and play Music, do Music, Applause, Music, so Music Applause, Music, alexa, turn off study, gobi alexa turn on study Music. So there you have just seen installation setup and end result all in a lovely bit of b roll, and i must say it was very quick and super easy to set up which, as you know, if you watch my videos, i like that kind of thing. Each side of the tv had its own strip, which made lining them up really really easy. My lg tv in the study is only 50 inches and the kit is supposed to be for a 55 to 65 inch, but i folded over the extra couple of inches at the end and they seemed to work just fine. The app process was quick and easy scan a qr code, download the app sign in and add the device, although i couldnt quickly find the immersion kit in the list of products, so i needed to search by model number which i got off the back of the Box, both the user manual and app talk you through sticking up the orange pads to the tv to then calibrate the camera.

There has been some feedback about the orange stickies marking peoples, tv, which, if you push them on the tv firmly enough, may well happen, but the app clearly does state to lightly stick them to the tv which i did and no marks no problem. So literally, within 10 minutes i had the strips up camera on calibrated and it mirrored the tv light whats. Also nice is, you can choose to have the camera at the top or the bottom of the tv. So i would imagine if you had a sound bar, you could very easily blend the camera in with that at the bottom. But, as you can see, ive put the camera at the top of my lg tv as it blends in quite nicely with the tv border because its black. Now, obviously, if you have a borderless or a fancy, lg gallery tv, then youre – probably not going to want to be using this now, as you can see, ive hidden all the cables already, because these are staying put, because i only ever use the built in apps On my study tv, so this solution is absolutely perfect, for that has been some talk in some older reviews about the color accuracy of the strips, but as youve seen from my video, they seem pretty spot on to me, so i can only assume govi fixed these. In newer versions of the strips or maybe with updates to the app and as i mentioned, i was dubious about if the 1080p camera would limit the content that it was able to see but testing with a 4k youtube, video, no problemo, so for 71 pounds, 99 Pence, i would say this is a massive bargain and if you have no issues with the camera, then there would be no reason.

I can currently think of why you choose to go down the hdmi sync box route, which obviously limits your number of inputs and also, in some cases, the type of content you can watch. So, in summary, if youre looking for a very affordable light immersion experience, then i would honestly hand on heart highly recommend you look at govis immersion, tv, backlight kit linked down below because theyve also given me a discount code, thanks govi, so who thinks a uh video Comparing philips hue like me, neo and go the immersion is in order. Hmm, let me know down below along with any other comments, questions or feedback. Please do consider liking the video whether you did or not, hitting subscribe or smashing the bell to get notified. When i upload new videos, because it all helps with the youtube gods, thanks very much, and thanks for watching so uh until next time me like goodbye all hate on me, dont bring that rage on me.

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