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15. In a mission benefiting St. Jude Childrens ResearchHospital., The four civilians are part of SpaceXs private orbital mission. Inspiration4 researchinghow space affects the human body. Billionairetech entrepreneur and pilot Jared Isaacman St.Jude physicians, assistant and pediatric cancersurvivor. Hayley Arcenaux data engineer, ChrisSembroski and geoscientist science, communicatorand commercial astronaut, Sian Proctor, willorbit Earth over three days and conductmultiple experiments from space. Crew members, ECGactivity movement, sleep, heart rate and rhythmblood oxygen levels will be measured, throughoutthe flight.. They will also take tests to monitor cognitive and behavioral performance, whilein space.. This is the first spaceflight for all four crew members.. The crews goal is toraise 200 million for the childrens hospital.. In addition, Isaacman is donating 100 million.. The flight takes off from the Kennedy Space Center on Sept. 15 and will air live on Netflixs YouTubechannel. SpaceX will determine a launch time frame based upon Floridas weather conditionsapproximately. Three days, before. Ahead of the launch Netflix will release a series showingthe preparation for the flight.. The first two episodes premiere on Sept. 6 followedby, another two episodes on Sept. 13. On Sept. 30. A final episode will premiere onNetflix documenting the crews, return home. In other space news. There is a bizarre objectwhich is not a star or a planet that is rushingthrough the Milky Way Galaxy, which has left NASAscientists, shocked and baffled.. They found it by chance and have been trying to figure out whatexactly it is.. However, first, how did they come to name it of all things The Accident? Well, it seems it was a chance encounter an accident if you will that actually broughtthis bizarre object in space to their notice, whenit sort of crept into their photos, while theywere taking pictures of something else.

. In fact, this object officially named by NASA as this WISEA J153429.75 104303.3, which is verymuch present in our Milky Way. Galaxyand there may be more lurking there. To add to the mystery surrounding the objectit defied NASA scientists efforts to describeit.. Incredibly, it is not a star and it is not a planet. It is something in between.. What exactly is that Something unique? It is being surmised that this is a failedstar.. A failed star is called a brown dwarf.. Brown dwarfs sometimes defy characterization.. In effect, brown dwarfs are objects in space that started out as a star butfailed to turn themselves on to become a star.. The reason they failedto become a star is that they did not have enough mass to power up nuclear fusion.. However, these are very large in size, some 80 times the size of planet, Jupiter., Butthis, specific bizarre brown dwarf, is very hot and it will take millions of years to actuallycool down.. The Accident might be 10 billion to 13 billion years old, at least double the medianage of other known brown dwarfs says NASA. Next, in the news, Even after six months, NASAstiny helicopter is still flying high on Mars., While NASAs Ingenuity was only supposed to fly 5times. The helicopter has completed 12 flights, andis, not ready to retire just yet. NASA has nowextended its mission indefinitely and will now accompany the rover Perseverance, which is looking for signs of life on Mars.. When the copter reached the Red Planet, it had to survive the glacialcold of Martian nights and keep warmth fromsolar panels that change its batteries duringthe day.

Ingenuity. On April 19th, however, became the first motorized craft to fly on anotherplanet. When the helicopter was first launched into space. There were doubts among the team. Mars, has an air density equivalent to only 1 of Earths atmosphere, which is likeflying a helicopter in thin air., But since its landing has flown as high as ‘ feetand covered a distance of 1.6 miles., It is now being sent out To scout the way for Perseverancethe rover with a high res color camera. Next up on DiscoverZen, we will be discussingWhy. Does Elon Musks SpaceX Starship BellyFlop Thanks for watching our video.? If you likedwhat, you saw make sure to smash that like button subscribe and turn on notifications.. If youwant to recommend some topic, mention it inthe comment: section.

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Space, SpaceX, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Inspiration 4 Mission: Zivilisten in einen Orbit – Starship Neuigkeiten