SpaceX, NASA, Space exploration Inspiration4: The Watershed Mission Of Space Exploration Is About To Launch!

Then there has always been at least one small or large flaw that made us reconsider. We do not want to fuel controversy between space companies, but the spacex flight currently scheduled for september 15th, has all the numbers to be a really pleasurable trip touristy. In fact, the inspiration for flight will not go to the space station as the first space tourist did from dennis tito onwards, but it will reach earth orbit and it will stay there for about four days floating in space as instead virgin galactic and blue origin flights. Did not do the crew will be entirely composed of tourists from pilots to passengers. They will depart from launch complex 23 at kennedy. Space center aboard the crew dragon resilient spacecraft launch from a falcon 9., but theres more after two billionaires, have launched themselves into space, primarily for their own benefit. A third jarek isaac man is about to take himself and three other civilians on a space venture undertaken. Not only for the love of the unknown, but also to raise funds for medical research, Music, one thing is for sure: the prospect of space travel will be very different after the launch of inspiration. Four, we can in fact say with reasonable certainty that the date of departure, which at the moment seems confirmed for september 15th, will be the watershed between two historical eras. The one started with gregaron when orbital space was mostly a realm reserved exclusively for nations and to their selected astronauts and the one after inspiration.

Four, when space travel will be definitely within the reach of private companies and ordinary citizens, its difficult to say what this transition will mean, whether space travel and its benefits will be democratized throughout society or will be exploited exclusively by corporations and the super rich. For now, the answer could be a bit of both the events that led to inspiration for were cast more than two decades ago. As some of you may remember, the private space flight market was opened by dennis tito, an american investment manager who, in april 2001, paid 20 million to fly aboard a russian soyuz rocket to the international space station, where he stayed for a week becoming the worlds. First. Space tourist only a little more than a year later, elon musk, then a successful software entrepreneur would go on to found spacex whose falcon 9 rocket is now in the process of taking the crew of inspiration 4 into an orbit even farther than that of the space Station at the time as spacex was about to take off figuratively and literally jared isaac, man was still a 20 year old building the fortune. That would eventually allow him a commander scene on the first, all civilian spacex flight. How did he get there? Isaac men first contacted spacex and other commercial space companies in 2007, telling them hed be willing to buy tickets aboard a space flight when they became available. It was a dream that could only materialize in 2020, after spacexs rockets had by then been chosen by nasa to carry its astronauts to the space station, and it was only after the reassuring outcome of those trans shipments that isaac, men and musk began planning inspiration for Announcing the joint project in february of this year, the crew chosen entirely by isaac.

Men is made up of women and men who have never experienced space flight. The goal is also unique to raise money and isaac. Men has already donated 100 million for the research programs of saint jude children, research hospital in memphis, whose operating costs are on the order of 2.8 million dollars a day, but nothing is charged to patients the intentions of the crew. It is therefore a flight full of symbols that they have carved out for themselves: leadership hope, prosperity, generosity designed to spur humanity onto better and better ways. Jared isaacman embodies leadership, founder and ceo of shift for payment, a digital payment platform. He will be the commander founded his company at age, 16 earned his pilot license at 21 and went on to become a pilot of commercial and military aircraft. Collecting several world records from air show performances to circling the world in jets in just under 62 hours. Hope is the story of haley arkanelle 29, a medical assistant at st jude and the medical officer on board born in louisiana. At the age of 10, she was diagnosed with bone cancer successfully treated at saint jude. She now works at the same hospital. Haley will now become the youngest american to reach orbit for prosperity. There is cyan proctor pilot of the mission born in hagana island of guam, usa, geoscientist explorer and specialist in scientific communication in phoenix in the field for generosity will be christopher sombrowski. In the role of mission, specialist engineer and veteran of the us air force consultant for space camp, a program to bring children and teens closer to space and science, he works as an engineer at lockheed martin.

In addition to announcing the crew isaac, men and spacex also outlined mission details, the launch is scheduled for september 15th at the earliest. The spacecraft will be in the air for three full days flying in an orbit that will have the same inclination as that of the international space station 51.6 degrees, but as high as 540 kilometers, an altitude about 100 kilometers higher than that of the space station. This particular orbit izukman said, will be the highest reach by a human crew. Since the last space shuttle mission carried out in 2009 during maintenance of the hubble space telescope, the decision on mission length represents a balance between the capabilities of the dragon, spacecraft and the length of time. The four members will have to spend in a relatively small space for the falcon 9. It will be the third flight while resilience officially crew dragon c207, although modified is that of spacex crew 1. The first operational mission that brought nasa and jaxa astronauts to the space station in november of 2020, notably the docking system to the space station, has been removed and, in its place, is a giant dome that will provide the crew with an unprecedented 360 degree. View of earth, it is the largest window ever taken into space to date to make the dome glass wasnt used, but a special ceramic called aluminum, oxy, nitride or alone. This allows to have high transparency in the visible, but also in the near uv and near infrared is extremely hard and scratch resistant.

