Nintendo Switch, Bluetooth Update 13 Brings BLUETOOTH AUDIO! But… Is it GOOD?

I have just updated my firmware from 12.1.0 and now were on version 13. brand new, full version, and if you know this here at the bottom, theres a brand new section and you dont need to go looking for it or anything just right. There, bluetooth audio, add device, devices must be connected in order to use bluetooth up to two wireless controllers can be connected while using bluetooth audio one of the major reasons that nintendo claimed that they did not choose to include bluetooth. Audio prior is because it created interference with the controllers. I think, specifically, the joy cons on top of that. The joy cons dont have the best communication anyways like i always keep my macbook air right here and i always need to close it while im playing my game. If im on my system like right here, i get it, it gets interference very easily. Bluetooth audio will become disconnected while using local communication. Okay, that makes sense. It also interferes with rokus. Bluetooth. Microphones cannot be used. We knew this thats, not headsets its just speakers and you may experience latency depending on the bluetooth device. You are using im, not a hundred percent familiar on protocols for bluetooth and stuff, and i have two headsets here. I have my day to day airpods. I also my airpod max is downstairs, but i didnt want to try those um. Instead, i have my old running headphones, which were a couple of beats by dres, so lets try this out at device searching bluetooth for audio devices, make sure bluetooth device you like to use is discoverable im going to hold down my syncing button on the boots.

Okay, they were dead, they were very dead, its been a while since i ran but lets go ahead and give my airpods a try. Lets go ahead. Open up the case hold the button on the back. I think three seconds until its a glowing white light. Great add device searching, i need to hold it closer. My switch is over there. Its still glowing still still going still going almost there. Hopefully, fingers crossed still glowing still going unable to find devices. Lets give it another try in handheld mode unable to connect, make sure bluetooth device you would like to use. Is discoverable place it close to the console and try again after several filled the taps. I just restarted my nintendo switch, and now i clicked it and immediately connected it said connected to bluetooth. Audio up to two wireless controllers can be used. Bluetooth audio will be disconnected while local communication so lets go ahead and throw these bad boys in i dont know. If theres an actual lag or not, i mean im very im right in front of it right now, but i doubt im gon na be able to use a bluetooth headset while its docked. I am interested to see what will happen then. Oh, it still works. That is surprising, so you mean to tell me that you can lay in bed with your nintendo switch docked, connect your bluetooth, headset noise canceling. If the person, next to you snores a lot or theyre asleep, and you want to make sure you dont wake them up or because you cant sleep and theyre waking you up whatever it is.

The fact that it works while you are docked is huge. My controllers, not working that well dont, know if thats related im just gon na point it directly at the switch okay working a little bit better. But if i bring my controller here reset my gyro, does this count as two controllers, like you only allowed to play? Uh with two joy cons because theyre two separate controllers so now theres theres, technically four bluetooth devices connected to my switch right now: yeah thats thats, not working that well, hang on hang on im connecting my pro controller feature is not available while using bluetooth audio. Oh im not allowed to change my controllers, the order or sync anything. I just got the disconnect sound sync, the order or anything while my headset isnt, and you know that, because youre currently hearing the switch sounds if future austin remembers to include them. Bluetooth audio connect to this device. Is it just going to connect right away, no problem unable to connect? Oh this time they connected, and i got the connect sound and you even see it up there. If i hold down the home button, oh look, i can control the volume on do not listen at high volumes for long periods of time, thats a nice little warning um, but yeah. I can control the volume of my headphones right here by holding down the home button, but no im more interested in the fact that the joy cons had that much interference.

Now, if i press buttons on my controllers, up to two wireless controllers can be used during bluetooth audio only one of them connected okay, so yeah. This does count, as that was some big lag. What is going on? Is it this bad? You just saw how laggy that was navigating this menu, the skyward sword menu. You saw how horrible it was right. Lets try this now wait. What update doc the software and the nintendo switch doc will be updated. What were going to come back around to that, but im just going to once again do this test and connect it right away? No problem right. I i tapped the home button. I didnt hold it. This is not good. This is unusable for the record thats, where my doctor was that far away from me, while using joy, cons, the entire time pokemon, sword and shield was out every pokemon sword and shield video in handheld mode works flawlessly as expected. If i were to disconnect these and play this in tabletop mode im gon na even do it one better im gon na put them on the rails, not connect them just put them on the rails, so its technically in tabletop mode right now and lets see, lets See, okay, its working now, but the simple fact that, from here too its my arms length, away, like i cant stress how its right here this monitor, is in the way this monitor is in the way heres.

My dock, i can reach it from where im sitting thats, how close it was this entire time thats how close it was, and it still is, having these issues i mean i get it now – is the bluetooth that bad on the nintendo switch that it cant. You know do two controllers at my airpods. At the same time, it does seem like its working a little bit better now that i busted its balls, nope nope theres the lag again now, the pro controller from this distance, not a problem. I know that for a fact, im like im not doing that much of a test, dude im hitting left and right on the menu and the simple fact that its not working while hitting left and right on the menu thats bad okay, im now connected to the Airpods no problems, no issues whatsoever. That was weird. It even stayed on screen as two of them highlighted at the same time, no issues whatsoever like its fine, now heres my question: this is technic. The airpods are technically two bluetooth audio devices. I dont know for a fact: if this pair of beats by dry headphones is one headphone or two. I would assume that its one, because theres no controls on the other side right the side is theres no controls on it. I only have one button for syncing and things, so it would be healthy to assume that theres cables going through to the other side im gon na try at this distance first before i have to hold it up next to it.

The fact of how close i had to hold that for it to work i mean. Maybe it was a reset thing, but even once here it didnt connect properly. Oh no, it sees it no problem connecting connected, no problem, the sound isolation mode works just fine. So its really weird to hear right now, im gon na go back to the joy cons, while only using a single bluetooth. Headphone know what i mean unable to connect to my headphones. You were just connected no problem. What about, if youre this close to my headphones, then will you communicate oh and theyre connected okay, i dont know if proximity had to deal with that or not okay. So now were back at the home screen. Right game is running getting a little bit of lag there. Oh there, it is there, it is. It seems to be working much better. Oh nope, theres theres, some lag again. I i know im giving you really quality gameplay right now, but, like i would not even boot up a four fun game in pokemon unite with this sort of latency right now. What is update doc doc is already up to date. Is that gon na be a feature for like the oled dock or something so whats? The overall consensus of the nintendo switch and bluetooth audio handheld mode and individual bluetooth devices as long as youre holding it right in front of you? Shouldnt have a problem, handheld mode and one single headset, no problem tabletop mode and dual bluetooth devices.

Youre gon na have some problems. Tabletop mode and single bluetooth device, youre gon na have minor latency docked. Nintendo switch from i dont know any distance that not you holding it and dual headset, not gon na work, unplayable literally unplayable pro controller for your nintendo switch in tabletop or docked mode with dual bluetooth from what ive seen works, no problem, i dont know if you Would have any issues with it being on the other side of the room, as many people are in a dock situation and obviously, if youre going beefy on both ends, youre, absolutely fine, so moral of the story is less devices and beefier devices are going to have Less problems than smaller and more plentiful and lightweight devices got it so heres the spectrum spectrum is literally unplayable. Spectrum is youre going to be just fine. Where you lie on that spectrum. I dont know the spectrums a big place guys software is out now its a small update. It shouldnt take any time, theres, no congestion right now on the internet to download it its literally just a very small file. You shouldnt have any problems, but guys, thank you. So much for checking out this video.

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