SpaceX, Jared Isaacman, Space What SpaceX's all-civilian launch to orbit means for investors

Nasa is not involved, they are spectators like the rest of us and whats. So interesting is that these are not professional astronauts um. This is a chartered flight and four people who have really just met themselves a few months ago. So its going to be really interesting to see how this all civilian mission plays out its the first time, its ever happened and in terms of growth and in terms of all of the different things that spacex has going on. I mean when this mission launches um theres, going to be three dragons in space and two different crews that theyve taken to orbit. So this is a really big milestone that showcases the capability of spacex yeah, its pretty incredible when you put it in those terms – and certainly spacex has said that it has a growing launch manifest for some of these private crude trips axiom space. Being i think, one of the next companies with missions set to happen as soon as early next year. That being said, i guess how does it fit into? How does it and i realize that the cost for the actual mission itself has not been disclosed, but how does this help further spacexs bigger, broader, longer term ambitions? Well, i mean the only reason that were even talking about um space as an investment category is because of spacex. They removed the barriers in 2009, with their first successful commercial launch and 2015. They landed a rocket booster and ushered in an era of reusability, which is the holy grail of of bringing the cost of space flight down and really was a catalyst for a lot of venture capital activity.

In 2020, they launched a nasa mission and became the first company to take a commercial company to take humans to space, and now theyve got this all civilian mission. And so you know, all of these successes have driven progress and investor confidence in the company, which is allowing them to raise the capital they that they need for their very ambitious um uh aspirations, but also for the economy. At large i mean weve, now seen 200 billion dollars invested into 1500 space companies over the last 10 years. Up from you know, basically zero before that yeah the numbers are growing, and certainly we have a number of space companies that have been going public as well. In recent weeks and recent months, i want to bring sam korres arc, invest analyst into this conversation as well. Sam, you are the person or, i guess i should say, um the arc x, space and space exploration and innovation etf. That arc launched earlier this year is really your brainchild. I realized spacex as weve just been talking about, is privately held, but certainly elon musk and its sister company tesla have been a big topic for arc. Overall, how are you looking at this mission and using it to analyze and assess the space sector? I think spacex does a tremendous job of taking the extraordinary, which is, i think, what were about to see later on today and making it ordinary. We saw that with reusable rockets uh.

You know five years ago. Everyone in the industry, who is an expert said this is uneconomic. Now people dont even gather to watch them because theyre so regular and in doing that they lowered the cost to orbit from the 10 to 14 000 per kilogram to low earth orbit down to below 2000 uh and thats going to continue to decline with starship program. And this is just opening up the space economy and then what were looking to do with ark x is, you know not just look at outer space, but you know you mentioned tesla and those battery cost declines are enabling other technologies in the space. So we have air taxi companies coming public, so youve got blade thats serving as a platform. You have joby, you have archer that are all taking advantage of these cost declines that are occurring and making the prime time for space now shepard smith.

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