At the moment, no precise technical information about the structure of the transparent, dome of inspiration 4 has been released from what we can see in the images will be used to double structure to ensure greater strength. There is also to consider that during launch and re entry and in part of the orbital flight, the transparent dome will be protected by the cover of the spacecraft itself. During the tests. It was also trying to make two people state simultaneously with a positive result. The flight will not exceed five days, the maximum time for which the spacecraft was built before having to dock for supplies. It has not yet been declared what will be done on board, but it will probably be a nice tourist flight with very few tasks to perform, except to enjoy the view of earth and space from a privileged position. The crew underwent a relatively short but very intense training session isaac. Men and proctor learned how to control the spacecraft in the unlikely event that they are required to take control of it during the flight, which is expected to be totally controlled from the ground during training. The four would be astronaut tourists familiarize themselves with the spacecraft and its emergency systems studied the launch operations of previous missions and the ditching phases. Then the crew undertook zero gravity, flight training to familiarize themselves with the sensation of weightlessness and the immediate effects on the body. In mid july, they donned spacex spacesuits for the first time and on august 9th and 10th they trained on decommissioned military jets to familiarize themselves with the gravitational forces they will be subjected to at launch.

But how do you fly as a tourist in a spacex crew dragon spacecraft? Will you climb aboard strap yourself in close the hatch and wait for the engine to fire up and start pushing you up nothing else. The dragon takes care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy the ride unless, of course, something goes wrong and in space something can always go wrong and that will still force you to spend 60 hours a week in classrooms and simulators for several months to master Hundreds of pages of technical specifications and procedures to learn the workings of dozens of onboard systems and subsystems and to train for emergencies. The biggest risk aboard dragon is a fire caused by a battery overheating and there are a lot of batteries aboard the ship. Not only the spacecrafts own, but those that power, the tablets, cameras and smartphones the crew members will carry. There is also the risk of a spacecraft depressurization requiring the crew to look for the breach, trying to seal it off and scramble into their suits. At the same time, a large emergency may occur even if, for example, the second stage of the falcon 9 rocket that carries the ship to space fails to separate from the dragon, and the commander has to manually execute the separation maneuver. The dragons guidance system is also subject to failure potentially causing the ships solar panels to slip out of alignment with the sun and requiring human intervention to set things right.

Fortunately, practicing for these eventualities aboard a dragon requires a whole new kind of training because in any case its 2021 and not the 1960s. When mercury, gemini and apollo capsules were designed with the cockpit of an airplane in mind, the sheet metal instrument panels were studded with hundreds of switches, dials lights and analog gauges. Onboard computers were controlled by a mechanical keyboard. The captain flew those ships the same way. Youd fly an airplane with a stick that determines speed, attitude, altitude and heading dragons. Designers replaced everything, including the stick, with three large touch screens in front of four side by side seats. Each screen can call up to 10 sets of displays, allowing the crew to focus on a particular set of systems, guidance, environmental, electrical and more. Ideally, the spacecraft helps the astronauts so much that they have virtually nothing to do with the ship operating completely autonomously and if automation fails to buffer an emergency, then spacex ground controllers take over who can troubleshoot and issue commands to the spacecraft from the mission control room? Only if the dragon cant take care of itself and the ground crew cant fix the problem will astronauts take over. In this regard, jared isaac men stated that he feels absolutely comfortable. He wrote. I dont know that theres ever been a human space flight mission. That did not have some anomaly. People are telling us were making good progress. I think weve definitely arrived at the point.

Where were ready, and this is going to be a well executed mission. Ive, never seen a more innovative and impressive organization than spacex. It only took elon musks staff six months to go from initial idea to actual mission accomplishment elon and his people are turning science fiction into reality every day and inspiration. Four is proud to be a very small part of the story that they are making thats all for now on september, 3rd teams from spacex and the inspiration 4 mission met at spacexs headquarters in hawthorne california, to conduct a flight readiness review of resilience. The falcon 9 rocket that will launch it into orbit the ground systems, recovery, assets, the results of the astronaut training and other key mission elements. After concluding that everything was good to go. A launch date was set for wednesday september 15th with a backup launch date for thursday september 16th. Currently, both launches are scheduled to lift off by 12 a.m. Universal time, 5 p.m, pacific, daylight time, 8, p.m. Eastern daylight time, the crew members are scheduled to arrive in florida on thursday september 9th to commence final preparations for their mission. Approximately three days before liftoff spacex will narrow down the launch window to five hours based upon weather conditions at the launch site along the ascent corridor and at landing locations off the coasts of florida for a safe return of the crew and splashdown.

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