Nintendo Switch, Bluetooth Audio, now available on Nintendo Switch (Update 13.0.0)

I guess we should talk about this now, why not its breaking news? Okay, what is it nintendo of america, tweeted uh, the latest nintendo switch update, is now available, including the ability to pair bluetooth devices for audio output will its been there the whole time they could have just given it to us. Oh its only been four years, but here we are. We have bluetooth audio on the switch. I am legitimately shocked and amazed by this for more including restrictions on some features while using bluetooth audio. Please visit the support page wow pair device, bluetooth, audio uh thats it there. It is, i mean wait. Can i just do this? Can i just you know, im gon na friggin update my switch right now. Yeah, it looks like were uploading an eclipse channel video today boys how to pair and manage bluetooth audio devices. In this article, you will learn how to connect, disconnect and remove save bluetooth. Audio devices on your nintendo switch important up to two wireless controllers can be connected to a nintendo switch system. While using bluetooth audio, you will not be able to pair additional wireless controllers until you disconnect the bluetooth audio device. Bluetooth audio will be disconnected during local communication. Such as when a local wireless multiplayer game, so it looks like wait what so, i guess, if youre, not using wi fi for local multiplayer youre using bluetooth – and i guess they – they have to allocate some of the bluetooth channels that normally would have gone to controllers Or multiplayer for okay audio, all right thats, not a big deal, thats, not a big deal, its only local, its only local wireless right, so so so thats that thats.

That doesnt seem possible that local multiplayer is running through bluetooth, but theres, probably some sort of connection. I think whats happening is when the two switches start, the initial connection, the initial connections happening through bluetooth and then its going through wi fi. I think thats, how that happens. So theres would be some problems there and thats totally fine. But if i cant use the internet on this thing, while im using bluetooth, audio im gon na, have some problems with with with mr mario and reggie the two guys who run everything in nintendo uh note. There are three notes: only one bluetooth audio device can be paired at a time, but up to 10 devices can be saved on a nintendo switch. So you can. You can like link up to 10 different audio devices, but only one can be used at a time. This is good because i i have over the air bluetooth headphones and i have airpods, so i can sync them both and just go back and forth between the two im, remembering that i dont really have any bluetooth headphones. I have these. I have a steel series. Uh, but i dont know if theyre charged, also note uh, bluetooth microphones cannot be used. What the what is wrong with them! It cant be that hard to add. After you add bluetooth, audio its like its all that, like thats, got to be part and parcel. How can you not expect of bluetooth microphones unless they specifically mean bluetooth, specific microphones, but i dont think they make microphones that are bluetooth.

Only do they um probably, but nobody buys them. You may experience audio latency depending on your bluetooth device. Oh its right. There bluetooth audio okay payer device, okay. Well, i have to charge my steel series headset before i open anything so uh, okay! Well, let that sit for a while and then well give it a whirl in a little bit so thats exciting news for anybody who wanted it. It is exciting news i want to see if it works docked. It doesnt say: i see why it wouldnt it doesnt say it doesnt work docked but yeah, i cant see why it wouldnt. I cant believe its taken uh Music, four years for for a software update to allow for bluetooth audio, and i made a video talking about how its kind of ridiculous that theres no bluetooth audio on the switch and uh people tried to give me excuses for why. Theres no bluetooth or like technical reasons, why there wouldnt be like why the switch isnt capable of bluetooth, audio and uh. Here we are with a simple software update, giving us bluetooth, audio heres, a question: did this just render all those people who make bluetooth dongles for the switch obsolete? Yes? Yes, yes, indeed, they can try to go for the angle of you can play local wireless with this yeah or, like you, can you can still have all of your controllers, hooked up and whatnot, but or theyll, probably say better quality and also yeah.

Actually, i dont know if the mic works through that i dont see why it would yeah but thats the thing like you got it. I think i think you guys. I talked about that in my video. I think i might talk about that in my video. Well, when you get this up and running uh, you got to let us know if bluetooth microphones, if that means the microphone connected to your headset or uh, just solo, bluetooth, microphone, ill, blue, ill boot up, overwatch and try it out. I think overwatch is the one where, when you boot it up, you can see the mic on the screen like immediately uh, okay or that might be rogue company. I dont remember, but one of them is the one that i tested in my video because you see the mic on the screen now that my headset should be a little charged. We should try this out. So i have my switch here and my headphones here. I dont know if theyre turning on yeah there, it goes. Okay, the green bluetooth logo is blinking, so i hit pair device make sure the bluetooth device is ready to pair. It should be ready to pair all right. My switch said unable to find bluetooth audio devices. Uh make sure your bluetooth device is ready to pair its blinking. It should be ready to pair, and this is another thing i have to do this stupid thing uh. What is that the steel series? Arctis 3, so this headset was made for the nintendo switch uh, but it was made so that you can plug the headphones into the switch and have it bluetooth connected to your phone.

