SpaceX, Jared Isaacman, Space, Spaceflight 's Cargo Dragon is MORE GENIUS than you may think!

It often gets outshined in the news by the starship, but there is no doubt that it is more genius than anyone could have thought dubbed. As mission csr23. Spacex has loaded up its spacecraft with a payload that has all kinds of different things. Most of them will shock you and you may wonder if they even belong on the iss or were they just sent by mistake. Even the u.s girl scouts were sure to send something. What are the details and purpose of mission csr 23? What items were sent inside the cargo? The video today will first go into every detail of crew dragon and all that was about it and the endless new avenues that have opened for scientific research next well talk about the high demand for spacecraft and all the reasons that make it so special. The last part of the video will go over the progress spacex has made in the last few years and how the company has contributed to space exploration, heres, a quick reminder that you can subscribe for free and like the video so that we can boost the algorithm Comments are most welcome and the best ones will get featured in one of our upcoming videos mission. Csr 23 spacex has sent its 23rd commercial resupply vessel to the international space station. The launch was planned for august 28th, but got delayed for one day and finally happened. On the 29th, a falcon 9 was strapped to a cargo dragon to send 2 170 kilograms of hardware and supplies to the iss.

The payload contained a lot of things, but the avocados ants and a robotic arm stood out. There are also several scientific types of equipment: thatll be performing microgravity functions, even the u.s girl scouts sent some packages, one of them included some plants that are to be studied. These are sent in specially designed containment units made by faraday research, the crew dragon joined the iss last saturday and was launched from the kennedy space center in florida. The crew dragon will play part in a very vital scientific study, called reducing arthritis, dependent inflammation first phase. Itll test the effect of zero gravity and space radiation on bone density. The results from this will help scientists better understand diseases like osteoporosis, nasa states that this will help humans, find cures and preventions for bone loss related issues. There are now two spacex vessels at the iss. One is the cargo dragon and the other is the crew dragon which arrived there some time back with nasas astronauts, shane, kimbrough, akihito, hoshinde, thomas pasque and macarthur. They reached the space lab back in april of 2021.. We all can just wonder how eagerly must must be working to get the tesla bots ready to be sent to space after this there were also many other experiments spacex had planned to do, but they face delays due to the global health crisis going on high demand For cargo dragon, it is not the government sector that is in love with the crew dragon, but the private sector also wants a piece.

The first all civilian space flight will be done on board. This spacecraft itll take place later in september and will be commanded by billionaire jared isaacman. The inspiration for mission will have a crew of four people and will go on a journey near the moon for three days. One very special thing about the crew is that one member is a bone cancer survivor and will be the first person to ever go to space with a prosthetic limb. Spacex has added a glass dome to the space vessel instead of the docking equipment, since it will not be docking with the iss. The spacex dragon has become all the hype lately due to its capabilities and versatility. Currently, there are three main applications for it, but well get to see more in the future. Firstly, it has been used as a cargo vessel to the different locations in the orbit of the earth. Secondly, the crew dragon has successfully taken astronauts to and from the iss. Thirdly, itll host a space journey with the inspiration for crew very soon. This shows how much research and development went into making this special machine. Another win for the spacex that makes its rockets and spacecraft so special is the success of a shortfall of gravitas. Asoc is a floating drone made by the company to catch boosters at sea. This eradicates the need for additional fuel to bring the rockets back to the launch pads, as asong will travel to the nearest landing trajectory.

Its name is taken from the science fiction series culture by ian banks. This is not the first time. Musk has used this mode of retrieving rockets as two more floating landing pads are present, theyre named, of course, i still love you and just follow the instructions. Spacex has used a recycled rocket stage for this mission as well. Moves like these not only save billions of dollars per launch, but act as the best form of marketing the company could have ever gotten. This will build unparalleled public trust in the technology, as well as an elaborative sales pitch to other companies that would be willing to give musk a contract spacexs progress once the crew dragon reached the iss successfully. Musk was delighted and relieved because his third space vessel had now proven its worth. He said that he was proud to be a part of spacex and to have the opportunity to work with nasa. Two crew members from the iss will travel back to earth aboard the spacecraft in october. The director general of the esa also shared his remarks on the event and said that it was a very emotional moment to see the launch in huge anticipation. He also praised spacex for doing a job well done in just one year. Musks company has completed three launches for nasa as a part of its contract. There are also many future projects in line between the two, as spacex has also won the contract for the starship hls, which will return humans to the moon.

This time, mankind will not just visit the moon, but also try to study it as much as it can. Another goal is to set a strong foothold of humans on the lunar surface in the form of a base camp. The american space agency has to work with us based companies to get its work done. It seems like this partnership is thriving and has a lot of future potential. Four astronauts have been sent to the iss on board the crew dragon, while two have come back to earth on it. The wrap up mission – csr 23 is spacexs, 23rd commercial venture to the international space station. In the last decade, the cargo dragon spacecraft was strapped to a falcon 9 booster to take a supplies payload of 2170 kilograms. On behalf of nasa, several different types of objects were sent which included avocados ants plants and a robotic arm. A crew dragon is already docked at the iss, which previously took four astronauts there. Two of them will be coming back to earth as well. A significant aspect of the mission is to set medical testing equipment to see the effects of zero gravity and space radiation on bone density. Cures for diseases like bone loss will be researched. The cargo dragon is the backbone of the venture, and it will also be part of many in the future. Its reusability aspect makes it very economical, all the different ways it can be modified to make it a one fit all solution.

Jason guy commented on our previous video and said that he was amazed to learn that spacex used 3d printing and that metal objects could be printed as well. Not just plastic were delighted to know that our video helped him. What do you guys get to learn about? Spacex and cargo dragons in todays video also as spacex, has contracts with nasa and civilians. Now, how soon will we get to see a thriving space tourism industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video, please hit that thumbs up.

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