SpaceX, Jared Isaacman, Space, Spaceflight About To Make History Again, Here’s How

So inspiration four is about advancing humans in space and what that looks. Like and bringing all of humanity along with us, i never imagined that i would be part of the first all civilian crew to orbit and that im going to be the first black female pilot of a spacecraft and thats. Far from the only first. The mission hopes to achieve inspiration 4 will be spacexs first free flight of its dragon, capsule, meaning it wont dock to the iss and unlike virgin, galactic or blue origins launches inspiration. 4 will be headed up much higher than branson and bezos to an altitude of roughly 579 kilometers above earth, so who exactly is headed up there? The first crew member is mission benefactor, jared isaacman hell be the commander on board the dragon capsule issuing orders and managing communications with ground controllers. Dr scion proctor is a geologist and was a finalist in nasas 2009 astronaut program for inspiration. Four shell, be the missions pilot and will be trained to take over in emergency situations. Then theres haley arsenal a childhood cancer survivor who will be joining as the missions medical officer, shell also be making history as the first to fly with a prosthesis and as the youngest american to reach space. And lastly, chris sinbroski, a lockheed engineer, will be the payload specialist responsible for doing the experiments and managing the onboard cargo. Since being named back in february 2021, the crew has been through an intensive training process.

Usually nasa astronauts take roughly two years to train for their missions, but for the inspiration for crew. That window was shrunk from april to september 2021. I have been working really hard, along with the rest of my crew members to get prepared for this historic flight. So, im learning a lot about systems engineering and how everything works for the dragon. Spacecraft training started with trips to a human centrifuge which tests, pilots and astronauts ability to withstand the gravitational forces. Theyll experience during flight to get a taste of this reality, spacex engineers plugged in data from previous space flights, to help simulate a dragon ride during launch reentry and splashdown. During those phases, the crew can experience anything from four to six gs. The crew also hiked up the majority of mount rainier as part of a team building exercise to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. On top of all of this, there were hours and hours of in person training at the spacex facility to spend time in the simulator and learn about the dragon. Capsule. Our dragon has some modifications. So, first of all, when the nose cone opens, it normally will dock to the iss through the forward hatch. But that is going to be replaced with a beautiful cupola here. So well still have the forward hatch that well have to open to access the cupola, but well have this beautiful glass dome that we can look back on earth with as for launch day, the flight is expected to lift off on september 15th on a flight proven Spacex falcon 9 rocket from nasas kennedy space center and, like the rocket theyll, be flying in a flight proven dragon capsule resilience after liftoff, the team will spend roughly three days free floating in orbit where theyll participate in a number of scientific experiments on orbit.

Well be doing microbial um, swabs, and things like that, so that we can advance science and the reason why is because were going to be further out from the earth than any humans have been since hubble was last serviced. So that was a while ago, and so were going to be well above the international space station, so its a different radiation profile theyll be sharing their results with the same research team who conducted the twin study on astronauts mark and scott kelly back in 2019. Inspiration. 4 is going to be historic for many reasons, but it also marks a new era for space flight where ordinary civilians, like you or me, could one day head up to space. I mean theres still the issue of the current prices of launch costing thousands and even millions of dollars, but inspiration. Four is a small step toward making space a little more accessible than its ever been before. The future of human spaceflight is transforming rapidly right now before our eyes and the opportunity for people just like you to go on these magical journeys to space, and maybe even to the moon and beyond mars, is a reality and and were building that future right now And together, if were thoughtful, we can create a jedi space, a just equitable, diverse and inclusive space for all of humanity. To learn more about spacex dragon capsule check out our countdown to launch episode here.

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