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On Tuesday SpaceX launched another batch of Starlink satellites with their first launch from Vandenberg in a while. SpaceX commentator, Zero. Liftoff, The booster, which launched B1049 landed successfully On the Of Course, I Still Love You droneship becoming the 2nd booster to launch and land for a 10th time. SpaceX commentator, As you can see from that beautiful view of stage 1 having landed on our droneship for the 10th time.. Well also take a look at the next SpaceX launch coming up in just a matter of hours with Dragons. First, all civilian mission., As you can see, on TheSpaceXFans website, the Inspiration4 mission is scheduled to liftoff at 2 minutes past midnight, UTC or 802pm EDT. Inspiration4 posted a Tweet of the Falcon 9 and Dragon sitting on the launch pad with a confirmation of the launch time.. They said With the Inspiration4 launch now just 3 days away, weather conditions are 70 favorable and weve narrowed our launch window to 5 hours, beginning at 802 pm EDT on September 15th. SpaceX posted a Tweet saying, SpaceX completed a full rehearsal of launch day activities with the Inspiration4 crew. SpaceX also posted a Tweet with some cool shots of the Inspiration4 crew, with their spacesuits on. NASASpaceflight posted an article on their website related to another payload, which SpaceX will launch.. It says. Spaceflight Inc has announced GEO Pathfinder a rideshare mission to geostationary orbit. That will use a lunar flyby.. The mission will use a Sherpa EScape transfer vehicle launched as a secondary payload, with Intuitive Machines.

Im 2 mission to the moon. Michael Sheetz posted a Tweet with a picture of a Falcon Heavy side, booster, that rolled past the press centre at Kennedy, Space Centre. Over in Boca Chica. The work on the chopstick catching arms is continuing over at the launch. Site. The orbital launch mount work has been continuing with Booster 4, currently sitting atop. Heres a view of the possible quick disconnect arm extension being constructed.. The ground fabrication building is currently being extended.. Jeff Foust posted a Tweet saying NASA announces the winners of 146 million in NextSTEP Appendix N awards for sustainable human landing system concepts, Blue Origin Lockheed Northrop, Dynetics and SpaceX.. This bulkhead stack for the ground support equipment. Tank GSE 8 was flipped.. Work continues with replacing the Starship 20 heat shield tiles, but they look much much better than before. Theyre, also continuing to prepare Ship 20 for testing.. We can hopefully expect some Super Heavy Booster 4 testing soon, as Musk mentioned in a Tweet last week.. Looking at the road and beach closures on the Cameron County website, we can see that there are a few dates for possible testing.. Originally they had a primary closure date of Friday 17th, but that has since been cancelled with the primary date now Monday. 20Th. Then theres also a backup date of Tuesday 21st for some possible Booster 4 testing. Heres a view of the Booster 5 upper bulkhead stack that we saw sleeved last episode.. The Super Heavy Booster 5 prototype is continuing to grow in the High Bay as they stack sections.

. Another Booster 5 ring stack was seen sitting outside.. This common dome stack for Super Heavy Booster 6 was spotted out in the yard.. Once again. This video, I have to thank Nic Ansuini, who has been out in Boca Chica filming the content.. Also Mary has returned to filming Boca Chica content. So, thanks to her as well for being out there capturing the action., Then, as always, thanks to the NASASpaceflight team working behind the scenes on their videos, livestreams and other space, content. Thats it for this episode of TheSpaceXShow. I hope you enjoyed the video if you did make sure to hit the like button and leave a comment down below. If you want to stay updated with SpaceX info, make sure to subscribe and press the bell icon to get notified. When I upload.

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