At the same time, oh wait here we go. I had to hold it for longer now its blinking really fast. So anyway, this these headsets were made with the nintendo switch online app for the phone in mind, uh, which is horrible and a terrible way to use any headphones so uh. This will hopefully work a little better again. This is the only bluetooth headset that i own arctis 3 has been found. Im connecting my bluetooth. Audio connected up to two wireless controllers can connect while using bluetooth audio, so i guess thats to joycon so yeah. I was gon na say: does that mean two direct cons, so it is using the uh controller radio. That was a concern yeah when i was talking about this in my video bluetooth, audio will be disconnected during local communication. Okay, so were not doing that uh. So i got the headphones on. What is the game that i wanted to? Try with uh lets lets try rogue company because its right here i think road comes it broke its either row copy or overwatch. That has the little uh audio blip thing right uh. This is an interesting thing. My switch uh just uh just froze on a road company. Just crashed, oh wow, okay, we will try overwatch, then its a sign from god that its actually overwatch that we need to try yeah. Oh, i got panty party. Do you think panty party has voice chat yeah, i just realized you can sort by title.

I never do that. Oh dont down! Okay! How long is it gon na take to download that the headphones werent working for a second and then it like randomly just switched over to the headphones uh? Okay, uh theres? No headphones are working. I mean like i can hear it. Software update required. I will do that later. Please login error, thats totally fine. Oh you cant, even open the game. Three minutes: okay, thats, not so bad. Okay, but again i cant hear it so its working fine! I guess, should we try it in the dock? Maybe while this happens? Oh so another fun thing uh. Normally i have my game audio coming through hdmi, so that the stream can hear it and uh today. That wont happen because uh its coming through bluetooth, also fun fun little thing uh. My pro controller is not connecting to the switch right now. Also we got the joy cons connected well, no because i have oh thats a good point, but that should be directly connected. Also, i think my headset dis no no, its still going its its blinking orange. Now, okay, uh, i think you can see the orange light there, yeah uh, okay, so the so i docked it and the headsets still connected so thats a good sign um, but the controllers. Not that is a bad sign. Can i connect my pro controller? This feature is not available while using bluetooth audio. So you cannot go to your change grip order, really yeah.

You cannot go there uh, while youre using bluetooth headphones, so im gon na try to connect the pro controller using uh, a cable here, okay yeah! So it if i plug it in it goes to the second player, but i cant make it the first player, crad white wings in the chat, says im using my air pods on the switch while using my sn30 pro plus bob. Are you hardwired cause this aint working? So if i unplug now no yeah to completely disconnect up to two wireless controllers can connect while using bluetooth audio it just you just yelled at me: oh okay, now the pro controllers first player, but if i unplug it there it goes. Oh, oh, it was a low battery. So with the joycon docked, i can use the pro controller with wireless uh, its just the batterys low. All right now, overwatch is finished, so we can use it. Oh, so thats. What the problem was was that the joy cod were two separate controllers. That makes a lot of sense thats why i was yelling at yes, i got overwatch up and it looks like its not. It looks like a headsets, not working at all um i mean the audio is working for sure, also good, good news uh. It is very easy to reconnect it it. You just go into the settings and the and the arctis 3. Is there you just click on it and it reconnects very easily uh, but putting it into the dock uh.

You dont really have to do much so yeah its still coming through the headset uh im talking into the mic and nothings happening. Will i i got it. I got my headset to work now: im, switching yes, now, im switching over to bluetooth! Oh there, it goes okay, well, im connected everybody in this cat chat keeps telling me that you cant do this uh. I know that nintendo said you cant, but nintendo lies a lot and i need. I need definitive proof that you cant do this anyway, uh im playing uh rogue company now and yeah uh, who, who would have guessed uh the mic. Doesnt work, okay, uh, so i got bluetooth audio running good, though thats good and i just died. So there you go so bluetooth, audio works and it works pretty. Damn good. Everything sounded great. All right, just dont, expect uh to use your microphone and you cant plug in a microphone like if you have, if you have regular headphones, that that you could plug in that, have a mic. You cant use them the game.

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Nintendo Switch, Bluetooth Update 13 Brings BLUETOOTH AUDIO! But… Is it GOOD?