SpaceX, NASA, Artificial satellite, Falcon 9, GOES-U Blue Origin & Jeff Bezos is totally getting Crushed by SpaceX & Elon Musk.

The battle between these two billionaires was turned up more than a decade ago. However, what is interesting here is that whenever the two men face off the winner always turns out to be elon musk, he destroyed jeff bezos on every front from contracts and ideas to develop rockets on the ground up to the race to the moon. First off. What was the previous relationship of the two billionaires? Like legend? Has it? There was a time when musk and bezos were friendly competitors in space space. The pair were photographed having a meal together back in 2004.. They just sat down and they talked shop. They talked about rockets. Well, how are you going to do this? How are you going to do that? Well, this is how were going to do it heres, how i want to do it at that time, both spacex and blue origin were relatively young companies. Neither had launched anything into space and in fact neither company even had a functioning rocket yet, but fast forward. Many years spacex made its first successful test launch of a falcon 1 in 2008, while blue origin conducted a few low altitude flights of small test vehicles. During the intervening four years when it comes to the scope of the earth, how did musk beat jeff bezos? The duo largely stayed out of each others way for nearly a decade, but by 2013 it was clear. The relationship had soured at the time nasa was looking to lease the historic launch pad ‘a that sent the apollo astronauts to the moon.

Both companies put in proposals bezos even went as far as filing a complaint with the government to prevent spacex from getting that launch pad and elon musk gets really mad about this and he says thats a phony blocking tactic. Musk even threw some public shade at bezos. In response to blue origins, protest kicking off a war of words and legal maneuvers that continues today, uh in jeffree Laughter. If blue origin does somehow show up in the next five years with a vehicle qualified to nasas human rating standards, that can dock with the space station, which is what pad ‘a is meant to do, we will gladly accommodate their needs. Musk said at the time. Frankly, i think we are more likely to discover unicorns dancing in the flame duct. In the end, the gao rejected the protest and spacex 1 signing a 20 year lease for pad ‘a in 2014. The whole episode played out in a way that was awfully similar to the latest dust up over hls. Then, later that same year, the two billionaires were added again this time over patents, bezos had filed a patent for the technology to build reusable rockets, a tactic that could have earned him millions of dollars from competitors who aimed to use the same technology. But when musk found out about it, he stepped in and spacex scored another victory over blue origin. This time the u.s patent trial and appeal board ruled that the majority of a blue origin patent for landing a space launch vehicle at sea was actually unpatentable.

Spacex argued and the board agreed that the concept had already been conceived by various people in science and even science fiction for decades by the end of 2015, the feud had made it to the world stage. It has become a topic of discussion in many news agencies and media. How intense was that battle? In november blue origin launched and landed its sub orbital rocket for the first time, jeff bezos was really excited. He went on to twitter and said this is the rarest of beasts. A used rocket back on the ground. Musk was all too eager to clap. Back noting that spacex had made a number of successful landings of its grasshopper prototypes in 2012 and 2013.. He tweeted not quite rarest. Spacex grasshopper rocket did six sub orbital flights three years ago and is still around. He also noted fairly that the orbital missions carried out by falcon 9 are significantly more complex and difficult than a new shepherd up and down flight to the carmen line and back elon. Also posted, however important to clear up the difference between space and orbit. Bezos would retort the following month, when spacex finally nailed a falcon 9 landing, he offered a snarky congratulations on landing falcons, sub orbital booster stage, with unspoken emphasis on the sub orbital part and added welcome to the club. So this created some friction. This is one of the very first public feuds between musk and bezos, and it kept going musk destroyed, jeff, not only within earth, but also in orbit, and how did that fierce battle play out? Bezos and musk also find themselves in potential competition when it comes to satellite broadband spacex has already started offering high speed internet from low earth orbit via starlink, while another bezos venture you may have heard of called amazon is working on a similar offering called project kuiper.

However, amazons satellite project has not been put into operation. They will send its first satellites into space on rockets owned by united launch alliance, a joint boeing lockheed martin venture in the future. The problem is musk had previously announced starlink years before and its 12 000 satellites, and so he called jeff bezos a copycat in front of everybody. That was a big moment. Another event: in 2019, at a private lecture in new york city bezos criticized musks goal to colonize mars. He said my friends who want to move to mars. I say: do me: a favor go live on top of mount everest for a year first and see if you like it, because its a garden paradise compared to mars. However, before jeffs offensive reactions, musk did not have any response. He seemed to want to prove it with actions rather than words. The most catastrophic failure that jeff bezos has suffered may have to do with the recent project. He is trying to get back from elon musk, that is nasas project to return to the moon. How did musk destroy jeff this time? Also, in 2019 there was another tweet from musk about blue origins latest announcement to return to the moon on its blue moon lander. He said, oh stop, teasing jeff. He chimed in with some childish humor. By saying this is a terrible branding choice when youre putting blue on a giant ball, and the answer we have known recently is that blue origins rocket is not right for nasa.

Instead, spacexs starship the same vehicle musk plans to use to execute his martian masterpiece is the ride. The space agency is now planning its next act around, so blue origin returned to the playbook it had used in the past when its burned in favor of spacex fighting nasas decision in the federal bureaucracy when that route proved to be a dead end again. The next move was a media campaign, criticizing starship as a lunar lander, referring to it by saying what immense complexity and heightened risk looks. Like naturally, musk responded on twitter, basically saying that blue origins, criticisms are exaggerated and pointing to spacexs record of successful missions to the international space station. Blue origins latest move to sue came after one last attempt to woo nasa with cold hard cash. In an open letter to nasa administrator bill nelson late last month, bezos offered to cover 2 billion of nasas expenses in exchange for an hls contract. It was essentially a hail mary offering of a deep discount after the sale to a competitor was already done, but nasa has continued to indicate that, for now it wants to go to the moon with spacex, and only spacex blue origin still refuses to concede. Even if it means delaying humanitys lunar destiny in the process, nasas 2024 target for new boots on the moon has always been aspirational, to put it generously and with the key contract tied up in court, its a goal that now feels doubly impossible.

We dont know when blue origin will stop all this, but for now we can see that the rivalry between blue origin and spacex is at its highest point ever and that just about wraps it up for todays episode. If you like what my team and i are doing and would like to help assist us directly, you can become a patron through our patreon link in the description below. You can also give us ideas, so we can improve. Even more everyones support will be the motivation for us to create more quality content, otherwise thumbs up. If you enjoyed todays episode subscribe, if you havent already and hit the bell, so you wont miss out on future episodes. This is kevin from great spacex and ill see.

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