Space, SpaceX, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital THE INSANE DETAILS of INSPIRATION4 are GENIUS!

The crew members include a tech billionaire who is funding the venture. Another member on board is an extraordinary person who has fought and defeated bone cancer. The purpose behind this whole space journey will change the way you look at space exploration and its significance. You may be thinking that the venture may get delayed due to faa concerns around the starship, but a different spaceship is going to be used. Musk announced this mission back in february 2021, but it seems that it is in its final stages. Now what are the details of the inspiration for mission? Who are the members of the crew, and what does this mean for the rest of mankind? The video today will first go over an overview of the mission and share some important details then well get to know the crew members and all that they have had to go through till now. The last part of the video well go over the purpose of the mission and the significance it holds for all of mankind, heres, a quick reminder that you can subscribe for, free and like the video so that we can boost the algorithm comments are most welcome and The best ones will get featured in one of our upcoming videos overview of the orbital mission. Inspiration 4 is the first all civilian space mission being done by spacex. It will be done on board the crew dragon spacecraft. This non governmental journey is set for the 15th of september.

This year. Four people will embark on the venture from nasas kennedy space center in florida, american billionaire jared isaacman, who is the founder of the company shift 4 payments, has purchased all four seats. The purpose behind the feet is to raise millions of dollars for the saint jude childrens research hospital in tennessee. It is a research facility and pediatric treatment center that specializes in leukemia isaacman will be along with the crew of haley arsenau, cn proctor and chris zimbroski. Well, talk about them in detail in just a bit. The four will be going in circles around the earth for three days after which theyll end the journey with a splash into the atlantic ocean. The height of the orbit will be set at 575 kilometers, which is higher than the international space station at 408, and also the hubble space telescope, which is at 547 kilometers spacex has made some modifications to the dragon module being used in this mission. Previously, it was being used to send astronauts to and from the iss it has to dock with the facility to join it. As the inspiration crew wont be visiting, the iss theres no need for the docking port anymore, itll be removed and a dome window will be put in its place. The crew will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the planet earth through the dome. This window, like structure, will be inspired by the iss module cupola, which is used to observe space and our planet.

Crew of inspiration for all the four people destined to go on the journey have been made to go through some intense training to be prepared for it. Theyve completed dragon simulations centrifuge pieces of training, observations of spacex operations, altitude training, classroom sessions, medical tests and zero gravity plane pieces of training. This is according to the news released by official inspiration for sources its not yet been made public. How much isaac man had to pay for the flight, but he did have to donate 100 million us dollars to st jude hospital. He did this as goodwill to the mission. That is a fundraiser. He also donated two seats on the crew dragon now lets discuss the four crew members in detail. Jared isaac. Man is a 38 year old billionaire who will be joined by haley arksino chris sambroski and dr sian proctor haley arsenal works as an assistant physician at the saint jude hospital and is an inspirational personality as she survived bone cancer and had to undergo a partial femur Replacement when she was only 10 years old, she will become the first human ever to go into space with a prosthetic body part. The duties of the medical officer will be done by arsenal. Chris sambroski is an employee at lockheed martin and an air force veteran. He will act as the mission specialist, the last crew member, dr c proctor is a geo scientist and a trained pilot hell be taking the role of the crew dragons mission pilot and backup commander.

Both of them got their spots on the crew dragon by entering a contest held by shift 4 payments. Dr proctor won the seat due to the stunning reason to fly submitted by her. She was one of more than 72 000 entries significance of inspiration for in a report released by the independent. It was stated that a significant aspect of the space journey is to collect a lot of data around the health conditions of the crew. This will be very useful in future missions of the same nature, different types of data being collected will include ecg or electrocardiograph activity, heart rate, rhythm movement, blood, oxygen and cabinet noise, sleep and cabin noise intensity. All of these will be observed against the cognitive and behavioral changes seen in the crew. The four members will be assessed for their response to the change of gravity by undergoing a balance and prescription test. Before and after the space mission, blood sample collections will be taken and monitored to check the effectiveness of immune system functions. An ai powered ultrasound device will be monitoring the organ systems of the crew at all times. Another significant aspect of the mission is to collect a sum of 200 million dollars for the saint jude childrens hospital isaac. Man has taken the first step and donated a hundred million dollars to it. He said that he is a firm believer in the idea that everyday people will get the chance to explore the stars.

However, some hardships of life have to be defeated before that saint judes mission does not revolve around space exploration or rockets, but rather around treating. So many dreadful medical conditions that a child has to go through having arsenal on board will be a leap for mankind, as she is not only a bone. Cancer survivor, but also has a prosthetic body part her going to space and completing the mission will be an inspiration for those going through similar medical conditions. Her feats in space will be hope for those facing difficulties in performing simple daily tasks. The wrap up thomas carrington commented on one of our videos and said that musk liked to include different people in his projects and tries his best to win their goodwill. The inspiration for mission is a great example of this, as musk has not let any egoistic problems jeopardize this significant journey. He and his teams are working on making this happen as soon as possible. Will everything go according to plan and will we get to see a launch on september 15th? What will be the short and long term effects of the mission? Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed this video, please hit that thumbs up. Itll help us to understand our audience and allows youtube to suggest similar videos to you. Inspiration 4 will be the first space mission to have a crew of four civilians. The journey is expected to start on september 15th, spacexs crew.

Dragon spacecraft will be sent to the earths orbital from nasas kennedy space center. Some modifications will be done to remove the docking area and add a glass dome window. The main person behind the adventure is billionaire jared, isaacman hell be accompanied by hayley arsenault sheen proctor and chris zimbroski arsenal holds a special place in this as shes a bone cancer survivor and has a prosthetic body part. The purpose of this mission is to raise money for the saint jude childrens hospital, which treats kids with leukemia and other forms of cancer.

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Space, SpaceX, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Inspiration 4 Mission: Zivilisten in einen Orbit – Starship Neuigkeiten

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