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The capsule was supposed to complete an uncrewed test flight to and from the international space station, to show the space agency that its ready to carry people that was scheduled for august the 3rd. But boeing had to scrub the launch when it discovered that 13 valves on the spaceships propulsion system, werent opening as they were supposed to. So what is going on at boeing starliner, hello, guys and welcome back to liftoff your first place where you can find daily news and updates of everything, space and everything spacex in todays episode. We will be telling you about the new failure of boeing starliner rocket. So what exactly happened and what caused such a failure lets find out. If you are new here, we warmly welcome you, make sure to hit the subscribe button to our channel and hit the notification bell so that you will never miss any of our latest space. World updates lets not waste a second and move on with the video in 2016 nasa awarded boeing and spacex a combined 6.8 billion dollars to develop and fly space capsules capable of taking astronauts to the international space station. The awards were controversial from the start, as boeing received nearly twice as much funding as spacex for essentially the same task order. Nasa hasnt had a domestic option to fly humans into space since the end of the space shuttle program in 2011 and the agency was eager to bake redundancy into this new effort to make sure it did not become overly reliant on one contractor.

But it has gotten decidedly different results from its two vendors spacexs crew dragon faced some initial setbacks, but has been a huge success for nasa, culminating with a successful first crewed flight in may 2020, and a series of follow ups in the months since there is likely To have been at least one spacex dragon capsule parked at the iss for the foreseeable future as nasa fairies, astronauts and supplies through the company boeing meanwhile, has largely been stuck on. The launching pad a december 2019 attempt to send an uncrewed starliner to the station was marred by a failed engine sequence that caused the capsule to miss its rendezvous. Boeing has mostly been in repair mode with the capsule ever since, but had returned to cape canaveral in florida last month to finally try again at this key development milestone, while the first flight of boeings starliner rocket failed to reach the iss. This first attempt had to be erased by the success of the us aircrafts manufacturers next mission, but unfortunately for the chicago company in recent weeks. Nothing has smiled on them and the uninhabited starliner capsule wont fly anytime soon. The second time was not the charm boeings. Second, flight to the iss was off to a good start at the end of july. The capsule takes place at cape canaveral and everything is ready for launch, but a few hours before the latter. The iss does not give the green light to accommodate the boeing capsule.

This is a disappointing day, kathy ludas, associate administrator of nasas human space flight directorate said in a press conference on friday, but i want to emphasize that this is another example of why these demo missions are so very important to us. We use these demo missions to make sure we have the system rung out before we put our crews on these vehicles. The second uncrew test of starliner was originally supposed to lift off to the space station without astronauts on board on july 30th, a repeat of an earlier flight to verify the spacecrafts systems and then returned to earth about a week later, but that flight date was pushed Back after a mishap on the space station, when a newly docked russian module, nuaka inadvertently fired its thrusters and sent the space station into a spin. Indeed, the seven astronauts present in the international space station have other problems. The thrusters of the russian module science who came from muer there have been re engaged in the end and after about 15 minutes of great fright, the nasa engineers present on the ground regained control of the station, which had time to do nearly two laps on itself. Almost adrift, while the disaster has just been avoided, nasa wants to give itself a little rest before launching the boeing capsule. The flight is therefore postponed by a few days, but in early august, when everyone expects this flight, which has already been postponed once to finally take place, things are not going as planned.

Following the scrubbed launch on august 3rd, the starliner capsule still atop, a united launch alliances. Atlas v rocket was moved to the vertical integration facility for closer inspection located next to cape canaverals space force station in florida. This hangar gives engineering teams the ability to inspect the spacecraft up close, the capsule is currently powered and capable of receiving commands. According to nasa, boeing initially described the problem as having to do with unexpected valve position indications. The company ruled out software problems, but speculation emerged that an electrical storm which passed through the space launch complex 41 the day before, might have damaged the valves. In a statement, boeing said that this is an unlikely cause, but the team will closely inspect for water or electrical damage, while the spacecraft is in the hangar. In addition to physically inspecting starliner engineering teams have chemically sampled the valves, exterior and theyve ruled out external corrosion. Specialists are working to restore functionality to 13 valves in the spacecrafts propulsion system. As nasa explained in a recent statement, these valves as nasa says, connect to the thrusters that enable abort an in orbit maneuvering and they failed to open during the countdown on august 3rd, resulting in the scrub. The boeing orbital flight test 2 mission to the international space station is now on an indefinite delay since entering the vif engineers have commanded seven of the thirteen valves that were previously struck on the closed position. As for the remaining six valves, theyre still stuck despite many measures to get them unstuck.

It took 18 months to investigate and fix that error and prepare for another attempt. But given the current issues, starliner will not have another opportunity to launch to the iss until later. This fall thats because nasas lucy mission, which is traveling to a group of jupiter, trailing asteroids lifts off in october or early november. Boeing is not sure what caused the issue, but volmer said the most likely explanation has to do with nitrogen tectoxide the substance inside the oxidizer tank, which mixes with the rockets fuel to ignite and propel it forward. It might have escaped the tank and started seeping through the valve seals once nitrogen tetroxide interacts with moisture from the air. It creates nitric acid, which could corrode the valves thats a common phenomenon with these types of valves. According to steve stitch, who manages the nasa program that funded starliners development mission. Success in human space flight depends on thousands of factors coming together at the right time. John vollmer, the vice president at boeing and program manager for the commercial crew program, said in a statement, well continue to work the issue from the starliner factory and have decided to stand down for this launch window to make way for other national priority missions. Although we will not be launching in august its not for a lack of trying volmer said in the press conference, this will ultimately give us a safer vehicle in the long run, thats all for todays video guys.

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